Hunger and homelessness rise in U.S. cities: report

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Balticgirl wrote:

Good article! Unfortunately it takes feeling females to realize or acknowledge the crisis.
Kudos to Susan Heavey, Lisa Lambert and Lucia Mutikani

There is absolutely NO excuse for this.
The USA pays out billions to fight foreign “civil wars”, yet the US Congress refuses to help the needy here and leaves many American people hungry and homeless. What is the matter with this high and almighty regime in Washington? Is only what they care about is fulfilling the war lobbies wants?

Good night America, there is no more justice and liberty for all anymore… or was there to begin with? Do our representatives think of compassion only by asking the masses for donations for their out of control campaign funds. Life on earth is not just about supporting non-productive foreign wars only to acquire more wealth for war commerce, their shareholders, and the already wealthy. For some, much wealth was acquired through unethical methods. When are the American people waking up and putting a stop to this out of control rollercoaster? We need to reevaluate our 1776 constitution and our political system, including the US justice and financial systems. And we need to ask; do we need a US Congress? We have enough Governors to handle each state on a smaller scale so much better. Our US Congress caters to special interest groups only and not the US people. Congress wants to cut support to US seniors and the US workers, and Congress continues to support only it’s members with special privileges, breaks, quirks and the best benefits money can buy for themselves, even though they have not earned it, at least not the last four years. All America gets is bickering and when in front of a TV camera, we get even more quacking from the petered out sitting ducks.

I advocate term limits to bring a breeze of fresh air into the duck pond, or dissolve the Washington circus show altogether and have each state govern it’s own affairs, except in cross state and national disasters, they can pool resources. American politics have gotten too big and nothing for the people gets done anymore it is all for big businesses only. They all want to collect tax money from the big piggy bank…yet they do not want pay any into it. That alone ought to raise a flag. Or have people become so indifferent, they do not know what is right from wrong? We need good paying jobs for all and not just the employees of government contractors. The whole country runs on people power and it shall be compensated fairly and not just for few strong corporations. Banks ought to serve the clients all clients if they want to play in hedge funds they ought to do just that with their own private money and not scam from the public account holders. I hope the younger generations will not put up with such ineffective congress or abolish it altogether. It certainly will have my vote. Times are changing and we do not need to be bullied by a couple of power clawing politicians. The people put them there and the people ought to be able to remove them. Happy holidays and a healthy new Year! – IO

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