HIV cases decline for black women, increase for gay men: CDC

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scottnassmd wrote:

The article headline would be better written to emphasize behavior over orientation. “Gay” is a sexual orientation that describes a physiological attraction to other men. Having sex with another man is a behavior. While men who describe themselves as gay likely do have sex with other men, men describing themselves as “straight” does not preclude them from engaging in sexual behaviors with other men. In fact, healthcare providers who operate under false assumptions about their straight male patients’ sexual behaviors can create barriers to appropriate safer sex counseling.

The CDC release focuses on the behavior, reading “two-thirds of new HIV infections in 2010 resulted from men having sex with other men.” Healthcare providres, HIV advocates, and public health departments will do well to focus on behavior rather than labels, as labels often create stigma that increase barriers to care – which then leads to delayed diagnosis and treatment entry, further creating risk for transmission to seronegative individuals.

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