Children, many ill, would be victims of Russia ban on U.S. adoption

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NeilMcGowan wrote:

How disgraceful! Of course these children must be given the chance to be victims in an authentic yankee school shooting!! How would they ever get that chance in Russia?

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ShiroiKarasu wrote:

Russia responded to America’s law by slapping itself in the face. It would have been better to simply identify some human rights violators in the US and ban them from being in Russia. Not to be insulting to Russia, but they couldn’t exactly respond in kind, freezing assets and so on- because no-one visits or invests in Russia, and they need every last one of those that do.

The incidents of adopted kids being mistreated is very sad. You can go over adoptive parents with a fine-toothed comb, but it’s hard to know what people are really like. Really, you only weed out the people who are crazy and have no ability to mask it… not so with those who can play along for a while.

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WowCriminy wrote:

I feel bad for the children in Russia, but we have many children in the United States who need help. Charity begins at home. We send far too much money out of our country helping others when there are millions in our country who need the help.

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Yanni2525 wrote:

What about the Russian kid who was murdered by being left in a hot car for by his “adoptive father who got away with murder of a Russian child” even though he left the kid for 9 hours in the hot car?

What about all those millions of American Kids languishing in American Orphanages?

What about kids taken away from their families in the 1990′s on false charges of child abuse and put into American Orphanages?

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reality-again wrote:

Putin’s actions in this matter are a combination of cruelty and stupidity. This man behaves more like a head of a crime organization than a head of a state.
Preventing those poor Russian kids from getting a new start in life is a crime, and Putin should be tried for it.

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momonator wrote:

@ Yanni2525
“What about all those millions of American Kids languishing in American Orphanages?”
There are no orphanages in US. Kids under 12 years old live with foster parents and those over 12 live in group homes. Overall, there were under 60000 kids in the system last year.

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momonator wrote:

In most cases, Russians do have following adoption criteria: under 3 years old, Slavic looking and healthy.

Dec 26, 2012 10:10am EST  --  Report as abuse
AlDorman wrote:

Who cares about these vain racist American infertiles? Just get your white kids from your own country!

Dec 26, 2012 10:31am EST  --  Report as abuse
Weldon wrote:

Don’t we have enough adoptive children here in the U.S. but for the liberized laws making it difficult or undesireable for adoptive parents. Would you want to adopt knowing that your are “adopting” the childs disfunctonal parents and may have to return the child after the parents have been “rehabilitated”, etc. etc.

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majkmushrm wrote:

Nobody looks good here.
Adoptive parents… What’s wrong with adopting American orphans?
State and local governments… Why do you make it so difficult for people to adopt that they will scour the rest of the world to find kids?
US Congress… When will you learn to keep your noses out of other people’s business? You do a piss poor job of taking care of America’s business. Why don’t you learn how to do a decent job of that before you start trying to lecture others? Also, it’s not as if we are not guilty of massive war crimes and human rights abuses over the last decade or so.
President Putin… In English we have a phrase: to cut off your nose to spite your face, meaning to do something stupid in response to something you’re pissed off about. I think that’s operative here. Besides, we need a responsible adult somewhere around here. Clearly, we don’t have any here. Possibly you could give us a demo of what a responsible adult acts like.

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jrd225 wrote:

There are plenty of American children waiting for adoption who need families just as much as the Russian kids do. Thousand or so last I checked in SC. Key here is for states to allow adoptions at younger ages. Adoptive parents are far less likely to adopt a 4 year old than a 1 year old. Waiting only hurts the kids. That said, SC has excellent adoption laws that protect the adoptive parents. Once the adoption is final, it is final. (adopted 3 in SC)

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amacord wrote:

There is only one thing that matters ; chance of better life for kids which is ruined by this political decisions.

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drRWM wrote:

What most Americans don’t realize is how despicably the Russians treat the special needs children there. It is ignorance that says “care for a child from the US instead of one from Russia.” Our daughter has 3 adopted kids, one bi-racial from the US, one black with Down Syndrome from the US, and one white with DS from Russia. She and her husband had to go to Russia and to court to get their little girl, who would have been “put away” in a location with basically NO CARE at age 5. If you love children, YOU DON’T CARE WHERE THEY ARE FROM. Some Americans get it, others are selfish liberals who spout off but do nothing to help the most vulnerable in this world.

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Perv889966 wrote:

Until all the orphans in the U.S. are adopted and placed in homes, no adoptions from foreign countries.

America needs to help its own first.

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kommy wrote:

Kids smuggling got out of hand. Corruption doesn’t let close relatives to adopt them, instead they are sold to Americans.

Very few of them are sick, they are white kids in high demand, can go up to 100k per head.

They are also Russian citizens, but local bylaws in US often precede international treaties, provide zero access to Russian authorities.

Really sick kids have a tough future in US as well, in Russia at least they have a right to a free apartment, after they grew up 18.

In US sick kids herded on a farm, with parents waiting to dump them.

Search CNN will find a very interesting report.

Dec 26, 2012 11:55pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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