Link between pot, psychosis goes both ways in kids

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mitzimatters wrote:

If this were true millions and millions of people would suffer from psychosis.
these people could have suffered from mental illness before they started smoking. I watch tv. If I go blind can I blame the TV?

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romikk32 wrote:

Saddest thing I EVER saw…trying to piggy back their *drug war rhetoric* on the tragedy of the Newtown shooting. What they AREN’T telling you is that this kid probably was a science experiment from the legal pharmaceutical nightmare imposed on kids today by the corporate pharma industry. Don’t drink the koolaid kids, the pharma and DEA nazis are paying BIG bucks for ANY sort of propaganda to legitimize their $$$ cash cow. even using a tragedy like Newtown.

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Moooose31 wrote:

What about the hundred deaths per day from prescription pill overdoses? Marijuana causes no deaths, or any of the more damaging psychotic and physical effects capable from opiate derived, and amphetamine based prescription pills. As a young person (20) I remember how easy it was for kids in school to get ADHD medicine, illegally. Often times the kids selling it would simply not take their prescription, and sell it, since it tended to drastically alter their personality. Smoking weed, versus taking ADHD medicine, from my observations, tended to calm the person down over the long term, even after periodical, moderate use. More important than psychosis, Marijauana use (not the atmosphere created by its illegality) causes no documented deaths, while cigarettes, tobacco and prescription pill deaths are an epidemic.

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hoglegjack wrote:

they are just mad because big pharma and all the politicians pockets they line cant sell you prozac and all the other crap that realy makes you spychotic

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TheHoz wrote:

What is the purpose of this article? Alcohol can be defined as creating psychosis and resulting in schizophrenia; like most narcotic pain killers distributed by pharmacies. Pot is a drug much like alcohol. The term psychosis is very broad and can mean anything from relatively normal aberrant experiences through to the complex and catatonic expressions of schizophrenia and bipolar type 1 disorder (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). With all this said – yup pot is a drug.

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yabaworld84 wrote:

“For example, using pot at 16 years old was linked to psychotic symptoms three years later, and psychotic symptoms at age 16 were linked to pot use at age 19.” — From THIS article.

Doesn’t this kind of prove right here it is not the pot causing the psychosis? This article seems like it is trying to fortify a connection rather than report that there may be one, which is not proper journalism.

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omegaman111 wrote:


Ah yes, obviously the “potheads” are “immature” in comparison to yourself. Look at yourself for christ sake, you’re calling others losers because you don’t agree with their point of view. Grow up kiddie, I very much hope your no older than 15 because if you are then you need to get a reality check.

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yasure wrote:

Yea cause pills are so much better… WHAT A JOKE, 90% of the baby boomers would be nut jobs by these “FINDINGS” How much money did it take for this garbage?

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ljkforu wrote:

The psychosis came before the pot but the pot makes it worse.

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JawshCam wrote:

we are all gonna go crazy regardless.its called old age, don’t be so naive.

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1bigdude wrote:

Perhaps it is a genetic link only and pot use actually helps the kids with psychosis to remain calm and to deal with reality. This doctors study really does not make any real conclusion that pot creates psychosis in adolescents, but that there might be a connection only. Then again there might just be a connection with their use of caffine and video games. Pot use has been aroun teenagers since the 190′s and was real prevalent in the 1970′s and 80′s but nobody questioned a link to phychosis then and if there were, you would have millions of adult phychotics running around now after all those kids grew up with years of pot use. This is a false flag study meant to scare people that marijuana is harmful. Again, the media and the anti-drug government funded doctors produce these false studies to further their aims and keep the drug war going. After billions and billions spent on trying to keep marijuana away from people, they still can not prove one death from marijuana other than from the crime that the prohibition has created. Marijuana is a benificial medicine and the government knows this. marijuana just happens to be a cash cow industry for several goovernment programs, law enforcemnt agencies, industries that supply law enforcement, and the private prison industry that gives millions to each congressman and senator to keep the drug war going. The drug war can never be won and millions of Americans become crimials for small amounts of marijuana each year and lose thier right to vote and a shot at a better life. This is a government conspiracy to create an underclass of people in this country dependant on the government that will not have any say in thier government or how things are run in this country. Our government is evil in this respect. It is time for the American people to realize that marijuana was legal up until just the 1930′s until the medical industry wanted to make it illegal because the could not synthesize the chemical elements that stopped pain signals in people, which were better than codine or morphine. In other words it was not going to make money for the pharmacuetical industry because it was a natural herbal product, so they had to outlaw it. Sure it is strong and has effects that make people high, but then so does alcohol, however there are no lifetime liver damage problems or problems where people abuse family members with marijuana. Maijuama makes people mellow and lazy, it does not make them violent like alcohol can do to people. It should be well regulated and taxed by the government, but not prohibited. It should be only be used by adults, age 21 and over for recreational use, just like alcohol. It is less harmful than alcohol and should be a part of a national discussion on when it will become legal in all 50 states and the government should stop funding these false flag studies that put out misinformation to the public.

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BuffaloGirl wrote:

Interesting. How do they know it’s the pot? Some sellers like to “spike” it with other stuff to get people hooked on another drug. Causation is different from linked, or correlated (positively or negatively). I’m not saying It’s not possible, just want to know more about the way the study was conducted.

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bruntont85 wrote:

i have been smoking pot since i was a teenager and i am 27 now. never had a hallucination or been psychotic. is this lady that did the study sure that she didn’t have it laced with LSD or something.

and yeah i hear ya about using ADHD meds that was HUGE in college. I never did it but knew a few peeps that did.

oh yeah and they are teenagers that she is studying how does she know they aren’t just messing with her? i was kind of a twit when i was in school. did she test them for other drugs? maybe they were doing something else on top of smoking dope?

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FlyingTooLow wrote:

I have smoked pot for 45 years, since age 21. I have friends in their 80′s who have done the same. They are retired pilots, doctors, and lawyers. None show signs of ‘…memory loss to psychosis.’

Maybe we are just a rare group.

Since the era of Anslinger and his pack of lies, I have been skeptical of ‘..scientific evidence…’
But, I know what I have seen and experienced first hand.

I am living proof that prohibitionist propaganda is a fallacy…a blatant lie.

The worst experience I had with marijuana was spending 5 years in Federal Prison for a pot offense.

If you want to learn the true meaning of ‘psychosis,’ stay awhile in Federal Prison…it’s like visiting a freaking amusement park…minus the rides.

I wrote about the escapades that earned my 5 year ‘vacation.’ You can read about them in: Shoulda Robbed a Bank

Happy Holidays to all,
Hugh Yonn

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marshallg wrote:

I question their diagnosis of “psychotic” based on a few survey questions:
“Do you have difficulty concentrating?” What high school student doesn’t?
“Do you ever feel lonely?” Doesn’t everyone, sometimes?
“Do you see things others don’t?” Sorry, but a psychotic sees things which he thinks are real, and therefore others see. Ask this question to a typical teen, and they’re likely to tell you yes, my parents never understand me and I have ideas which I can’t explain.

None of this proves that a person is psychotic

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I can absolutely tell you about this as I am nearly 60 now and have experienced this first hand. I have also done a TREMENDOUS amount of research & digging (they try to bury this stuff ya know) on the net for facts and info re: this subject for 3 years now. I also am a former X-Ray Technologist, who graduated with a 4.0 GPA, and and made a an A on the National Registry exam which I tell you so you know I am intelligent enough to interpret what I have studied with a good background in medicine. I am a single mother who raised 3 boys on my own & was working an extremely stressful job & in 2004 at the age of 49 I had a nervous breakdown and went totally psychotic (NOT violent at all however) and I went into a locked psych. ward. well that started YEARS of all kinds of NASTY horrible Mainstream prescription psychotropics. At one point my Dr. had me on 8 scripts. The side effects were a nightmare and the life I knew was GONE. I couldn’t stay awake, my face twitched (I am lucky that is gone now but I am left unable to stop chewing on my tongue). I gained weight unbelievably on some of those meds and they all COMPLETELY robbed me of my libido, and pretty much my ability to feel much of anything. I was Zombified. The whole time & to this day I see a psychotherapist once a week. A couple of years after my breakdown I met a man who became my boyfriend and he liked to smoke. I had very briefly tried it back in the 70′s. and remembered it as pleasant so I tried it again. I can only tell you the effects were miraculous for me. I told my Doctor who became quite angry and refused to see me anymore. I started weaning off the meds. My boyfriend kept me supplied for two nearly two years and then he went to jail for 5 years (as a peaceful unarmed small-time dealer, who also happens to be Hispanic though I am not) and it was nearly impossible for me to get anymore. If I could even find it, I couldn’t afford much. After my life with him was over, I finally got off the last of the prescriptions. It took many attempts and the final one resulted in another psychotic break & hospitalization. Those drugs are HIGHLY ADDICTIVE… once on them your brain ceases to work for itself (hence they insist it will be forever). But I am stubborn as well & I wanted to know why Cannabis helped me so much and their drugs made me miserable (though functioning). I am now STUCK in an illegal state because of my home which has lost HALF it’s value since it was purchased about 5 years ago & it is ALL I have now financially. ) I finally am off ALL of their drugs and now back in college and on the honor roll again. My life AND family were so damaged by all of this I can not tell you how much suffering we have endured due to modern Psychiatric Medicine AND Prohibition. I am working to mend my family & as an activist to at least bring medical marijuana to my state before they send me to jail too for simply trying to enjoy life once again with the ONLY substance that truly benefits me and “my condition”. I am diagnosed Bi-Polar I. PLEASE tell EVERYONE my story.

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marklucy wrote:

Pots like tobacco in some respects the more you use the less potent. Take a drug from big pharma and be hooked and do a host of damage to your body. Thats smart? Smoke weed everyday for 40 years and your Doctor says your very healthy and wonders why at 65 you’re in better shape then he is. Maybe he outa drug test me. Boy would he be amazed.

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shiker wrote:

So POT makes our youth lonely & clueless (cant concentrate) I reckon all the multi-tasking, spell-checking, calculating, and “socializing” electronic devices have nothing to do with it. when was the last time our youth had to add/subtract or spellcheck their own materials. Not to mention, having to actually visit with friends face to face? Again I reckon all that non-use of brain power and social media (no actual human connect needed)does not have anything to do with the lack of concentration and loneliness. WHATEVER!!!

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chinaeggman wrote:

From the start, the article seems slanted. “..sensitive to the toxic effects of THC”; toxic?? That doesn’t sound objective. I’m a RN. I’ve seen pills kill and disable too many. I’m a marijuana proponent and would recommend it for anyone without concern for safety or toxicity. Nowhere in all recorded history, and with centuries of medicinal use, has there been any record of a death from marijuana. Today, pharmaceutical (pills) kill more than auto accidents. Corporate healthcare is more dangerous than marijuana; they sell your health and lives for profit. Believe those pharmaceutical TV ads at your peril. Stay away from hospitals. Quit subsidizing the devils with health insurance. We need a healthcare revolution that puts people’s lives ahead of profit.

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MychalPol wrote:

So, outside of the error claiming that marihuana was a narcotic, the eclectic 1930′s cult classic movie “Reefer Madness” was telling us the truth.

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Scarlett76 wrote:

Not one of the kids that I knew in jr.high or high school who smoked pot was ever in their right minds! Products of bad breeding. Plain and simple (no pun intended)!

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Maliarific wrote:

Just reading the first page of comments on this article and folks DO SOMETHING about it!!! Regardless of which side of the fence you are on the weed issue, we all desperately NEED more research (sadly probably crooked FDA funded), and more voices speaking out about it. Pot is unique in that it derrives a full spectrum of reactions from it’s use. We need to know more.

For all the weed supporters out there-commenting on news posts is great but does NOTHING for the cause. Get off the couch, dust the Cheetos off your pants, and go do something about it!!! Don’t perpetuate the stereotype, you are only shooting yourself in the foot!

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Huhdur wrote:

Try linking religion and psychosis… since pot doesn’t cause mental disorders. I’m really really looking for some accurate direct link between pot and bad things but can’t find any. If pot caused psychosis then over 60% of the US population would have it. Countless millions would have had it and it would have been noted somewhere in the thousands of years of use by people. Please stop spreading garbage lies and half assed assumptions on a non addictive, non toxic, non narcotic, non inebriating next to harmless fracking flower.

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h2ok9 wrote:

Psychosis is the state one is in when they are not in harmony with God my friend.

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Kevin20036 wrote:

Man, I should have been a scientist. Then I could make money for making up fairy stories too. But how was I to know that scientists believe that you can have your cake and eat it too?

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leeprew wrote:

“…seem to be more sensitive to the toxic effects of THC…” Toxic? I’m pretty sure cannabis has been previously proven as a non-toxic substance.

It would appear that as with most other studies looking at the relationship between psychosis (again not clearly stated in the article ((intentionally maybe)) that there are wide and varied levels of the illness from temporary/acute paranoia or anxiety to more complex and long term conditions such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia) and cannabis (THC) use has overlooked the relationship between THC and CBD.

To me it seems pretty obvious that if you regularly/heavily use a psychoactive substance (and high THC low CBD varieties) when the brain is still developing then there is an increased risk of harm.

Studies such as these are all well and good, but they do little to actually prevent the possible harm already being caused by a lack of responsibility and control by governmental health departments in favour of a ridiculous and ineffectual prohibitive policy enforced by self-preserving departments like the DEA.

Maybe more studies need to be carried out into why exactly they constantly refuse to act in the interests of peoples/children’s health. I’ll make a somewhat educated guestimate of the conclusion of such a study and say that money comes before public health.

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emedic wrote:

Give that the government and adults of the 30s one 40s use large amounts of hearsay and innuendoes to lay the ground work for the idea POT is bad. No one today can believe any report, study of hear say when POT is involved. Us of any drug in adolescence is not good, yet we pump our children full of prescription dugs to the tune of BILLION of dollars annually. There’s no reason for that to happen but drug companies make lots of money at the expense of the health of anyone. So to say Pot may cause psychosis or help is a simple illustration of a non-story becomes another piece of crap in the war on drugs…. a war that has ben losing in every shape imaginable, but let be real, the war put billions of tax payers dollars in many business and political motivated do-badders…. WTF!

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AK_Dude wrote:

“Do you smoke dope?” “Yeah.” “Do you get depressed?” “Yeah.” Ah, the link couldn’t be more obvious. ~Dutch science

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Catnaround wrote:

Marijuana saved my life when I was a teenager. It was the only thing that gave me an appetite when I had cancer. Don’t they even stop to think that it’s man made pharmacy drugs that cause death and suicide? It’s in the fine print of every drug they advertise on TV from Pfizer and Lilly.

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kiwibird wrote:

Flowerfairybird that is awesome of you to share your story. All power to you girl. Hopefully 2013 is a good one for you.

It seems that from the study that that DON’T KNOW. Pointless research.

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Paulpot wrote:

But when are we going to see a study on the effects of heavy handed policing on the mental health of the community.
Being detained, searched, arrested, robbed, screamed at by police and judges is hardly going to help someone who has a mental problem.
It is quite likely in fact to make such people withdraw even further.
Get the police and the courts out of health care.

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AlfredReaud wrote:

The study is flawed. It doesn’t account for the millions of teen users who have developed into adults without a tinge of psychosis. Sometimes these “teens with pot induced psychosis” have developed into adults with exceptional abilities, i.e. Mark Phelps and Carl Sagan to name but a few.

One must remember when discussing statistics, that interpretations can be suspect, especially when dealing with the human condition. I mention this because DSM-V does stand for “Diagnostic and STATISTICAL Manual”, does it not?

Dec 26, 2012 10:43pm EST  --  Report as abuse
SeaWa wrote:

Drugs are drugs. When misused or abused by the vulnerable they will cause harm. Drugs are not just sweets (which can cause problems for people). Many things are bad for us when used irresponsibly. However, prohibition on natural drugs like pot, or treats like ice cream and candy, is irrational. Not talking crack or heroin here. Just things like pot. And ice cream.

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Goldengater wrote:

Guys it made me that way TWICE each lasting 9 days or so. Not fun to go through it. Never doing it again.

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BuffaloGirl wrote:

Dear Goldengater. Wow! Sorry to hear that. Do you mind saying what the predominant emotion/feeling was that you felt during that time? If not, I understand. It’s just better to hear about real life experience than uncertain studies.

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BuffaloGirl wrote:

Dear Flowerfairybird And Goldengater

Your messages are very important. I wish you both well, and hope that you’ll succeed in having the lives you want. You both have very important information to share with the world. Doctors would do well to listen with an open mind.

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EddyBo wrote:

Great to see this base-level study get some attention. I was clinically depressed and suicidal by the age of 11-12. I began smoking strong cannabis at the age of 15-16.

In low doses, it alleviated all my negative symptoms and, almost effortlessly, shifted the basis of my mentality from obsessing about the pain of the past to being excited about the possibilities of the future.

In higher doses, I became unable to function or connect with people.

Teenagers often “over do it” with drinking in the early days and the ones who carry on that way do attract a lot of attention, but the fact is that most people get the hang of sensible drinking pretty quickly.
If cannabis were legal and underage smoking was not a criminal matter (except for the vendor!) then I believe that young people with mental health problems would have a much higher chance of using cannabis with moderation.

Dec 28, 2012 3:55am EST  --  Report as abuse

My experiences with psychiatric medicines has been the same as Flowerfairybird wrote above. I stopped taking them and have resolved to control myself whenever i feel like someone is after me.

I began using cannabis 10 years ago at age 20, and have quit it/made to quit it many times on and off. I feel like it helps, but a lot of it is damaging. The thing is once you start you can’t stop, like cashews or lays chips – you just can’t have just one.

Maybe if it was legal, i would take it in moderation.

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