Euro doomsayers adjust predictions after 2012 apocalypse averted

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pbgd wrote:

“Bleeding Europe” may be an apt description. There is no sign of an immediate catastrophe unless they experience a sudden “Lehman moment”. Rather, it seems to be a slow gradual decline, a kind of Japanization.

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americanguy wrote:

I think most people understand that if you say something is going to happen every single day, you just might be right one day. This guy could not even accomplish that.
Krugman has proved he is a clueless idiot.
Can we take back the Nobel Prize and money now?

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trevorh wrote:

Many people don’t understand that one important part of austerity measures is to change people lifestyle, attitude and view of life that used to be done via the church, the parents, the school, religion.

Krugman, Stiglitz, Roubini and the above are all economists from financial based cities, probably all have connections with trading firms in a way they don’t even know.

In the destructive zero sum game, an important part is information (and misinformation). Trading firms probably allow these people to become prominent and famous because of what they believe and say.

The best way to say a lie well and convincingly without getting caught is to use somebody ELSE to say it for you. There are a lot of people with bad opinions in this world, so it’s easy to find someone who misunderstand things. Use the media to move them to the spotlight, so they tell lies when they don’t even know that they are lying (because they don’t know any better). That’s how you really play the game.

But then the only thing worse than the current system is the chaotic violent collapse of the current system. The ‘gamers’ are so stuck into the game, that’s how they make a living. What do you expect them to do now? Live in the poverty that they are not used to? No, it can’t happen. They will obviously fight back any meaningful reform to the destructive level. There has to be a way out for them too.

I would prefer a careful retreat and reform from the current system. Hopefully, the ‘gamers’ will understand their responsibility, retreat peacefully and gear their kids into more productive works.

Be careful with opinions from certain kind of economists. If I have to pick someone, I would pick Summers to listen to. I might be wrong because I don’t know everything, but from what I read and see, he is a reasonable and thoughtful voice.

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Willvp wrote:

Waiting for the Fat lady to sing in 2013…If she is from Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, ….(fill in) she might be the Thin Lady.

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Jim1648 wrote:

The problem with the Euro is that you are chaining together economies that want to travel at different speeds, and even different directions. It is like chaining locomotives together. Eventually, the chains will break apart, and you have a real catastrophe on your hands.

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Anthonykovic wrote:

“Bleeding” is not an apt analogy.
A better comparison would be a grossly overweight person going on a much-needed diet. Greece’s appetite for borrowing money greatly exceeds what is healthy. Diets are never easy.

Dec 31, 2012 1:39am EST  --  Report as abuse
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