Exclusive: Pakistan's army chief makes Afghan peace "top priority"

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Samuhanand wrote:

It is not the talk which one should notice but its actions.Is General Kiyani taken on North Wazirstan? Has Kiyani taken on Haqqani group?NO. He is only trying to make Haqqani group palatable to the Northern area commanders who are bitterly opposed to this group beholden to Pakistani ISI. What is the view of Kiyani on Durrand line?

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PenRumi wrote:

The Pakistan military under General Kayani think that by providing support to the Afghan Taliban, they can influence the Taliban and allow them to control Afghanistan after the scheduled departure of the Americans in 2014. The Pakistan military envisions Afghanistan as the first step in their grand vision to create a Caliphate desired by the majority of the people of Pakistan.

Pakistan did not learn any lessons after the Soviet Army left Afghanistan in 1992. The Taliban created by Pakistan’s intelligence outfit ISI, routinely ignored instructions from Islamabad. In early 2001, Islamabad pleaded to the Taliban not to destroy the Bamiyan statue of Buddha because of international outcry; all the pleas fell on deaf ears.

Pakistan cannot control Afghanistan; the reverse is true. The Taliban will control Pakistan after NATO soldiers leave. If the most powerful army in the world, the US military, could not subdue Afghanistan, how in the world is the Pakistan Army going to do that? Why would the Pushtoons pay heed to the Punjabi-dominated Pakistan army that has a losing record? The Pushtoons managed to bog down the military of two superpowers; they are not going to listen to a Third World country (Pakistan), which routinely has been on the verge of bankruptcy and its military that lost three wars with India. The score for the Taliban is 2-0 and General Kayani 0-3.

India, the archenemy of Pakistan, is heavily investing in infrastructure of Afghanistan, such as roads and schools, but they are in for a rude shock. True that Afghanistan favored India under the regime of King Zahir, but that was before the Soviet tanks rolled into that country in 1979; since then the political dynamics have drastically changed. India has no place in Afghanistan.

However, General Kayani has one trick up his sleeves: Nuclear weapons. General Kayani assured the army that Pakistan would not lose Balochistan to nationalists who are waging a robust insurgency for self-determination. General Kayani has promised that he will not allow the debacle of former East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) to repeat and, if necessary, he will lose nuclear weapons to decimate the Baloch “miscreants”. General Kayani expressed regrets that Pakistan did not possess nuclear technology in 1971; he would not have hesitated to use it against the Bengalis in breakaway province of East Pakistan.

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