Putin backs tit-for-tat response to U.S. rights law

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OntheBalcony wrote:

Perhaps I am missing something but I fail to see how Russia’s decision to stop trafficking it’s unwanted children to other countries is a bad thing, except perhaps for the politicians lawyers and corrupt officials who sell them. Oh, and of course the children who will continue to suffer the cruelties and well known exploitations of the Russian state orphanage system.

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reality-again wrote:

What a lowlife, cruel thug!

To those children who won’t get a chance for a new life because of this freak, I’d say it’s never too late – Like millions of other Russians, you’d get a second chance to leave Putinland as adults.

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JamVee wrote:

I’m not really sure why our Congress feels compelled to try and force our own human rights standards down the throats of other, sovereign, countries. As poorly as we are regarded by the rest of the world, it seems we should be courting cooperation rather than throwing stones. This is especially true when we have sooooo many inequities, prejudices, and human rights struggles in our own society. Let the Russian people deal with their own problems, we would be outraged also, if they started meddling in our politics.

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Krowster wrote:

Keep them, I’m sure you’ll think of a nice place to use them as slave labor or mindless military fanatics.

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EthicsIntl wrote:

@JamVee; You’ve got so right.

It is easy for us to condemn other nations on human rights while we have & are still committing even more serious human rights violations. Our country was founded with the most appalling deeds and intentions, the systematic extermination of the Native American Indian people and the inhumane abduction and enslavement of the peoples of Africa.

Then we enslaved the few Indian Nation survivors in horrendous encampments we now call Indian Reservations, and we had a nasty civil war over the slavery issue, whose remnants persist to this day.

Besides our technological accomplishments we have nothing else substantial to claim as our contribution to the world society.
And this technology has created the capitalist system which in turn has produced today’s economic disconnect between the rich and the poor.
Worse yet, this insatiable greed for money & power has become the de facto model in every society, world wide.

Lots of trouble ahead, indeed.

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reality-again wrote:

@Jamvee and EthicsIntl

Reading your stuff evokes scenes of Moscow and other Russian cities crowded with American immigrants looking for a fresh start in life, in a country ruled by the great humanitarian and economic genius Vladimir Putin…
Reality is slightly different, as we all know, and it is America who’s been absorbing Russian immigrants in huge numbers in the past, as well as in recent years.
In absolute value, Russia’s main export is its people, not its crude oil.

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DominicPaz wrote:

I guess if the Russians don’t agree with our stance on human rights, we should take that as a compliment.

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paintcan wrote:

Putin – “the former KBG spy”. Taking the gloves off now are we?

The man was not a former “spy” but an expert and analyst of economic data for the KGB. It was a role similar, as I understand it, to the sort of data collection one can read in the CIA Factbook. He was not spying on foreign governments either. At least that was being said when the USA was more enthusiastic about him.

There are a lot of aspiring oligarch “Tsars”, black market Russian Mafiosi, and pussies that want to perform in the middle of Russian Orthodox Cathedrals, that must hate his guts. He wasn’t actually responsible for the prosecution of any of those issues, but was acting constitutionally.

Otherwise the man is down right boring. But political commentary loves elision.

BTW – I don’t think the pussies got worse treatment (all they had to do was apologize for causing a disturbance in a Church) than if they were a band calling themselves “The Cock’s Crow” and did it in the middle of a solemn religious service. Usually, that’s called “disturbing the peace” or “causing a public nuisance”. Tacky pussies.

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Thirdparty59 wrote:

We are the pot calling the kettle black. We drone nations around the world, many of whom we haven’t declared war on, and the number of innocent chlidren who die in such attacks is swept under the rug.

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derdutchman wrote:

Putin responds to the U.S. refusal to allow human rights abusers to enter the U.S. by refusing to allow the abused to enter the U.S. Somehow that just figures.

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acd wrote:

The child adoption thing is not the real story here. Putin and Russia are trying to regain the world presence of the USSR. WE need to be careful and monitor them closely. Regardless of what Obama and the administration tells you as long as Putin’s party is in control Russia is not our friend or ally and is in fact actively working against us. to think otherwise is ignorant and foolish.

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EthicsIntl wrote:

You really don’t know much about immigration.

Although many of the immigrants came to America for political,religious and other legitimate reasons, most of them came, & still do, with a ‘quick-get-rich’ expectation in ‘America the Land of Opportunity & Freedom’ and most hope to return to their homeland as successful entrepreneurs and rub the noses of their less fortunate compatriots. It is very common for such people to find themselves despised and looked down on their return home, in every country.

Our forefathers came to this land for the same reasons.

Most immigrants brag about us stupid Americans & how much smarter they are. They are very willing to do whatever it takes to ‘make it’, legal or not, that is why they are here.

Did you ever question yourself why most have stayed in their own country, and even many that came here and then decided to return home ?

My own grandfather had immigrated to the US in 1902 and after 5 years he returned very disappointed, because “..the American worker is treated like an animal” he told me shortly before he died in 1958.

Things have not really changed that much today, in fact they are worse, far worse.

As always large numbers of immigrants, legal or not, are highly desirable to businesses of any size; low wages, no benefits or safety costs, they are very profitable. We would be naive to believe that Obama is pushing his immigration reforms without the blessing of big business.

People that can live with some decency in their own country will never immigrate and leave behind their families, culture and language.
The desperate or greedy ones are most likely to do that, and many of them are undesirable characters, if not most.

We are now, or shortly will be, a country with more non-citizens than citizens, not that we ever were truly one, and whose interests are not necessarily good for America.
Don’t read me wrong, I am an immigrant myself, but I came here very young and with a good sense of ethics and with the intention of becoming a real American. I have worked very hard in attaining that.

I have lived in many countries, including communist China, and I have found that most people are content with their life at home and do not wish to immigrate to a much wealthier country, contrary to what the media reports, which is pure rubbish.

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jaham wrote:

Keep your orphans, we just some mail order brides…LOL

No, but in all seriousness, I agree with JamVee; we need to mind our own business as we have plenty of domestic problems to tend to.

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Tye45 wrote:

I wish our president was so confortable with people that he could sit down and talk to us for 4 hours at a time.

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loveorphans wrote:

“Keep your orphans” “Trafficking its unwanted children”

Some of these comments make me absolutely sick! Do any of you care or know what orphans go through in Russia? At age 16 they “graduate” (are kicked out) of the orphanage, if they are healthy enough, otherwise they go to a horrendous institution never to be heard of again. 70% of boys become hardened criminals. Over 60% of girls are forced into prostitution. 9 out of 10 orphans die before the age of 40 and many commit suicide within 2 years after leaving the orphanage. Then lets talk about how many children (boys and girls) are really trafficked. Yes, orphans are trafficked in Russia, but not by adoptive parents. We have two, Asian boys from Russia. Yes, Asian. Why wouldn’t a Russian family adopt them – b/c they have an Asian appearance. My boys were 25 mo. old when we adopted them and were 12 lbs. When I think about what their fate would have been it breaks my heart to pieces. There are lives at stake here. And just b/c they were born in another country doesn’t mean their lives don’t matter. My boys mattered!!! I am so sick of reading ridiculous, uneducated statements about orphans. These precious lives being used as collateral!

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AlkalineState wrote:

Putin acknowledges America’s superior tits, scrambles to assemble tats.

Whatever those are. Friggin’ Russians. They never get it right.

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NeilMcGowan wrote:


Wrong, you 600lb yankee freak. It’s you and your scum country who are the thugs.

Guantanamo Bay – your very own private torture chamber, eh??

The world hates your stinking country.

Dec 20, 2012 11:58pm EST  --  Report as abuse
NeilMcGowan wrote:


I see you’re hiding behind a pseudonym, you gutless neocon stooge? Too YELLOW to publish your real name, are you, LITTLE BOY??????????

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AlkalineState wrote:

In fit of rage, Putin threatens to poison entire world with Polonium-210, then take off his shirt and ride away on a horse.


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UauS wrote:

NeilMcGowan: kudos to your insightfulness, especially about “gutless neocon stooge” :)
but yes, too many folks with “real” names around…

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Anthonykovic wrote:

From the Csars and Boslsheviks to the communists and Putin, this land has no tradition of liberty, enlightenment or democracy. Russia has always been a very rough land, ruled by cruel thugs for centuries.

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sjfella wrote:

Only an idiot would publish his/her real name in an online forum.

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