"Smart guns" show promise, but not readily available on U.S. market

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WouldChuk wrote:

Add a third RFID chip implanted in the person, then you really have another layer of security, and “anyone’s” lack of screening qualifiers means they can’t use a weapon–further, the user’s chip could be remotely deactivated if a report indicate’s the need–and then you have yet a “kill switch” on any gun that has fallen into the wrong hands.

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sidevalve56 wrote:

Are you kidding me??? These things are only prototypes and then when they do become available they cost 5 to 10 times what a normal gun will cost…the important thing is that they will do nothiung for the MILLIONS of guns already in circulation…These guns are a clever invention, but to discuss them in relation to violent gun attack is reaching and not realistic…

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anti-milton wrote:

Why is the NRA gun owner agenda more important than the safety of our children? Bullets should be regulated like prescription drugs- a computer database and a signature for each bullet.

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Overcast451 wrote:

People can jailbreak phones, what makes anyone think these will be anymore secure?

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sidevalve56 wrote:

I’ve noticed that the most unrealistic notions about gun control come from peole who don’t own a single gun…a situation where they have no interest in or are not vested in any way in guns so they don’t care what is done with them…what about the people that have guns and are interested in them? There are millions of responsible guns owners and only a minority of irresonsible owners…going after the guns themselves is shortsighted and really a cop out on trying to keep tabs on these psychopaths that would kill people with them…

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matthewslyman wrote:

In the hands of a deranged person, there is no such thing as a “smart gun”.

If these RFID/ NFC chips are anywhere near as easy to circumvent as other “secure” radio technologies have been, they will be no use at all against organized crime, and anyone with physical access to the weapon might disable the “smart” parts of the trigger in less than five minutes work.

REALITY CALL: Adam Lanza was not only authorized by his mother to shoot but actually encouraged by her to attend shooting ranges. How would this “invention” have helped here? Carry on pulling your hair out, McNamara!

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Shamizar wrote:

I’m sure owners of large numbers of guns love the idea. It will make them much more valuable as time goes by, since they can be fired by anyone.

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paintcan wrote:

There is something very stupid about this article. So many people have electronic security systems for their homes. The prison population of this country is the largest in the world and the most expensive, apparently. Some segment of the gun owning population can’t seem to get large enough collections of even military scale weapons. The country is wrapped in a police state intelligence apparatus called Homeland Security and it’s going broke.

This isn’t the land of the free or the home of the brave. The NRA is delusional and insane now. They pay through the nose for the least sense of protection of any place on the planet and its foreign policy is permanently paranoid and making it bankrupt at the same time and it isn’t buying the influence it hoped it would achieve. In fact, its rapidly loosing what little credibility it had. Even its money is turning to garbage but they don’t like to talk about that.

You get the feeling it isn’t working very well? I know I’m not. Not in three years.

If I look at the situation close to home. My sister has an enormous income and never had a good idea her whole life except how to make a big income working as an overpaid executive in a corporation, spending to keep up with the corporate “Joneses” and spends it or loses it all on big houses, a two husband life style (it doesn’t pay to divorce so she keeps and husband and rents a lover), had one pampered child who didn’t amount to much but a stay at home mother of one child. She can’t even write a letter or email without sounding like someone dictated it for her. She has never been able to say one word to explain what she does with her days. Not in over 35 years.

I on the other hand, have never seen more the $20,000 per year and have all sorts of ideas on how the make that money last a long time and make a decent standard of living out of it and could do so much more with some more. . But I like to do the work myself with my own two hands. I can get better quality and have more customization and creativity than if I spent many times as much for shoddier, more expensive and less suitable solutions. I live alone without serial partners and no expensive divorces or alimony. I can’t get a job as a janitor because I have advanced degrees that always seems to be quite useless and of no interest to prospective employers. I stopped believing in the expensive waste of time call advanced degrees a long time ago. There was never much to believe in them but it was better to go to school that get shot or maimed in Vietnam. That would have been a very terminal waste of time anyway. I was a good student until it seemed pointless and the wrong way to look at life. My sister never lived under that threat and could have a different sex partner every year she was at school and was less than an indifferent student. I was gay – was ashamed of it – my family was Catholic – and wouldn’t play with anybody. I valued my self-respect and didn’t like the hypocritical condemnation of peers and employers. Toward the end of my school career I got very “out” but didn’t have a sex life except what I could do myself. At least one isn’t likely to get an STD. That didn’t work either.

There seems to be a sizable difference of opinion as the whether God is love or hate. I suppose both qualities are balanced equally and that leaves God the supreme being/nonbeing nullity. That is the Buddhist point of view, apparently. Catholics, Christians and Muslims like better decorators and fancier costumes and bigger ‘spiritual’ bureaucracies full of self-important busy bodies and lots of rules to keep them busy. Jews seem to like to worship their “persecution” even if they have to make up a lot of it long after it is appropriate to bring up the subject or they have ceased to be the “victims” anywhere on the planet. Muslims can’t quite t get their acts together to save their souls or their bullet riddled and atomized bodies. The only thing anyone on the planet really values about them is their oil and they never seem to have a single vivid or memorable thing to say about their religion.

God may be “great” but he has the judgment of a mushroom or pond scum. Or maybe he’s just an oil slick or a kind of celestial flat lining?

There is no heaven and there is no hell. That’s for the gullible and the over ambitious. There is only _____________. Spend yourselves into oblivion on all the weapons you can carry and all the murders you can commit and you still get___________ Waste a lot of time explaining the necessity of the death and waste caused to serve your ambition and you still get _________

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Bagehot wrote:

The U.S. is known throughout the world for selling the best engineered small arms for the common man. You don’t engineer away social failure. If you could, there would be no Internet pedophiles. This geegaw is going to get someone killed. On 11 Sep 2001 more than 2000 Americans were murdered by men wielding box cutters. It’s people, not guns.

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TheBushYears wrote:

This would not have prevented Newton at all. The mother taught her son to use guns. Why would they be locked to him? So dumb.

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paintcan wrote:

@Bagehot – The PA flight went down too, you should recall, and those passengers fought back. They would have gone down over the Atlantic.

And where have you found internet sites for pedophiles? I never look, but you must have?

And why complain about the deaths of 2000 (actually 3000 but the shoddy and bombastic building killed most of them)Americans? The Americans haven’t even bothered to count the number of deaths they caused in the last ten years. They sent contractors who made obscene fortunes on those “precious lives” and got more than their money’s worth. And don’t think there aren’t many more “patriots” with the temperament of Dracula, just itching for an excuse to do it again. Those kinds of excuses to mobilize the worlds most expensive military boondoggle don’t happen every day.

It’s not “geegaws” that kill (“people” are always a given so eliminate that from the equation): it’s guns and lots of them – and the bigger and more powerful – the more people, fewer people can kill. DUH. Otherwise mass slaughter has to be done the old fashioned and hard way like in the Crusades or Rwanda. But that just takes so many people and they are hard to move around easily.

If that wasn’t the case, than the American military wasted trillions of dollars making weapons with massive killing power. They like efficiency and unit cost considerations. The weapons with the highest efficiency are now nuclear weapons.

Actually if you want to draw some really accurate lessons form 9/11 it was this: the world with the bombs and the most massive military on the planet was reduced to hysteria and terror by a few men with box cutters. Talk about efficient and cost effective weapons of choice. And the most powerful military, spending billions of dollars, still can’t defeat the box cutters. GO figure! The box cutters have even succeeded in causing the rest of the survivors to attempt to arm themselves, spy on every aspect of their own lives, and waste billions trying to defeat them. Does the thought occur that this country just might be boxing at shadows and getting very tired in the process?

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Bagehot wrote:

if your blaming the architects of the WTC for the deaths of the poeple inside, there’s not a lot to add. As for finding the referred sites, I’m not even wading into that. Suffice to say that the well motivated can find just about anything they like on the Web.
The pan Islamic movement is no shadow. They murder people every day, mostly Muslims who do not fit into their aberrant sectarianism. As for the U.S. military, they cannot win where they do not deploy, and eleven years ago they were not present on civilian aircraft. 2977 innocents perished that day, if you wish to be pedantic. Finally, this:
registered gun owners are more likely to vote, pay taxes and serve in their community, either in uniform or as volunteers, than average.
My original point? If you have to fiddle with an electronic gun lock in a confrontation with an intruder, you’re probably finito. An armed citizenry not only helped win this Republic, but it is part of the planning of every potential opponent considering a conventional attack. If you don’t want a gun don’t buy one.

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rossryan wrote:

And an EMP would disable all those smart weapons…nothing like having your primary weapon disabled when you truly need it.

I favor the Swiss model -> everyone learns how to use a gun. They have not, from what I’ve heard, had any major issues with this model, and are, if anything, a stable society.

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Would not gun owners argue the risk of delay in use if they have to search for the bracelet in a hurry?

What is the likelyhood that the person who uses the gun has had permissions made out for them some time in the past? After all, did not Adam Lanza go shooting with his mother?

And why does not America just take the guns off the mental ill with gun controls like Denmark, Norway, France, Britain, Holland, Italy, Israel, Sweden…

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paintcan wrote:

rossryan – The “swiss model”, as I understand it, also requires that all able bodied Swiss men own a well maintained rifle for the “defense of the nation” They are not harboring fantasies of becoming insurgents in the name of self defense of whatever latest lunatic cause Fox news cares to spew for market share. They can face legal penalties if the weapon is not in proper order. They believe in the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment.

Historically, they didn’t maintain much of a standing military force, but rented conscripts out to neighboring states who used them as guards in Palaces. Louis XIV had swiss guards at Versailles and also hired them to augment his own troops. He used the bivouacking troops stationed at Versailles to dig the large eponymous lake off the Orangerie terrace. The Vatican still hires them to guard the premises. The Swiss man is required to report for some kind of regular muster as well, I imagine. In other words. The entire able bodied male population is considered the national guard. That’s not the kind of responsibility the NRA pedals. They are not mommies trying to be daddies trying to make her son into a “man”. That girl thought she could do everything apparently. No wonder she got divorced. She must have had ambitions of being Athena Parthenos. The kid probably got a little confused.

But the Swiss are an old and very mature country. There is apparently no “gun culture”. They are serious. They are not a country of semi paranoid yahoos looking to cash in on every fad or fancy or looking at a gun as a substitute for inadequate private organs. They are a neutral state and never nursed dreams of global dominance and therefor aren’t drunk on their own myths and ambitions.

And apparently the Swiss are not taking semi automatic or automatic weapons into their homes with them. Those could be a bit expensive for national guard use.

The reason they can’t take guns out of the hands of the “mentally ill” is they can’t quite figure out who they are anymore. And the “no tax”, “no government handouts” people don’t want to pay for the “mentally ill” anyway. Hell, They don’t want to pay for anything at all, except more guns to guard their own stashes.

Free markets don’t build a country. They build markets with fortunes spent on advertising . No one but idiots believes a word advertisers say. Hence no one but idiots believes a word out of this “culture’ anymore either.

BTW – The entire right wing of Israeli politics in mentally ill. Use a better example.

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paintcan wrote:

There is a simple argument no one seems to listen to – If the gun’s weren’t so easily available the kid couldn’t have done it. And no one has mentioned drive by highway shooting that were something of a fad a few years back. What was that “therapy” for American values and road rage?

There may also have been a very good reason why Europeans in the 18th century were restricting weapons to the upper classes. They knew the peasants (the word means “country people” actually) were ignorant, superstitious and prone to riot from mere mob suggestion. The Aristocrats could read and were used to thinking before they acted. Popular riots accomplished nothing but kept the aristocrats further entrenched in positions of control.

The NRA arguments are meaningless and even lies. No one could reasonably mount an armed resistance to “tyranny” unless they were prepared to live through hell and wanted to see this country become another Syria or Iraq. And it wouldn’t leave the ruins of masonry buildings as in the ME. Whole neighborhoods would simply burn to the ground. The government would have to see to the needs of thousands of refugees and they would need the government more than the “freedom fighters”.

If the police come to your door to arrest you, you cannot threaten them with a weapon. I don’t know who the NRA thinks it’s fooling?

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