New York City faces $811 million budget gap in FY 2014: report

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Acetracy wrote:

Bloomberg’s business acumen certainly has not served NYC government. Since the beginning of his administration many coops in NYC have seen real estate taxes quadruple, subway fairs have doubled, sales tax rate increased, tolls, etc. have seen increases far greater than inflation.

Yet never has Bloomberg managed to balance NYC budget, let alone pare down his administration. Look at the salaries of deputy directors of “Economic Planning”, “Strategy Development”, etc. that serve absolutely no direct need for the city.

Instead Bloomberg goes after the wage earners in union strong holds: fire, police, teachers. While these groups are lucky to see wages keep up to inflation, Bloomberg approves salary increase for his staff who earn multiples of what a typical union employee makes.

I voted for Bloomberg for his first term and was immediately disappointed when he spent $millions for an Olympic Bid. Crazy!! A stadium in the heart of Manhattan? When that didn’t pan out, he gave away the Atlantic Yards to Rattner with state subsidized bonds! As far as most of NYC residents are concerned, Bloomberg has made the rich richer, and the middle class poorer.

This notion of business tycoons governing better than professional politicians has certainly failed in NYC.

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