Special Report: Inside the West's economic war with Iran

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DifferentOne wrote:

Obama should persuade Israel to stop building settlements in occupied territories in return for Iran ceasing its nuclear weapons program. This would give Iran a way to save face. And it would greatly reduce middle east tensions, while gaining more international respect for Israel.

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Eric93 wrote:

Not only do ‘sanctions’ not work in achieving their goals – as proven with Iraq and Cuba – but they cruelly starve out the local populations and disrupt international business/trade. They are a way of ‘bullying’ countries in the same way as big bullies do to small weak others. They are a sign of a sick, twisted mentality in the bullies. And the last thing we want this to lead to is yet another excuse for the US to fight Israel’s wars at the US taxpayers expense and the lives of American soldiers.

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paintcan wrote:

For decades ME crude prices made it unattractive to develop more domestic production in marginal fields or to encourage alternate fuel sources. The wars in Iraq and the sanctions against Iran have helped domestic production. Shale oil and tar sands could never be competitive as long as all the ME fields were producing. And Iran sanctions help Iraqi production while they rebuild to increase production.

If the ME was ever again at peace – the domestic production would start to suffer again. But the hidden (not so hidden) cost of American production is the high cost of warfare in the ME. And I seriously doubt the US will ever let it end. We not only pay at the pump but through tax dollars.

I long ago gave up believing anything about the last ten years had much to do with human rights, good government or protection of democratic government. Now I think the only “citizens” that counts has four tires and weights about 1.5 tons.

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xcanada2 wrote:

To my mind, the whole Iran nuclear weapons issue is very similar to the Israel-Palestine two-state subterfuge. In the two-state case, the Israelis continually claim they have a plan to solve the crisis, but then claim they don’t have anybody to negotiate with: In the meantime they keep on hacking at the little bit of remaining Palestinian territory, bombing and strafing Gaza and the West Bank to further ethnically cleans the area, and cement the creation of Greater Israel. (Unfortunately it doesn’t work, since the Palestinians don’t leave even at the rate of the Israelis, and all that is created is a One-State apartheid state which cannot last.)

In the US-Iran case, the US/Israel demand that Iran give up its world-approved Nuclear Proliferation Treaty rights, throw open all their defense sites to prove the forever unprovable that they are not making nuclear weapons, and generally kowtow in the face of Western threats and aggression. These are of course non-negotiable requests for Iran, just as they would be for the US (even if we didn’t have nuclear weapons). Unfortunately for the West, it appears that Iran just becomes stronger, as it is forced to develop all it’s own infrastructure and go through a great period of creativity to counter the Wests financial attack. As Iran gets stronger, it becomes a more important partner to China, India, Russia, and Iraq, and by its very success a greater danger to our chief ME partner, the Saudi Arabia dictatorship.

It is unfortunate the our Western leaders are so stupid, and we the people so powerless, as to squander our connections with the cradles of our civilization, Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Persia (Iran). Basically, we seem to be separating off that part of the world on a line through the Middle East all the way to the Pacific, including India, China, and Russia.

And I’d guess the sources of both the Israel-Palestine and the US-Iran policies are the same group of people. Who’s interests are we really serving by the US-Iran confrontation? Certainly the same people who are continually stirring the Israel-Palestine pot. Certainly not the interests of the US people.

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

Well said xcanada2.
Pretty soon the USA will need to supply tens of thousands of additional nuclear and defense weapons for Israel when they come to fear the whole world is against them. Mmmm perhaps we are already there – based on their one-sided and sadistic foreign policy.

Israel like to strike first – out of fear – just in case. Once their big brother stops voicing for them – they will very quickly become peaceful with their neighbors.

The USA has all the cards right now. Reject Israel for the sake of peace in the middle east – or keep supplying a cruel child with whips to beat the other kids who cannot defend themselves.

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Nieman wrote:

Could it be that Iran calculates that it can withstand sanctions until such time as it produces a nuclear device for its ballistic missiles and that the sanctions will thereupon collapse?

If so, the US and Israel will have no choice but to attack Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

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mgunn wrote:

If they have the bomb then we won’t attack, that’s the whole point. Look at N. Korea. As stupid as we think they are they have outlasted Saddam and Gaddafi precisely because they give us the finger. (Saddam was attacked anyway without the bomb, and Gaddafi was attacked by our proxies after agreeing with us.) Unfortunately, with out track record of attacking unprovoked the logical thing for anyone to do is to develop the bomb asap.

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seymourfrogs wrote:

There always has to be a bogey-man, just as in Orwell’s Brave New World. Once it was Gaddafi, then Saddam, now it a-Dinner-jacket. It wouldn’t matter a cent if Iran got the bomb (like Pakistan, India, China etc). Iran would get listened to, sense would emerge.
While its neighbor can keep the hysteria on the boil, the US will keep wasting dollars it can ill-afford.
Bogey-men are put there to take the simple man’s mind off the real issues.

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G.A. wrote:

War on Iran will trigger World war III, it is the most irresposible decision evere made.. still triggered and ecouraged by devilish Jewish state. I urge people to wake up. Let the ISraelis alone, they bribe and corrupt US and European Politicians with large sums of money. They are safe, but nations, millions of people will suffer as a result of such reckless decisions. I urge to boycot Israel. Russia and China will join the war on side of Iran and they are not in the wrong. World cannot be controlled by Jews and their will. world cannot let Israel to develop nuclear weapons as occupying force in Palestine and at the same time ban Iranian nuclear programme. I urge European and US politicians to stop taking bribes from Jewish lobbies, either you serve your nation who elected you or your own greed and political career to make money and serve a different , so distant nation. The second case is an act of Treason.

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Iran_Hater wrote:

Sanction them till the Blood seeps out of the Ayatollah’s robes. This is a fascistic brutal regime that needs to be destroyed preferably without war but war if need be.

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Iran_Hater wrote:

G.A. Your mouth needs to be sanctioned for being such a virulent anit-semite. Jealous of our success while you mop floors for a living, huh loser?

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GTyler2 wrote:

Awesome write-up !!
Both sides, informative, accurate !!

What If ???
The US approved the pipeline from Canada to Texas ?
It covered all lost oil from a total embargo of Iranian Oil ?
Iran’s economy collapses !!!
Israel freezes all new settlements activity !!!
Israel agrees to demolish recent settlements…IF…

What If ???
Iran joins the World in the pursuit of peace and growth and prosperity for all people…
And IF Iran accepts Israel’s right to exist.


The Governments of America, Israel AND Iran…they all thrive on the potential of conflict, wars, superiority, exceptionalism…We’re better than you…Just a bunch of bravado. Whose got a bigger…..WHATEVER???

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G.A. wrote:

Iran Hater – biggest anti semite is you , you hate your semite brothers from Arab world, your accusations are so old and worn out that they mean nothing. It is the easiest thing to say anti semite, what is funny I would oppose any nation doing what your nation is doing therefore I am against indecency not Jews as people, but because you are not decent it simply applies to you, but you , you want to have right to do indecent things this is what Talmud is teaching you. Expose the Jews.Everybody Expose the Jews, no more fightint and dyind for the cause of the haters that speak against hard working white people like these haters here..

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G.A. wrote:

Look people, those who oppose political corruption and bribing politicians are also anti-semites, amazing.. I relate to Iran Hater post.

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G.A. wrote:

Iran Hater – stay away from USA, stay away from Europe, stay away from our western politics and economies, from our funding, support. Mind only your business just the way it is supposed to be.Then we will see what you mean with your superb job as a Jew in Israel.

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G.A. wrote:

Iran Hater – and thank you for your comment about working people and moping the floors, even if I was doing that job I would be proud of myself, it is better to be an honest hardworking man with service for others rather than a crook getting money by deception.You without West mean nothing. Your comment also only proves that the German Chancellor from 1933 was right saying – no one will look down on a working man ever again! The truth is so clear.

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G.A. wrote:

I do not understand why my comment that I wrote in response to an abusive comment : “Iran_Hater wrote:

G.A. Your mouth needs to be sanctioned for being such a virulent anit-semite. Jealous of our success while you mop floors for a living, huh loser?”

is not allowed in here .. If the person attacks my dignity and is allowed to do to so I also want to have a say and I want to quote somebody from the past without adding no comment from my side whatsoever, so I request my response to be posted. I want to quote in relation to above comment made by most probably a Jewish person, that I have nothing against, I would like to quote A.Hitler : ” No one will ever again look down on a working man”. I am not adding nothing from myself. Thank you.

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Sassan31 wrote:

As an Iranian-American, I only urge the west to stay resolute against the regime. At the end of the day, this regime must be removed. The sanctity and rights of Iranians are not only on the line, but the sanctity and security of the free world. Let’s hope that the end is indeed near for the Islamic Republic of Terror.

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DaveEddleman wrote:

You never know who you’re dealing with here. You could have Iranians posting as obnoxious Israelis, Israelis posting as Iranian-Americans, Butch_from_PA may be in Gaza right now, and in all fairness, especially to Butch, I may be blogging from Libya.

I wish Reuters would post “ISP Country of Origin” beside our posts. Be easier to sort it out.

Bottom Line.

Iran wants the bomb. They want to use it on Israel through a “Terrorist Attack” who they will fund but cannot be proven to be linked to them.

As long as Iran makes it clear that this is their intention, Israel will not allow them to have it. They will hit Iran’s facilities before that. They have not choice.

We will back Israel. Russia and China will back Iran. Us “greater” powers will use the middle-eastern countries as a skirmish ground, because we still don’t want a nuclear war. Since we will never directly be at war with each other, it will not happen.

The stupidest think about this is the fundementalist Muslim Country’s “Holy Leaders” don’t care. They will gladly sacrifice every man, woman, and child in their country to the “Destruction of Israel”

Unless these nuts are removed from power and the countries agree that they don’t have the right to murder every Israeli man, woman, and child, and MEAN IT, expect this scenario within 5 years easily.

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