China "highly vigilant" over Japanese fighters flying over disputed islands

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Japan was handed the Administrative right by America and the international community, but not ownership, of these uninhabited island, which are traditionally and historically Taiwanese fishermen’s fishing grounds.

Japan knows that the reason was the need to defend Taiwan at a time when Communist China and Taiwan were at odds, and the United States planned to use the islands, and U.S. troops in Japan to defend Taiwan.

Now Japan is lying to its people and egregiously to the western media.

Japan kicks off Taiwanese fishermen from fishing there, from landing, and then vilify China, which has acknowledged that its rights is only through Taiwan. If Japan is really defending human rights as it pretends to be so brilliantly as a show for decades, it should be happy that Taiwan and Communist China are putting their differences aside, and that China is declaring that Taiwan has the rights over the islands, and not mainland China.

This is EXACTLY the type of lies that Japan made up to start WWI, and WWII in Asia– lies to its absurdly obedient people who followed Japanese Emperor’s leadership to follow Nazism, to follow Hitler’s philosophy, to condone and cover the most heinous crimes against humanity in all of human history.

Yet, Japan, via NHK and many of its foolish western reporters contact, corroborate in the immoral cover up of western journalism history, of the depraved heart behind Japanese culture, Japanese militarism against Asians as a bribe for Western people to feel falsely justified as being superior to Asian.

Every day, western politicians and journalists including the overwhelming majority of Obama’s Administration, are stepping further and further into this quagmire of promoting distorted history, ridiculously made up by Japan.

One of the ridiculous shielding of the worship of crimes against humanity by Japan, as a country, is done by NHK on American TV.
The worshiping of the Emperors and Japanese Nazis who massacred up to ten times the number of Jews killed by Nazis in Asia in the decades between WWI and WWII.

Japan openly worshiped these war criminals in Shinto monastery.

In order to whitewash it, Japan NHK produced a misleading documentary about Buddhist monasteries in Japan. Buddhism is not the religion of Japan; it is much more prevalently adopted in China. In documentary, NHK featured the paying of tribute to the dead, as a ceremony to worship all dead people in Buddhism, RIGHT AT THE TIME when Japanese ministers worshiped Nazi war criminals in Shinto monastery. That, was a clever lie to the American people, misleading Americans to believe that the worshiping of Japanese official Nazis, who were trained by the Nazis, persecuted, massacred, invaded, plundered, committed mass rapes alongside with Hitler, is something entirely different.

So many Americans fell for it— and on the stupid American tax dollars, to support Japanese propaganda.

NHK produced the most insulting ad, to promote NHK news as the “eye” of America on Asia. Yes, America relied on Japan for its viewpoints on Asia— that led to the biggest continuous violation of human rights of Asians in Asia, and of non-Japanese Asians in the American continent.


REUTERS, THE NAIVE READERS-EDITORS OF HUFFINGTON AND WIKIPEDIA, are ALL corroborative in promoting the violation of human rights that has lasted longer than any other coverup of war crimes in history.

Human rights defenders are constantly harassed, bullied by Japanese war criminals whitewashing. Obama’s distorted facts, in his debates, and in his speeches, contribute to fueling the intensified discrimination, racial based bullying of Asian Americans in the United States, and the witch hunt of illegal activities of Asian corporations.

The SAME type, often far more egregious illegal activities by Japan, like buying oil from Iran by Japan, is OFFICIALLY OVERLOOKED AND SUPPORTED, while Obama, the President I voted for, officially targeted the same activity of other countries. THAT POLICY IS BASED ON THE RACIST POLICY, PROMOTED BY KANEKO, AND DOCUMENTED BY JAMES BRADLEY, in which Japan bribed America to support its looting, invading, and ravaging of Asia while convincing America that Japan was doing it for us. IN FACT, Japan was doing it for its selfish goals all throughout more than this one century.

Obama: when are you going to start taking responsibility for yourself instead of scapegoating another race, which you never treated with equal fairness so far in your Administration. We need you to fulfill the promise that your persona represents soon, and very soon, to avoid the damage your Administration did unfairly to Asian Americans and for non-Japanese Asians in Asia.

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Janeallen wrote:

Without Japanese militarism, there would not have been any of the human rights violations by Communists, there would not have been Korean war, there would not have been Commmunism in IndoChina, there would not have been the Vietnam war. Yet, Obama failed to condemn the revival of the same militarism that provoked untold human suffering in Asia, the descdendants of the victims are just recovering after decades from Japanese war crimes out of pure greed for power for Japan to dominate Asia

Obama: and you are supplying more weapons to Japan. I thought the Tea Party folks were nuts when they called you Hitler. Here, you are truly taking the leadership to support a revival of Hitler’s mad grab of power, executed by Japan in Asia. And Congress is acting like a bunch of fools to vote to support Japan militarily! If passed, it will potentially JUST AS SCANDALOUS AS THEIR VOTE TO SUPPORT WAR IN IRAQ FOR WMD! And Reuters, Huffington, Wikipedia, even Charlie Rose, have the responsibility for looking the other way, and fail to condemn Japanese revival of Nazi militarism; in fact, they knowingly, willingly, deliberately make up false arguments, based on false understandings, to support neo-Nazism, which had fueled unceasing propaganda to support blatant racism, hailing Japanese as the Aryan race, just like Hitler hailed Caucasians as the Aryan race in Europe and Africa.

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PPlainTTruth wrote:

Generally, pointing out racism is treacherous.
If it’s a co-worker, fellow student, let alone a boss, pointing out anything racist, no matter how blatantly racist it is, can abruptly stop the conversation.

However, the Japanese propaganda about Asia to the west, as exposed by James Bradley, the biggest whitewasher of Japanese war crimes in the Hollywood movie Sons of Iwo Jima, definitely documented the use of the Nazis’ Aryan race theories by Japanese representative to the United States, Kaneko, to convince Americans and the west to support the war crimes from Russo Japanese war, world war I to world war II. Together, the Japanese propaganda resulted much greater violation of human rights than even Communist China can compete with. First, it lasted much longer. Secondly, the goal is purely to subdue, vilify, demonize, snuff out all shred of nationalism among the Chinese people for themselves, their pride as human beings as any human person deserves.

Currently, on the Council of Foreign Relations of United States, under the Obama Administration, many so called advisors still subscribe to these indisputably racist theories against Asians — against the basic human rights of having healthy self esteem of who they are, about their thousands year old history under it passes the close censorship of American Government. All that is indisputably racism under the Obama Administration.

The reason the Obama Administration, semi-closet policy to control, suppress the rise of China, is totally racist, but it is shrouded under the century old Japanese propaganda, which never made any common sense to anybody except for the west which is bribed. The bribe is that the Japanese clever lies serve to cover up the conscience of centuries of racist policies against Asia, in Hollywood movies, in our textbooks(like picking out the Boxer Revolution out of context to whitewash the western predatory invasion of China and Asia as a whole).

The lies were no different from the Pentagon papers that Daniel Ellesberg revealed about the lies of several of our Presidents about the reason of the war in Vietnam. Just like then, there was no immediate embracing of the scandal revealed by the Pentagon papers. Americans just didn’t react, and elected Nixon for a second term, UNTIL, the pervasive misuse of authority by Nixon was revealed by the Watergate scandal. Yet, the ultimate power that fueled the conscience of America was the desire not to let any more American boys die senselessly in Vietnam! Today, the scandalous revelation by James Bradly not only did not fueled the conscience of America with regard of endless immoral crimes against humanity our country, the great United States of America corroborated, in inflicting upon the Chinese people through the goading, prodding and (not an overuse of the word)evil scheming documented by Japan, that James Bradley continues to whitewash as somehow caused by the United States! Duh! Japan knows that much of its culture, previous to the initiation of Japanese militarism, could be traced to China. America didn’t know. Japan lied to America to plug into the ignorant racist theories; yet Bradley whitewash that part. Yet, even the whitewashed version cannot avoid revealing horrendous war crimes committed by the Japanese military leaders, currently worshiped by modern, sitting, Japanese ministers.

Imagine if the book wasn’t written by the most famous Japanese war crimes whitewasher, how much more egregious would the Japanese war criminals real nature be exposed! Yet, the west, by and large, is censoring it, in the academic history departments. Nobody who treats that part of history objectively, so far, can expect to graduate with a PhD degree without being convinced that he or she has no career if truth is written, documented or taught as is, let alone the dream of getting a tenure to tell that part of the truth.

Obama, if he is what he purports to represent, must apologize to the Chinese people for the century old discrimination on American soil effected by Japanese racist theories about the Chinese people in the minds of western leaders, politicians, and journalists. Likewise, many other minority reporters, sense that they can climb the ladder faster if they bash China more; and as minority, they believe, that’s a way to get on the fast track. Such opportunitistic, deliberate distorter of journalistic truth include famously China biased reporter on PBS, Ray Suarez, who made his career by pushing the limit of blatant bias that mainstream white reporters dare not push. That’s Ray’s egregious self-serving, bitter, bigoted reporting. That’s the reputation of Ray Suarez in the eyes of all those who are clear minded. That’s the reputation of PBS going down the drain, promoting bigotry, blatant bias, prejudice, falsehood, with American tax dollars, squandering its previous reputation of being a trusted source of news.

PBS has been taken over the role of the bigotry promoting Hollywood films in promoting racial bigotry. That will be a shameful chapter of the News Hour through the opportunist, blatantly biased racist Ray Suarez reporting. Even the Indian reporter Sreenivasan is not spared.

When a Nobel Prize Physics recipient was born and bred in Hong Kong, and spent nearly his entire productive career in Hong Kong, Sreenivasan deleted any association with Hong Kong from his report. Instead, he called him American, even though none of the Nobel winning work was done in America, funded by American. In fact, the guy never did any research in America.

Yet, when a Japanese professor, who is also a professor at UCSF, San Francisco, receives the Nobel Prize, PBS News Hour would delete the American association, and only mention the Japanese part of his job.

This kind of bigotry is blatant on PBS, and virtually in all walks of media in the United States. Until the awareness of how foolish that is, and how that is entirely a legacy of Hitler’s Aryan race theories, transmitted through the Aryan Japanese race propaganda, through Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, all the way to the present Obama Administration, the foreign policy of the United States will continue to be dysfunctional in Asia.
This bigotry, fueled by guilefully, selfishly manufactured Japanese official, and civilian propaganda, IS the first, second and third reason why we never failed to win any war until, in China, Korea and Vietnam. The reason is what we forcefully declare as public opinion in these country were ALL FAKE, ALL MANUFACTURED IN THE TRADITION OF JAPANESE ARYAN RACE THEORIES FOUNDER KANEKO, AND HANDED DOWN WITHOUT INTERRUPTION FROM ONE GENERATION TO THE NEXT NAIVE, SOMETIMES RACIST, SOMETIMES CORRUPT POLITICIANS, SOMETIMES BY JOURNALISTS, PROFESSORS WHO ARE WELL MEANING BUT DEEPLY BIASED AND NOT KNOW IT.

If we can bring about a debate where harassment and bullying by Japanese propagandists are banned, then Asia may finally have peace, which they very much deserve, after we in the west, we Americans, have done so much harm to Asia under the misguided belief in Japanese propaganda.

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gli98 wrote:


Nothing to do with human rights violation. In fact there is barely any living creature on the island. Japanese are known for their insatiable greed for other countrys’ territory throughout the history, yet they never actually apologized for their notorious war crimes during WWII in the past 60 years. Moreover, US is the one that always violates human right in the name of it, like what had happened in the Guantanamo Prison. I bet you can never find the PLA doing that sort of things.

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Abulafiah wrote:

So much ranting by the 50 Cents party.

If China doesn’t like Japan defending its air space, then China should stop violating it.

If China thinks they have such a great claim to islands that have been under Japanese sovereignty since 1895, China would behave like a grown up country and take it to international arbitration- but they won’t, because they have no case.

International law says the Senkaku Islands are Japanese, so nobody really cares what China says, or what silly dotted lines the Chinese draw on maps. China does not make the rules.

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JapanReader wrote:

We need help of an impartial third-party to settle this. What baffles us Japanese is that China recoils against all mediation opportunities. Obviously US cannot do this job, but there are other possibilities like International Court of Justice.

Even this sort of suggestion in China’s view is a provocation, not a gesture of compromise. Last time a Japanese politician mentioned the word court, the Chinese state media’s rhetoric sharpened to say “idiotic conspiracy of war mongering Japanese ultra-nationalist to form malicious cabal against China” and “Japan must silence such lunatic’s voice”.

I wonder if China has ever stopped to think Japan might actually understand CCP’s political orthodoxy should not fall into pieces.

To watch tens of thousand furious Chinese ravaging over 100 cities while state media vows to “make Japan pay for this mess” reminded of angry wife trashes the house and then says to the husband “Now look what you’ve made me do.”

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TrueBlueSea wrote:

The Cairo Declaration and Potsdam declaration had clearly stated,
All the territories Japan has taken from China such as Manchuria (Dongbei), Formosa (Taiwan), and the Pescadores (Penghu), shall be restored to the Republic of China.
Japan will also be expelled from all other territories which she has taken by violence and greed.
According to UNCLOS, China’s offshore territories is extended to Okinawa trench.
With the above international laws, Diaoyu Islands are well within China’s territories.
Japan has no rightful claim on Diaoyu Islands at all.
U.S.’s pivoting to Asia strategy is to push Japan to harass China not to help Japan to steal Diaoyu Islands from China.
U.S. had signed both Cairo and Potsdam Declaration along with other nations in the world.
UNCLOS were signed by China, Japan and other nations in the world.
Japanese cars and other products are not selling as usual in China because Chinese are protesting Japan on trying to steal Diaoyu Islands from Japan.
China is holding largest Japanese national debts in the world!
China is a major export market for Japan!
Japan can be tough all it wants and totally ignored it’s economy is slowly spiraling down.

Dec 29, 2012 10:21pm EST  --  Report as abuse wrote:

It is very simple. Both sides now feel the need to fight over the islands. Funny how poor leaders get their population in these positions. Compromise or fight it out! Your weak leaders got you here, so pick your route to finish their horrible work. You can also get better leaders? That seems to be our next action in the US.

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Pterosaur wrote:

Japan has very smartly been creeping back to miliarism. And the US near-sightedness, and fooled by the so-called China threat to support the rise of Japanese militarism.

Question: Can the US do anything about it now? If not now, what can the US do for the real Japan threat in 5 or 10 years from now?

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Pterosaur wrote:


Well informed, my salute!

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Abulafiah wrote:


First, perhaps you should try reading Cairo, because it doesn’t say that at all. You are lying. It says:

“Japan shall be stripped of all the islands in the Pacific which she has seized or occupied since the beginning of the first World War in 1914″

1895 is before 1914. Not since.

Second, you don’t seem to understand what a declaration is. It is not, as you imagine, a treaty. It is a declaration of intention, nothing more. It has no legal power. It has no signatories, and your “U.S. had signed both Cairo and Potsdam Declaration along with other nations in the world.” is another lie.

Third, the island taken after 1914 (which exclude the Senkaku Islands) would be returned to RoC, not PRC. PRC is not RoC. RoC is alive and well and living in Taiwan.

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Abulafiah wrote:


Nobody is fooled by you (or Pterosaur) pretending to be American. Why keep up the pretence? Your Chinglish gives it away.

I know you do it to try and give yourself some credibility, but really… no American would put together a sentence like “Reuters’s allowance of defamation by Abulafiah is illegal support of cyber bullying!”

That sentence is put together by a PRCer. The wrong use of “allowance”, wrong use of “defamation”, and missing articles stand out a mile.

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Abulafiah wrote:

Pterosaur wrote:
“Japan has very smartly been creeping back to miliarism.”

Of course they are. China is threatening the whole region, aggressively claiming other countries territories, and in response the entire SEA – not only Japan – is arming against China.

Whose fault is that? China’s.

Pterosaur wrote:
“fooled by the so-called China threat to support the rise of Japanese militarism”

There is nothing so-called about the threat from China.

China invaded and occupied Tibet. China invaded and occupied the Paracel Islands. China invaded Vietnam, but were beaten back.

China is claiming the Senkaku Islands from Japan, and just about the entire South China Sea including territory that belongs to Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.

There is hardly a country in SEA that isn’t directly threatened by China, and that is a verifiable fact.

Pterosaur wrote:
“Question: Can the US do anything about it now?”

Of course they can. The USA has more economic power and more military power than China, by a long way.

That is not going to change within the forseeable future, if ever, so it will be the same 10 years from now.

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Free_Pacific wrote:

The 50cent is out in force justifying Chinese expansion, aggression and territorial savgery again. The usual lies in use, nothing new here from the lips of Imperial antagonists of the mainland, claiming all our islands.

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