Egypt lets building material cross its border into Gaza

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cautious123 wrote:

The Israelis create an untenable situation with their land thefts, blockades, military occupation, checkpoints, housing demolitions, etc,–then, when the Palestinians fight back, the Israelis cry foul. The only way to achieve security–such as anyone of us can have it–is to stop your own aggression. Stay within your own boundaries, and give up the colonialist idea of Israel stretching from Jordan to the sea. It’s not your right to steal other peoples’ land.

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MikeBarnett wrote:

This is a sensible move for Egypt because it allows the Gaza province of Palestine to become economically viable. This creates a trading partner for Egypt. Prosperity in Gaza may do more to preserve peace than Israeli bombs. Those with prosperity do not want war; those with nothing to lose will fight endless battles.

In addition, Hamas won the Palestinian elections in 2006, but the US and Israel refused to recognize the results. Hamas was compelled to remove the losers of the election by force. Fortunately, the recent UN vote forces Israel to recognize that Palestine is an independent state that is not a member of the UN. It also means that the pre-1967 territories are part of Palestine. The Israeli settlements constitute ethnic cleansing according to the World Court’s definition in its charter. Palestinian lawyers are preparing briefs, and the World Court may issue arrest warrants for Israeli leaders who do not comply. It is better to have commerce and legal arguments than to have endless wars.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Do you think prosperity will cause Hamas to recognize Israel’s right to exist? If not they can all die. Like they say in that part of the world about us, death to Hamas, and death to Iran.

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MikeBarnett wrote:


Israel does not have the “right to exist.” We no longer have the Roman Empire, Babylon, or Troy. Nations exist if they maintain the might to defend themselves or if they avoid making too many powerful enemies. If you want to go fight Israel’s wars in the Middle East, I cannot stop you. Make out your will before you leave.

I am a former US Army Special Forces combat veteran; I am not a citizen of Israel. According to Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit, as long as the US supports Israel, the US will fight enemies who “have the goals and resources of a nation state, have no fixed address to attack, recruit from a 1.5 billion person pool, and fight for a cause in which death while killing enemies earns paradise.”

In addition, the people who now call themselves Israelis are European jews who began emigrating in the late 1800′s. The last time Europeans occupied the unholy land, the muslims fought for 195 years to drive them out. This war has another 130 years to go if the US and Israel last that long. For the US, the end of Israel is better than this endless war.

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