India's gang-rape protesters defy moves to quell outrage

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JamVee wrote:

The six rapists should fist be be castrated and then about a week later, before they’ve recovered from that procedure, take them back into surgery and remove rest of their “equipment”. Cruel and unusual, yes, but, in my opinion, justifiably so. The good people should continue to rebel, until law enforcement starts doing their jobs. A rape every 20 minutes, is outrageous, and shows just how sick some of the Indian society really is.

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ksundaram wrote:

It is not uncommon with perople in power or with money do such things and after few months everything back as before. Something similar happened in Tamil Nodu, Vivekananda Univeresity. It was closed for a while and with the money everything is been covered and the Uni is back in BUSINESS!!

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js2012 wrote:

New Delhi has always been extremely dangerous for women; and they get teased, raped, assaulted all the time. It’s really a shame that nothing has changed this atmosphere for the past few decades. I saw all this first hand when I was a college woman.

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I wen to college with a guy from New Delhi. There was also an Indian woman in the department. He had nothing but vile things to say about her. I didn’t understand it at the time.

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Ugottabesick wrote:

An eye for an eye has never resolved any issues and hence, capital punishment (read: Death Penalty) may not be the deterrent we are really looking for.
Some suggestions:
1) Sensitise police personnel to take prompt action in cases of violence against women. Set up ‘women only’ Police Stations or a separate section in existing stations, staffed entirely by women, so that such cases are taken up in right earnest.
2) Let Indian politicians voluntarily surrender their security detail, so that more police personnel become available for patrolling, when required.
3) Names and Photographs of proven offenders must be published in newspapers and displayed in police stations to “Name and Shame.”
4) Parents and Guardians and Teachers must build awareness among girls and vulnerable individuals, so that they know what to do in such emergencies.
5) Lastly, exemplary punishment to be meted out to perpetrators, so as to be a deterrent to others.

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Reuters1945 wrote:

JamVee wrote:

“The six rapists should first be be castrated and then about a week later, before they’ve recovered from that procedure, take them back into surgery and remove the rest of their “equipment”. Cruel and unusual, yes, but, in my opinion, justifiably so.”

I totally agree that only such a punishment will make any difference in the rate of rapes in India- or anywhere else on this planet for that matter.

The type of failed human being who would visit such an horrendous physically and psychologically destroying act on a defenseless woman is not fit to remain at liberty in a civilized society.

Anyone at all who believes such a punishment is unduly cruel or in any way extreme, quite obviously has never been a victim of rape or witnessed his wife, sister, mother and/or daughter raped and defiled in such a barbarous fashion.

Only one thing in the world can make such a twisted animal as a rapist think twice before victimizing the next woman he meets. That is to say he must know with absolute certainty that if caught he will never again be able to repeat such monstrous behavior.

I have known victims of rape and such women are never quite the same after such a terrifying experience. Many rape victims suffer the after effects for the remainder of their lives.

The Indian government could easily launch a nation wide Television campaign where such victims, (with face and identity blurred if they preferred), would recount their experiences and how they have been permanently scarred by the aberrant behavior of the human animals who have so viciously attacked them.

The comment by JamVee is straight to the point.

The people who are capable of rape are not in the least concerned with doing jail time. An individual who is capable of committing rape is equally capable of shooting someone point blank with a gun or even slitting the tender throat of a six month old baby, without batting an eye.

Society not only has a right, but an absolute obligation, to take whatever steps are necessary to stop and/or slow this human plague upon women.

If a perpetrator ever was so foolish as to visit such an act on my wife, sister, mother and/or daughter, regardless of what penalty the Court imposed, I would mete out my own form of Justice which I can assure the reader would prevent the guilty party from ever again raping another woman.

In many ancient societies if a person was caught stealing, the punishment was to have their hand cut off. The second time they were caught stealing, the remaining hand was removed and they were often branded on the forehead as a thief to put the world on notice.

Rape exists and is prevalent because there has never been any serious attempt to eradicate this epidemic. Executions, which would have some effect and at the least stop that particular offender from repeating his deviant act, are almost never imposed- only a jail sentence so that the rapist knows he will one day be free to rape again.

Those who commit rape are, ipso facto, so mentally disturbed, they are not capable of imagining or envisioning the experience of a life behind bars. Therefore, the threat of jail serves as no deterant.

Anyone who cannot imagine witnessing a member of his/her family being raped, will have difficulty accepting why only the strongest measures will bring this epidemic under control.

“Cruel and unusual punishment” ???

What on God’s Earth could possibly be more heinous and cruel than what recently happened to this latest young female victim of gang rape in India.

That fact that the Indian government does not understand the unrestrained anger and emotional reaction of its own people to this ongoing outrage, speaks volumes.

As it has been throughout history, when rulers do not like the message, the knee jerk reaction is to attack the messenger.

God help the good people of India whose own government is not capable of summoning up either the political will nor moral courage to confront this horrendous scourge against its own people.

And God help all women everywhere in this world, who have never been properly protected from their government/s, whether elected or not, from the animalistic urgings of twisted, out of control males.

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Anthonykovic wrote:

Why is the government fighting the mass protests rather than heeding the message?

India is supposed to be a democracy.

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Crestmount wrote:

rather than acting tough against the protesters, wouldn’t it be better to tackle the issue of rape in India–for a start the Govt and law enforcers could actually take it seriously

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ChAliGhafoor wrote:

only two steps:
1-these rapists should be hanged in public
2-girls should wear full clothes

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js2012 wrote:

I was wondering when this kind of garbage comment of blaming the victim would come up. I think men like you just don’t get it. Women’s clothes are a very sorry excuse indeed for men’s despicable behavior and men like you who justify those acts. Girls should wear whatever they want. Even if the girl in this case was fully garbed, it wouldn’t have mattered to the rapists.

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John2244 wrote:

I personally believe that the penalty against rape in India is fine and the international norm. The penalty is not the problem – the problem is investigation, prosecution and enforcement. In certain place like Delhi it also culture.

One thing that people are missing is India is one of the few developing countries where spousal rape has recently become illegal. This is so in rural area’s where there are arranged marriages where the bride is not aware of her circumstance and also in the middle class in India where couples drift apart. This is a huge win in India for women as its a tool to start to leverage the law. But if you increased these crimes to a capital punishment – then millions of these rural women would be in danger of reprisal for booking charges. Its not just in India – in the west spousal rape goes hand in hand with proper punishment.

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Protect2000 wrote:

Lawlessness is rampant in the country. Corruption is rampant all over the Govt sector. Justice is slow. A complete revamping of the system is needed. First of, law and justice need to swift and harsh. Rapist need to be jailed for rest of their life.People in high places with connections get away from these actions. Money buys power and that is the problem of India.

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Reuters1945 wrote:

Protect2000 wrote:

“… and justice need to be swift and harsh. Rapists need to be jailed for rest of their life.”

The type of twisted, evil human being who would defile a woman in such a ruthlessly barbaric manner as rape, is beyond being deterred from his deviant behavior by the thought that he might be sentenced to jail for life for two major reasons.

First, he knows that the chances of being paroled after serving a number of years of his sentence is quite likely. In fact many rapists are repeat offenders who were imprisoned for rape, and then later released from prison, only to rape again.

We know from absolute statistics in the US, that the recidivism/repeat offender, return to prison rate is over 85 %. An amazing number that proves prison sentences, in general, fail to alter the behavior of serious law breakers.

Secondly, and related to the first reason stated above, as to why prison sentences, generally do not significantly bring down crime rates, at least in the USA, is because the number of detained prisoners, convicted of crimes is now over 2,000,000, (Two Million) people. More than the total population of many international cities.

The cost to house such an astoundingly large, prison population, for years and years, is financially untenable. And those who are sentenced to prison are well aware of this fact- more is the pity.

Prisoners with long term sentences, even based on rape and murder, know only too well it is highly doubtful they will ever serve out their full sentence. The financial cost to Society is simply not sustainable. The last I researched this topic, the cost of incarcerating a single prisoner was Fifty Thousand US dollars per year and it is likely much higher.

The present Penal System, as practiced in most nations, is a total failure and in many instances, even a sick joke.

Among many violent, younger, segments of Society, “going to prison”, at least once, is considered “de rigueur”- that is to say, almost like a “right of passage”. In many parts of society, if you cannot say you ever served time in prison, you are looked down upon. This has all been totally documented over and over, by experts who have researched this subject.

So the idea and/or thought of going to prison, at least in most modern societies, carries very little deterrence value. For many people who are sent to prison, it is almost just a temporary break, and opportunity to associate with like minded individuals, until they can return to a life of crime outside of prison.

In spite of the fact that most people would classify me as strongly Liberal minded, in the case of “Crime and Punishment” I have learned over a long lifetime of observing this subject that the way prisons are set up leads to absolute failure, in deterring crime in most countries.

Prisons must really entail a form of actual punishment beyond, and as opposed, to inmates simply being allowed to watch color TV’s and work out in well equipped, state of the art, exercise rooms while serving their sentence.

They should have to work for their food and board, for example.
If no real useful work can be found, (in the old days, prisoners in the USA had to make License Plates for cars, or work on “chain gangs”), then meaningless “make work” should be created and instituted.

Anything that is done to attack this problem is better than nothing.

Moreover, their quality of food and board should be dependent on the nature of the crime committed. This means for the most serious crimes, a balanced and healthful diet should consist of the most tasteless, bland, boring food imaginable during all the years of incarceration while the law breaker serves “his debt to society”. They must understand that as they have permanently destroyed the life of their murder or rape victim, so too, must they also have some serious and significant degree of human suffering visited upon them also.

If the above appears like a through back to the Middle Ages and/or arch Conservatism I would submit it is not. These suggestions are made merely as a desperate attempt, perhaps, I am the first to admit, groping in the dark search, to find some means of correcting the fact that most Penal systems are a dismal failure and cost Society a huge cost to boot.

As regards those who rape and murder, I fully concede I do not know how to prevent a murderer from murdering again, short of death by needle or locking the perpetrator away for life and throwing away the key.

But as for the countless sexual predators in all societies, who wreak untold, unfathomable pain and misery on their victims and their families, the solution can be a short and quick and permanent, medical procedure, and after a reasonable stay in prison, allow such twisted human beings to continue on their merry way, with their preferred “weapon of choice”, safely and permanently removed so it cannot be used again to cause further human suffering.

“Word of mouth” has been known to be highly effective and successful in altering people’s behavior, once the word gets out.

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gtoken wrote:

Too bad these gals didn’t have a gun to defend themselves. Oh wait, guns are bad.

I especially like the commenter that stated and eye for an eye never worked yet want some sort of “exemplary punishment to be meted out to perpetrators, so as to be a deterrent to others”. Uh, contradictory.

Shakes head, places in palm of hand. Sigh. I fear there must be no hope for humanity. Too bad Dec. 21 didn’t happen.

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