Americans to lose right to adopt in Russia

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Walt_P wrote:

Putin is a shabby, miserable, small-minded leader. If Russians are counting on him to restore their greatness, their investment is ill-spent.

Dec 19, 2012 12:59pm EST  --  Report as abuse
MontanaJoe wrote:

That Walt is just plain wrong.. Putin is the answer that Russia needs to be able to move forward and seperate themselves from the rest of the world, He is forward thinking.. They want to become part of Europes monetary system “the Euro” and in order for Russia to do this they need to cut all ties with the “Western Society”.. Besides, When the Soviet Union was alive and well the People where better off, they had jobs, food, shelter, and a little money left in pockets.. but because we here in America think we have the answer for all countries and how all countries should behave both politically and personally, we judge countries like we own them.. First and foremost, I am glad that Putin is finally fed up with the American government, and is telling the USA to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine,, Who are we to tell other countries how to live,, Who are we to force other countries into our policies,, Here in America our government can not even take care of our people,, let alone take care of our economy,, I think that before we tell other countries how to act, we need to be able to set that example in all aspects of life not just a few areas.. So, Mr. Putin, keep running Russia the way you see fit and keep telling the USA to stay out of Russia..
By the way anyone ever think why Putin and Russia as happy to see Obama reelected,, maybe because he lacks backbone to stand up to anyone, and he is easy to fool.. Think about it, Obama has not covered Foreign relations very well, not when he has Stinkin Clinton as Sec of State.. No one will take this administration seriously,, Hell, if you can get America to agree on anything why should the World listen to us.

Dec 19, 2012 3:35pm EST  --  Report as abuse
kommy wrote:

Russian parliament acted on its own, Putin just let it run.

pretty smart move, hit Americans where they are weakest- unable or ignorant to procreate themselves, and shopping for babies abroad.

Now there will be no white babies, and all your neighbors will finger-point at your Chinese or African purchase.

About the NGO- good too, why foreigners can run those, and no more american blood moneys for “democracy”.

Dec 19, 2012 7:32pm EST  --  Report as abuse
NeilMcGowan wrote:


You are a flabby, obese, shabby thug, with a biiiiig yankee mouth.

No wonder Russians don’t want their children growing up in your cockroach country.

Dec 20, 2012 1:24am EST  --  Report as abuse
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