Claim seeks $100 million for child survivor of Connecticut school shooting

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MetalHead8 wrote:

The Family of the Survivor are just as much of a scum bags, as the gun grabbers. They are simply using a horrible tragedy to push there agenda. They make decisons out of emotion, not logic.

Yeah, i get it, your kid heard terrible things on the intercom, well so did this young girl they came into my job. She’s dealing with it fine. This survivor’s parents are simply sueing to get money they think there entitled too. Its not like the State said “well i think that a mentally ill kids going to murder his mother, take her guns that she neglectfully left un-secure despite the law, and then murder kids at school”. If the state really wanted to take prevent that, they would have secruity at all schools. and the goverment isnt even taking the nessesary steps to do that, so why should the state?

100 Million Drained from the state budget is going to make it harder to hire secruity for school which leads to more school masscures.

So everyone knows, I live in Newtown, and Newtown is full of Weathy, Yuppie, White people that are sue happy. Newtown also has a terrible drug problem in there schools.

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lisalisarose wrote:

They have a case. The event was arguably forseeable as it’s happened too many times and no emergency protocol was in place. What could have been in place short of full lockdown and sniper guards is unclear, but that is not the problem of the family launching the suit.

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Robert76 wrote:

This family is suing because their child heard screaming and swearing during an attack by a madman? From what I understand, the gunman shot out the glass in locked exterior doors, and when he encountered the principal and another employee, he shot them.

If this family is succcessful in this lawsuit, will they then be able to sue themselves if their child overhears them argueing or swearing? short of armed guards at every entrance to the building and at ever classroom door, I am not sure what else they could have done to protect the children. These sue happy parents need to realize that they are basically suing all the other parents whose property taxes support the schools.

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DavidinWY wrote:

Please tell me why this set of parents would deprive the hundreds of children of educations? Why would the shooting location matter when children have been at the location of thousands of crimes including their own homes? There is no safe place when we have bodies that can die and brains that can contemplate things like God, love, death, jealousy and revenge. I think the courts should find a way to throw this out!

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BuffaloGirl wrote:

All the direct survivors of this tragedy should be entitled to counselling or therapy to help them overcome the post-traumatic stress and grieving process that needs to happen. The earlier this help is availabe, the more good it can do to help restore a sense of calm and safety in their lives. There would be a case for that. However, 100 Million in damages for one family seems excessive. In times of fiscal austerity at public schools, this just does not make sense.

Dec 31, 2012 8:07pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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