Putin signs ban on U.S. adoptions of Russian children

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matthewslyman wrote:

> “Pro-Kremlin lawmakers initially drafted the bill to mirror the U.S. Magnitsky Act”
— NONSENSE. This later Reuters article is a better reflection of the FACTS:
> “Russian authorities point to the deaths of 19 Russian-born children adopted by American parents in the past decade, and lawmakers named the bill after a boy who died of heat stroke in Virginia after his adoptive father left him locked in a car for hours.”
— With adoptive parents like this, who needs American compassion? If this is the American alternative on offer, then whatsoever pitiful economic circumstances the Russians might be in (or, whatsoever circumstances we might THINK they are in, after reading our own “news” propaganda); they would still be better off being adopted by Russian parents.

If this has been tacked onto the end of a bill of diplomatic law, then it’s purely for administrative convenience, and for obvious diplomatic reasons. But when most Americans don’t know the difference between a friend and an XBox360, and most Americans can’t tell a Big Mac from a square meal; the Russians have reason enough for enacting this law.

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hello023 wrote:

Actually matthew statically Russians who have adopted child from their own country have had more child deaths then the 19 out of the over 7000 that have been adopted in the last 15 year. Also the US adopts more special needs children from Russia then their own people so theres come American compassion for you. There are currently over 100000 orphans in Russia, this was just a weak move on the part of the Kremlin they are politicizing orphans, who is winning from this? Putun looks like a tough guy with the old and poor in Russia and looks like a fool to the rest of the world. Way to take a stand against the US by not allowing orphans a good home. Accidental deaths happen all over not just in the US.

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hello023 wrote:

Wow, assuming you two must be trolls. American compassion? Americans adopt more special needs children from Russia than Russian do. There are over 100,000 orphans in Russia do you really think banning American adoption will help or hurt them? 19 deaths in the past decade statically is lower then deaths amoung children adopted by Russians. Accidental deaths occur all the time not to say there arent some people who are just wack jobs, but that is everywhere. This is a weak attempt by the Kremlin to look tough against the US because we called them out on human rights violation. American is not perfect not saying we are, however this ban is just Putun puffing his chest up and showing people he cares more about looking like a tough guy against the US then children that need homes.

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Goodwolf wrote:

Guess the would-be parents weren’t paying the proper adoption bribes to the proper corrupt government officials. Russia is a cesspool and Putin is just another dictator.

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I have adopted two boys – internationally – and of a different race. This does not make me racist.
We chose another country for deeply personal reasons.
And unless you’ve tried to adopt from this country, you have no say so on how easy/tough it is.

Whatever his reason, it’s simply disheartening that Putin has gone the route of banning adoptions from the US, plain and simple.
That a child could be denied their family, no matter the reason (political, retaliation, whatever it is.)
The country we adopted from no longer allows the US to adopt from them, as well.
It is simply a matter of keeping a child away from their potential family.
It’s sad.

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EvitaVaria wrote:

“Putin has backed the hawkish response with . . . belligerent denunciations of what he says is the U.S. desire to impose its will on the world.”

Do I think the U.S. should try to impose its will on the world? No, I don’t. But that’s a great deal better than having the world impose its will on US.

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derdutchman wrote:

When it involves victimizing already victimized children, count on Putin to double down.

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niki9letters wrote:

This is so sad. If Russians were adopting children it would be one thing. However, they are not. Those poor children sit in orphanages and are neglected. I once watched a documentary on Russian orphanges and it was terrible. It’s too bad Putin thinks he’s hurting the U.S. when all he is hurting is those children. What a bully.

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smartt wrote:

NeilMcGowan’s comment is ignorant and it doesn’t take much research to refute. Ethiopia is one of the highest in ranking of out of country adoptions. Number one? China.

The problem with American adoptions is the amount of regulation and legal costs. We need to find a way to protect our children but also make it easier for good parents to adopt.

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mosahlah wrote:

Russians get the government they deserve. I severely underestimated Russian ignorance to put Putin back in charge, but then again this is the same country that subjected itself to 70 years of communism. I also have to say to the Europeans, who Reagan warned in the 80′s about accepting dependence on Russian gas, you also got what you deserved, and it’s fun to watch Russians squirm knowing they are going to lose the best market they had for their energy.

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matthewslyman wrote:

@hello023: IT seems that you know more about this subject generally than I do. I was just sharing some observations from the general perspectives of my Russian friends. Your statistics do help to put this in proper perspective.

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matthewslyman wrote:

@niki9letters: Perspective depends on which news site you’re reading…

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NeilMcGowan, who in the world appointed you the adoption Czar? My wife and I adopted two boys internationally and regardless of where they are from you need to realize EVERY child deserves a family. Furthermore Americans are the most open when it comes to race and ethnicity of the child, –we adopt them all.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Putin announces 60% reduction in white-baby exports for 2013. Looks to offset with wheat and nuclear material.

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usa.wi.vet.4q wrote:

Vlad goes for a new low among the current horrible world leadership. You showed us you can act worse than our crummy leaders. You should bestow a new state honor on yourself Vlad?

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BenAMarine wrote:

Has anyone else noticed that dictator types where ever they maybe always seem to mirror the ideology of the GOP in the USA or is it just me?

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windycityron wrote:

There is a simple fix. Mandate that any treaty or law that allows Americans to adopt foreign children (or adults even) . . . full reciprocity so that their citizens can adopt American children (or adults). Hmmm . . . the prospect of ‘our’ citizens being used for foreign child labor, or human trafficking, doesn’t sound too good does it? So the real solution is even easier: Change our adoption laws. Any American legislation proposed that is equivalent to any foreign adoption law or treaty we as a nation have agreed to should be good enough. Either way, the children of America will have a better chance of being adopted into a loving family instead of growing up institutionally, while foreign children go to the head of the line . . . a line that virtually no American children have a fair chance of queuing into.

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Harry079 wrote:

“No more babies for you America”

Well at least we can still adopt Highways!

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ccharles wrote:

The adoption thing is just wrapped up in other stuff and not the meat of the law. NGO have been outlawed in this law also. So the things that started the arab spring cant happen there. Thats the meat of that law.

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CaptRichie wrote:

Ironic that Putin doesn’t realize he’s actually confirming American accusations of human rights abuse by not letting his citizens (in this case orphans) emigrate freely. His people are still prisoners.

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Crumper wrote:

NeilMcGowan wrote:
“Meanwhile, the reality….’
Get your facts straight, out of 200000 children adopted yearly in the US, half are adopted from 3rd world Asian countries! Your Prejudice claims are unjustified and false! It is however difficult to adopt children from local mothers who just don’t want to care for their own children, this is to prevent people from having children just to adopt them out (sell them)so they can afford more drugs for themselves.(this is the reality to your claims) This would be the case if ANY parent could easily put their children out for adoption. Lets face it, children do interfere with the party and drug life.

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leesik wrote:

Another pathetic response from a pathetic leader. Oops did I actually call putin a leader. ето же hуйня!

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BioStudies wrote:

@matthewslyman That article is biased in nature. It doesn’t compare the world to the US it cherry picks a few countries that are better than the US and uses that comparison to make the US look bad. You have to understand that the UK is extremely jealous of the US and is pretty much constantly ragging on it in it’s news sources.

Also the states with highest infant abuse rates are the states right next to the Mexican border. There is no talk on how much these statistics are raised by legal/illegal immigration in the border states.

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Doc62 wrote:

Poor Russia, any dissidence and you get Put-in a Gulag. Putin is an evil despot, like Assad or Gaddafi. He is all about totalitarianism and could care less for the plight of any people, especially orphans.

Sigh! Yes NeilMcGowan, you are correct. Most white parents want infants white or light colored. We have 1/2 million orphans in the USA(40% white, 34% black, 18% hispanic).
60% to 70% will grow up to be criminals!! Let’s give ALL our children a good home, first. Maybe they will grow up to be a president, not a mass murderer.

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hancle wrote:

NeilMcGowan wrote:

Meanwhile, the reality….

…. Americans are RACISTS who don’t want to adopt any of the THOUSANDS of American children available for adoption right now… ’cause they AIN’T WHITE.

How do you explain the number of oriental children adopted by White American “racists”?

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pyanitsa wrote:

Weird hand-wringing over a Russian domestic law. Who started the argument? The US Congress. Do other countries pass legislation to punish US citizens responsible for Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib? No. Russia is sending a clear message to the US Congress to keep out of its affairs. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Magnitsky may have been a decent man caught in the middle but he was working for Bill Browder an Anglo-American who made billions out of the privatization of Russian state companies and a declared enemy of the state. In any case the Dima Yakovlev law contains much more than the ban on US adoptions of Russian children.

@hello023 There were over 400,000 orphans in the US in 2012. Over 100,000 were eligible for adoption. Are Americans adopting these children? No.

@derdutchman Let’s not get carried away with self-congratulatory rhetoric. The US is the only major country, along with Somalia and South Sudan, that has never signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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tambet wrote:

I am glad you did that because it is time for this americans to adopt here in the United States not there in Russia.Please make sure to take care of those kids ,too

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BenAMarine – The current Commander In Chief shoves Health Care on me whether I want it or not. That sounds like a serious dictator to me and he sure isn’t from the GOP.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Putin announces end to black market baby trade. “Now there will be a BLACK black market baby trade. Russian babies will be the new opium of the world!”

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usa.wi.vet.4q wrote:

Pyanitsa the world is made of glass and the children are in charge! Keep drinking the kool-aid if it helps you justify another error.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Udontneedtoknow complains: “The current Commander In Chief shoves Health Care on me whether I want it or not. That sounds like a serious dictator to me and he sure isn’t from the GOP.”

So you were walking around uninsured? And when you get in a car wreck or you get cancer and need surgery and treatment…. who do you think covers your 100k medical bill, nummie? That would be the taxpayers. I’m glad you have to pay into the insurance pool now. I voted for Obama twice to make sure of it :)

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uc8tcme wrote:


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AlkalineState – I’m not complaining, just stating a fact that when some else decides what is best for me, whether I want it or not, and will use the force of government to make sure that this is carried out is not freedom, it sounds like a dictator. That is my opinion which, the last time I checked, is still something that I’m allowed to have which differs from BenAMarine’s who I was addressing. Love your ad-hominem attack by the name calling. Now this “nummie” is asking you to please enjoy your Kool-Aid.

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geojohn wrote:

How horrible that simply because Russian National Pride has been hurt by equally stupid actions by our own Congress, Putin and his minions (like pyanitsa) have seen fit to use innocent little children as pawns. As with gun violence, I think an increased exposure of what goes on with regard to neglect and mistreatment of Russia’s unwanted children is in order. The thugs ruling Russia right now and who allow this mistreatment of its own most vulnerable citizens and for such crass and childish reasons, deserve to be exposed to world opinion.

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AlkalineState wrote:

I’ll take that as a yes, udontneedtoknow was keeping himself uninsured in hopes that the government would bail him out in an emergency. Well now he has to pay into the pool and he’s all sad about the ‘dictator’ making him pay his own way. Life goes on :)

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bobber1956 wrote:

I would not want obama raising my kids either…he is the example of American parenthood and leadership, right? Well now that you put it that way…..

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Nope I’m not sad at all. I have my own funds for that and I’ve paid my own way through life, AlkalineState and will continue to do so. If my bills go over what I’d owe, the hospitals do take payments. I said that that sounds like a dictator to me, what would you call it? Now since I must go, please have a safe and happy New Year. Cheers!

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citicrab wrote:

pyatnitsa: Americans do not punish anybody: not letting people in is standard practice, actually a state does not even have to explain a reason for denying visa. Putin would have been quite happy had this law applied to all other countries, and the names on the list remained secret. Seeing all those names circulated by Russian media, each accompanied by a description of their assets in the US (the latter, alas, not very likely – would probably be illegal) in future is the worst nightmare for the regime. Hope it comes to that, and, if you are a patriot, and not a paid troll, you should, too.

Additionally, according to Russian law, those KGB big shots have no business keeping bank accounts and property in the US: those monies have clearly been stolen.

A “symmetric” response would be just to ban American rights violators from opening bank accounts in Russia, and from buying property in Uryupinsk. But, that would humorous, people would just laugh.

Finally, a new Russian joke for you: If the US invades Syria, we will bomb Voronezh.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Everybody thinks they have their own funds for medical care, and they don’t need insurance. Then they go tits-up, or their kids get leukemia and the bill goes to the taxpayers via medicaid. The mandate to get insured was the smartest part of this healthcare law. It requires the deadbeats to pay into the pool.

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BurnerJack wrote:

@Neil McGowan: Want to no what an ignorant racist looks like? Just look in the mirror…BTW, how many Black children have YOU adopted?

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Missourimule wrote:

Oh, snap! another diversion to the Obama agenda. Seems like stuff has just been interfering with his plans ever since he was first elected. It’s just amazing he’s had time for any of that Presidential golf or concerts or vacations at all, with stuff like this getting in the way.

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We adopted Vanya a very few years ago. He is now nine years old and uses a wheelchair. He needs to catheterize himself many times a day and have a few enemas each week. When we adopted him from Russia, we found him in an internaty (nursing home for mentally deficient children). He was contracted into a fixed sitting position. He has still much scarring on the bottom of his buttocks. Apparently to receive the cares he needed physically, he had had the diagnosis of mental retardation added to his record and then transferred out of his orphanage to this “nursing home”–another translation of “internaty” is asylum. It took us two trips to Russia to get him home, and no, we are not rich, but it was something we had to do. We were in Russia for about a month and one-half total. The people were nice and I do not blame them (they love and care about their children), but there were other “problems.” We had to defend ourselves in court for 45 minutes against a prosecutor who wanted to know why we would want this broken child. The last week there, the director of his institution was caught by a bank and government official trying to use for her own purchases several thousand dollars of our child’s “account” that we were trying, in a goodwill gesture, to donate back to the institution. These days, here, Vanya is well loved by all. He is well-spoken. He has two other brothers with special needs that we have adopted from other countries. And, oh yes, his contractured posture? Well, at first the doctors were reluctant to do surgery. He had a way of “crawling” around on the floor in his position and being very mobile just by hiking his hips (legs themselves have flaccid paralysis, and they were afraid he would lose his muscle strength and not be able to mobilize this way anymore). However, Vanya learned our language very quickly (three months), and one of the first things he said in English was “I want to be straight like a number one.” The doctors re-evaluated him and based on his motivation and determination, went ahead with the surgery. He did regain his strength and again became very mobile. As a matter of fact, our children’s hospital, using a mechanism from Germany, put together a reciprocating gait orthosis for him. With it, he can even walk for a period of time each day, completely upright and on his own. So many are like him there. We are very sad about this development. I do not understand it. Even if one does not consider the children, the amount of money we poured into hotels, transportation, stores, clinics, etc., was huge. It’s going to hurt many, many people, not just the children. But I think that Mr. Putin will have met his match this time. God will not be silent. Watch and see.

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BuffaloGirl wrote:

A friend of mine adopted two siblings from Russia as young children. They were very happy and hopeful of giving these two a new start after they had been institutionalized where they suffered immensely. These children had such horrific trauma from their experience in a Russian orphanage, that they had very serious mental health issues, despite the incredibly caring and extensive help sought by their adoptive parents. In their teens and early twenties, the two siblings were so severely disturbed from their trauma, that my friend and her husband were constantly living in fear of what their children might do. They had done some horrendous things to their parents. The people who adopt children from Russia are, with rare exception, extremely devoted people who often put their own well being at risk to help these children have a descent life. These people were not rich, but wanted to share what they had. It was a living nightmare for them. No one can blame the woman who found herself overwhelmed with the difficulties of raising the young Russian boy and felt she had to return him, as awful as that must have been (for everyone involved). The children in Russian orphanages do not have a hope in hell with this ban in place. Is the Russian government announcing their plans and budget for changing the conditions in which these children live. Don’t hold your breath. This is not about the children. He’s been in power long enough to have made important progress on this front. But he has not, otherwise he’d be bragging about his accomplishments.

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aweiss wrote:

Happy you keep your censorship by not posting inconvenient comments. Quite a sign of the world of the freedom of speech.

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