Google working on "X Phone", "X" tablet to take on rivals - WSJ

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K.D. wrote:

This doesn’t bode well for people who have purchased (or are waiting to purchase) a Nexus 4 smartphone. My prediction is that the Nexus 4 was a market test. Google ran this same market test back in 2010 when they sold the Nexus One. The experiment was a flop. The market wasn’t ready yet. They kept repeating this experiment every few years to gauge the market interest. Suddenly, the Nexus 4 takes off like wildfire! Now Google knows they have interest. They will sell what little stock they have of the Nexus 4 devices from LG and then focus all their efforts on making their own devices (the X Phone). Why let LG get all the profits? Google doesn’t really care about the Nexus 4. Their market test was a success. They will now build and sell their own smart phone and collect all the profit.

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