Tale of two cities: Chicago murder rate spikes, New York falls

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evilkorpse wrote:

I live in Chicago and had no clue that there was no ban on Assault weapons and High Capacity magazines. I myself have been planing to buy a Bushmaster ACR, but of course when I go to the range.

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Missing from this article is the fact that Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the US. How is that bringing down the their use in crimes? Seizing guns, as was mentioned, probably isn’t really working either.

Dec 29, 2012 12:59am EST  --  Report as abuse

Well, Chicago and New York each have near complete bans on citizen firearm ownership. That is to say they violate the 2nd Amendment and disarm citizens. Both New York and Illinois have what’s known as “assault weapon” bans. However, all the drug cartels in these two major cities have firearms and magazine-fed “assault” rifles. So “gun-control” continues to fail (who’s it controlling?) It’s a universal problem, because Mexico has the same issues . . . disarmed citizens, firearm bans, yet the drug cartels are armed to the teeth. In contrast, the Houston Chronicle reported the homicide rate was 198 total in 2011. In Texas the 2nd Amend. is upheld and respected, citizens own firearms in Houston city limits and conceal carry is widespread.

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Kitten_Moon wrote:

I live in Texas. Besides Austin, Texas major cities all have higher homicide and crime rates than New York City. The homicide rate in Dallas and Houston are in the double digits. Not as bad as Saint Louis, Detroit, or Baltimore, but still. NYC success can be contributed to police officers taking away guns from potential criminals. Chicago is a whole other story. They mob/gang culture. It’s hard to break culture, gun ban or not.

Dec 29, 2012 3:45am EST  --  Report as abuse

To: “Kitten_Moon” – Did you even read the Reuters article above? The point of the article is to highlight that Chicago and NYC hold two of the highest murder rates in the U.S. Were Chicago= 499; NY= 414. No you’re incorrect, most Texas cities do not surpass Chicago and NYC in murders; and you failed to list facts to back your assertions. However, I listed the Houston Chronicle’s actual Texas statistic stating in 2011 total homicides were 198. See, respect for the 2nd Amend. and widespread citizen firearm ownership equals less murder and crime. You said Texas wasn’t as bad as Saint Louis, but the Reuters article puts St. Louis’s murder rate at 113, which is less than even Houston’s low rate (198); so you’ve created a logical fallacy. Finally, what do you mean NYC’s success? What success? They’re at 414 murders in 2012 because criminals continue to possess firearms and commit homicide on disarmed citizens. NYC is so bad it achieved a Reuters news article explaining such. The NYC police are not “taking away guns from potential criminals” as you stated, in fact it’s just the opposite; criminals in NYC have all the firearms and disarmed citizens are left helpless.

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