Gulf Arabs decry Iran "interference" in region

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scythe wrote:

the usual whining from the bedouin carpet baggers

their funding of middle east salafist/wahabbi savagery makes them accomplices to war crimes

no different to the balkan wars

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DeanMJackson wrote:

The article reads, “We ask the international community for serious and swift moves to stop these massacres and these severe attacks that contradict all religions and international laws and humanitarian principles.”

Very touching! And as a Believer, I do mean touching, but you Gulf States, and fellow Arab Brethren governments, have this “Long-Range Policy” against Israel that involves the suffering of Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza.

When you created the “Palestinians” at your 1964 [first] Arab League Summit, your strategy was to use the newly minted “Palestinians” as your proxy to continue the war with Israel, allowing Israel to win the Six-Day War in order to operationalize the “new” strategy. The objective of the “new” Arab governments’ strategy: To wear Israel down in world condemnation, renounce a two-state solution for a one-state solution with Israel, thereby peacefully defeating the Zionists via the ballot!

Well, nice try Arab governments, but Israel, as you know, will not only raise that bet, but will call your hand. With what, you ask? Why, with the ballot too: Israel will give Jews all over the world the right to vote, thereby making moot your 50 year old strategy that has come to naught.

Hmm, all this suffering and massacres by both sides for what?

Arab governments, when are you going to learn that when God takes a piece of land away from the Ottoman Turks in 1918, ANY interference with His will (even by Muslims!) will not only be useless labor spent, but angers God in the extreme. And when God is angered in the extreme, you know what His severe justice is capable of, don’t you?

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DeanMJackson wrote:

Par II (for Part I, see my comment above):

Oh, for those of you wondering why Arab governments had to change their strategy towards Israel in 1964…because Israel was “rumored” in 1963 to have either tested or acquired an atomic bomb.

Isn’t it interesting that no one has ever revealed the obvious fact that Arab governments would have to have altered their strategy towards Israel even before the Jewish state acquired a nuclear weapon?

Hmm, oil makes everyone shy from speaking even the obvious truth!

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JamVee wrote:

On the issues of Iran and Syria, this announcement from the GCC, shows alignment with most of the rest of the world. I’m not sure why other commenters feel compelled to mix these issues in with the Israeli/Palestinian (Arab) conflict. The issues are unrelated, and these commenters should try to stay on the issue.

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beancube2101 wrote:

Al Quaeda is not created by Iran and Iraq but by CIA and by the extremists represented Arab governments in turn and they tried to make us, the USA, to do the most dirtiest works in wars for them. Sorry, CIA will have to be severely reformed and cowardice Arab governments will be closely monitored for human rights abuses just like the cowardice Israel.

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beancube2101 wrote:

Why don’t CIA and Al Quaeda attack Saudi Arabia and Israel but only those competitors export oil? We are sure that CIA and Al Quaeda are part of the global criminals of the oil cartel.

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kenradke11 wrote:

Iran thou hypocrite! you talk about other Countries meddling in you affairs yet you do so yourself. Hypocrites!
Get out of Syria’s business and mind your own!!

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kenradke11 wrote:


Lets leave Israel alone and concentrate on the news story at hand. It makes more sense don’t you think?

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kenradke11 wrote:


Lets leave Israel alone and concentrate on the news story at hand. It makes more sense don’t you think?

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kenradke11 wrote:


Lets leave Israel alone and concentrate on the news story at hand. It makes more sense don’t you think?

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AraGee wrote:

When the “Persian” Gulf Cooperation Council members stop aiding and abetting Al Qaeda, the Taliban and the Jundollah and improve on their own human rights records, then maybe their words would gain more weight with the rest of the world…

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carlloeber wrote:

I have been to Aleppo .. the cowardice of President Obama has allowed the mass murder of good and brave Syrian people for 593 days .. his cowardice is despicable disgraceful and reprehensible ..

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goodbyemoney wrote:

I too have been to Aleppo, along with Homs. This was on my way to register with American University in Beirut, in 1966. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go there.

While visiting Aleppo and Homs, the people were extremely friendly and the cities were beautiful. I truely hate what has happened. With the exodus of people to Turkey or other somewhat safe havens, I still fear for them. What happens when the fighting is over and they return only to find that their homes and neighborhoods have been destroyed.

I truely hope the fighting ends soon and the people can return.

As for the Arab League, they’re going to sit on their butts and blow hot air. They want the USA to go in, perhaps with NATO troops, and end it all. That won’t work. I don’t want boots on the ground nor air strikes. Allow Turkey to defend itself. The country has the means and the Army and Air Force to do it.

The only way that the US should enter the fighting is if missles begin falling on the Air Base at Incirlik. Then, and only then, should we defend ourselves. And then only with laser guided missles designed to go up Assad’s butt.

Assad is looking for someone, anyone, to allow him assylum. No one seems to want him and also seem to hope the same happens to him as Saddam. If that happens, I fear for the country even more as it is completely splintered into factions.

Hopefully Assad leaves and the country finds some type of peace.

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Sassan31 wrote:

As an Iranian I agree 110%. It is time for the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic to stop their ideology of Islamic imperialism. The international community must for the sake of humanity unite with the Iranian people in getting rid of the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic once and for all.

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JamVee wrote:

carlloeber, You won’t find me defending President Obama very often, but maybe you could give me one single good reason why the US should involve itself in this nasty civil war? What could make you imagine that we somehow owe Syria, or it’s people anything other than our sympathy for their suffering (which I do regret) Let the neighboring countries, and the rest of the world, (who all have such very big mouths, but very little stomach for fighting) get involved and send in their own troops.

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firecraft wrote:

is not Gulf!!!!!!!
It’s Persian Gulf

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trumanj wrote:

Couldn’t agree with you anymore JamVee. Right on the money

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fuzzywzhe wrote:

What about US interference? Nobody complains about that.

Of course, the dictators of the region are all on the payroll of the United States.

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hmakhdoom wrote:

In the last 48 hours, both the Iranian Navy and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard began their naval exercises Velayat-90 and Fajr-91. These exercises are taking place in the Persian Gulf with Fajr-91 happening in the South Pars near Qatar, and the Velayat-90 happening East of the Hormuz Straight from the Gulf of Oman to the Northern Indian Ocean.

At the same time, the GCC pledged yet another additional collective regional military command. The pledge is ‘to form a unified military command structure at a time when Iran poses a “very serious” security threat to the Middle East,’.

The GCC is still talking while Iran is preparing and practicing for a possible scenario of a naval conflict in the Persian Gulf. The GCC is resorting to blusters and threats. In this absence of any US commitment to militarily engaging Middle East countries, as witnessed in the US rejection of militarily engaging Iran, the GCC posturing looks even more bloated and ridiculous.

The Americans have maintained an ambiguous military strategy towards Iran, claiming only that military engage is “not off the table”. If anything, this attitude reflects a reluctance on the part of the Americans to invade Iran. This becomes even more incredible when we consider that US military engagement with Iran is being advocated by Israel, the “special” ally of the United States. If the Americans are reluctant to go to war for Israel, I cannot imagine that they would be less reluctant to militarily engage Iran on behalf of the GCC.

In light of this we might understand this latest pledge by the GCC to a possible future collective military command as both a bluster/threat and an attempt to militarily prepare for a possible conflict with Iran or in the region. If this is the case, then the GCC is remarkably lethargic. While Iran is currently staging two naval exercises by both the Iranian Navy and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the GCC is pledging to create, if necessary, a collective military command if a possible future conflict happens with Iran or in the region. Talk about verbose!

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The skunk syndrome: You get sprayed by a skunk and say hey Mr. skunk that smells like hell, skunk replies I don’t smell anything.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

kenradke11 says,


Lets leave Israel alone and concentrate on the news story at hand. It makes more sense don’t you think?”

Response: Since the Gulf states interfere with Israel, any protests by Gulf states about Iranian interference in their internal affairs is hypocrisy. As such, my comments are instructive.

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