Film explores African-Americans' unhealthy "soul food" habit

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I really don’t know why yall decide to claim standard working class Southerner cooking to be culturally exclusive, but should be culturally mutual. Not all Southerners owned slaves, but worked side by side in the same fields of labor as all Southern working class people- regardless of race…Quit trying to drive a wedge between us, and pigeon holing everything…Sheesh!

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slops wrote:

“I love sprouts. I could eat sprouts all day”

Sprouts are one of the most unhealthy things you can possibly eat…

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bobgibson wrote:

Obviously it’s George Bush’s fault.

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bobgibson wrote:

Racial stereotyping.

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Anonyman wrote:

Marc Lamont Hill calls the problem “21st-century genocide.” No Marc, it’s not genocide, it’s suicide. Failure to accept any personal responsibility is a much larger problem with African Americans than poor nutrition. The lack of supermarkets (supplying fresh vegetables) in black urban areas is directly attributable to the violence, shoplifting and other pathologies endemic in those areas. Why on earth would businesses not invest in black areas? The answer is that the environments are simply too hostile and dangerous and ultimately not profitable.
Maybe in the next hundred years blacks will accept personal responsibility and achieve a decent, respectable place in our society. But its up to them.

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KittyAmerica wrote:

21st century genocide? Culinary apartheid? Why are all of the black’s problems caused by someone else? Well since they insist that they cause none of their own calamities they should return to their African homeland; where they are free to eat as they please and not worry about white man oppressing them.

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jslab129 wrote:

No one takes responsibility for their actions anymore. It’s always someone else’s fault.

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sailordude wrote:

LOL, two points here. How many blacks are watching PBS? And also, why do they need a special show about them to get that message? Hello, black folks, haven’t you been watching black themed entertainment the last 20 years that says fried chicken is bad for you?

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bobgibson wrote:

PBS – racism paid for by you and me.

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DanMeyers wrote:

We didn’t know much about nutrition 50 years ago but now we do. The information on high fat diets and their danger is available everywhere. People eat all this crap because IT TASTES GOOD and not because it’s “in their genes” or “part of the african history of our people” or whatever other foolishness this “brilliant documentarian” will come up with.

I’m very tired of all the politically correct coddling for alcoholics and drug addicts and their “disease,” sex addicts and their disease and all the other things that make us feel good and are then labeled a disease! No it’s the “soul food disease.” Mercy. What about the broccoli “disease?” Never heard of that one? Why? Because it doesn’t taste as good as a fried chicken breast or feel as good as a line of cocaine, that’s why. Call a spade a spade.

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mbitsko wrote:

So he’s saying that negroes like to eat friend chicken and ribs.

If I said that I’d get death threats.

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mbitsko wrote:

A group cannot commit “genocide” on itself. Trust some liberal English professor to blame the eating habits of blacks on white people.

The correct term, “professor”, is “mass suicide.”

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Mr. Hurt said: “I always know when I’m in a community of color because I see very, very few supermarkets and health food stores.” To which I replied “Right, and many, many people of color.” Tautology at its best.

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Juan_One wrote:

These so called problems are cultural issues. Why do the poorer Asian communities have markets that sell fresh vegetables and fruits?
The Blacks have no one else to blame except themselves and all these wealthy educated Blacks need to start spending more time, money, and effort to change the cultural issues affecting their race.

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Umadoshi wrote:

Soul food doesn’t kill anywhere near as many African Americans as abortion does.

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Curmdugeon10 wrote:

It seems almost every aspect of black “cultural identity” is linked to some unhealthy practice, food, or llfestyle, from fighting over tennis shoes to unhealthy diet to HIV to drugs to U NAME IT.

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RadioGuy87 wrote:

Saw “Lincoln” today. Very good!! It showed the evil Democrats that fought freeing the slaves by murdering thousands in the Civil War, The Republican Union Army! It stopped short of showing the Dims starting the KKK afterwards. Funny how today they say “we changed”, what a load. Now they “OWN” the black votes and have them right where they want them, under their thumbs and never giving the chance to better their lives. Keep them home, getting fat, on junk food supplied by the government and having them come out and vote for them from time to time. Ah…. the Dimocrat puppeteers still own the slaves. btw, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, was a Republican as was Lincoln and most of the union soldiers who died for their freedom.
See the movie!

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802mrbill wrote:

I don’t know about the south, but I do know what happened to grocery stores in the black neighborhoods of LA. They burned them down in the Rodney King riots. And then shoplifted the rest of them out of existence, because they were owned by Koreans and thus fair game.

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clee14 wrote:

I’m a very picky eater no veggies no fruits not much fish or chicken. I’m not obese but I am active. I’m a junk food and meat eater. When I worked my kids were fed a lot of fast food because I hate to cook and don’t live to eat. I eat to live. None of my kids(3) are fat. Go figure. It’s not where you eat or what It’s how much is what I see.

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deetec wrote:

eat more fruits and veggies……….anyone of these “health food gurus” check the prices of fresh fruit and veggies lately?
even heavier starches like potatoes and rice are up, so why do people eat an unhealthy diet? gee

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daedilus wrote:

Sorry blacks, your turn to give now…

Socialist collectivists you have been voting for have run out of stuff to take from white people, now they are coming for your sodas and soul food.

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HaHaHaHa002 wrote:

I’m white and all my friends and family grew up on this food,I’m 54 years old by the way,this is not so called “soul food”,this is Southern food and anyone who says different doesn’t know what they’re talking about,I saw my parents eat things I wouldn’t feed a goat but most southern food is the the best food you’ll ever eat,you left out buttermilk and cornbread,pinto beans with a big fat hock in them,cathead biscuits,fried okra,fried squash,fried corn,ect.,ect.My fathers favorite snack was pigs feet and soda crackers.You non Southerners call soda crackers “saltines”.

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MTterb wrote:

Hey, all they can do is warn them as for any American. These foods can (and will) give you a heart attack or stroke and when it does, don’t expect anyone to fix it. There are plenty of other people out there who took care of them selves who need that heart transplant more than you do so, either pace yourself and eat a twelve piece bucket of secret herbs and spices a month or two as well as exercise and drink plenty of water or eat it nearly every day and croak at age 65. It may be the governments obligation (which I have little doubt is funding this study) for the government to require high fat, high calorie requirements. Requireing a display of calories on menus I am semi-approved of. It interfieres with a private business but also assists the private consumer.

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legendzero1 wrote:


The term redneck came about because of the lower class whites working the fields. Being bent over all day the of course got severe sunburns on their necks.

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DrVenture wrote:

Hey, here is an Idea, let all invest our life savings in high quality supermarkets with large fresh produce sections and open the supermarkets in only low income urban areas. Our supermarkets will also only sell only quality wines and microbrew beers, no malt liquor or anything in 40oz bottles. I’m sure we’ll all become wealthy in 6 to 9 months.

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mstamper wrote:

There are “very few supermarkets and health food stores” in “low-income communities of color” because these neighborhoods are invariably high crime areas. How can any business succeed in an area characterized by flash-mob robberies, gangs, armed hold-ups, and shootings/murders of store clerks? Non-Black entrepreneurs are hated in such neighborhoods. Black politicians like Marion Barry routinely trash “dirty Asian businesses”, Filipino nurses, etc. Korean shop owners were deliberately targeted in the 1992 LA riots. 2,300 Korean-owned stores were burned or looted by racist rioters. The police mostly stood by and let it happen. Who in their right mind would attempt to run a business under these conditions?

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chitrd wrote:

Here’s a culture that celebrates and admires obesity and sees being healthy “a white thing.” Anytime a store opens in a black neighborhood, the crime drives them out. It’s not the government’s or anyone else’s job to feed you healthy food. Get off your rears and plant a garden. Ever heard of personal accountability? So sick of blacks playing the “victim and race card!!” My family who are Hispanic didn’t grow up with much money and never on handouts. Mom cooked and made it healthy. None of us are overweight. I’ve never known another race that are born into a self made prison as blacks do. There’s no conspiracy and the fault lies individually.

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ShiroiKarasu wrote:

Asian people come to the US and succeed. Jews. Hispanics. Arabs. Indians. They are fairly recent arrivals, too; they have to fight for citizenship, something most blacks and whites take for granted. But only black people get the excuse that white america is committing genocide through culinary selection. Maybe black culture needs to change and stop using whites as an excuse.

Also, one’s personal diet is suicide, not genocide. If you want to talk about genocide, take a look at the disproportionate number of abortions performed on black children. Now THAT… is genocide.

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