UFO lovers, light-seekers and lawyers await Maya end of days

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Harry079 wrote:

A few years ago on a clear night I was sitting on a beach on the south shore of Lake Superior at 2:00 am sipping a Captain and Coke staring off into oblivian when I saw what I thought could be a UFO.

I grabbed my spotting scope and was surprised to see it was the Space Shuttle attached to the Space Station.

Very cool.


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BobWE wrote:

Hey Alexandra,

That quote you had that says it’s a hoax is true. The Mayans never accounted for the leap year, which we do today. If they did count the leap years like we do today, the world would have ended years ago. I’ve been reading a lot of articles about how people are gearing up for the world to end. Sounds like a lot of hysteria to me. Learning survival techniques is good, but it seems unnecessary to learn it now just for the end of the world scenario. You should always be prepared for disasters or the “on your own” situation.

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americanguy wrote:

I saw “Independence Day” I know what happens to people who gather together to welcome aliens.
Guess they missed the movie.

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Bobba wrote:

The Maya calendar may be a myth, but it’s being pushed for a reason. South America has a long alien history covered up by science and mainstream religion. I don’t think Argentina was worried about “suicides” when they decided to close mountaintops in the region.

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shadyj911 wrote:

There is no need to take leap year days into account. The Mayan calendar counts days based upon the solar year. Their calendar is still spot on as is easily evidenced by the days being the same. Their Winter solstice falls on our Winter solstice, December 21.

Dec 20, 2012 11:45pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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