Analysis: After "fiscal cliff" dive, more battles, new cliffs

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SanPa wrote:

The GOP lead the US during the post-Civil War era with carpet baggers and wild west justice, and now aims aims to reduce the union to a federation of squabbling states.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


The DNC and the GOP is leading the US to bankruptcy. The DNC through their insistance on never ending deficit spending, and the GOP through their insistance on constant tax cuts.

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123456951 wrote:

Let the war begin. All divisions of the Federal Government should have substantial cuts.

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flashrooster wrote:

TheNewWorld: If the truth means anything to you, the Republicans’ record on spending is actually worse than the Democrats. If you were being honest to yourself and the truth mattered, you’d compare what spending was implemented by Obama and what was implemented by Bush. The truth is that Obama’s spending is extremely moderate, outside of the ongoing bill that Bush left him, something you refuse to recognize. You seem to think that Presidents start with a clean slate, that all past debt disappears and all deficit spending is the responsibility of the new President. That doesn’t reflect knowledgable thinking.

And if you were really interested in doing a comparative analysis of Obama and Bush’s spending, you’d factor in what the money went to and why. For example, who benefitted from the trillion we spent on the Iraq war and was it the highest priority facing our country? Apparently, even Bush had doubts about that because he felt it necessary to lie to the American people about the threat Saddam Hussein posed to the US. Personally, I think we’d be fine, and maybe better off, if we didn’t invade Iraq, and certainly the money that went to rebuilding their infrastructure would have been better spent here in the US. I know 2,500 American soldiers and their families would have been a lot better off. Obama, on the other hand, DID spend the stimulus money here in the US to keep us from falling into a depression and to help us out of the recession. That money all went back into our economy, not some other country’s. Most economists agree that it worked, though economists differ on to what degree it worked. Some make a good argument that it wasn’t enough, but thank the Republicans for that.

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xyz2055 wrote:

flashrooster..ThenewWorld is a waste of time…he thinks that the Republicans ONLY isswue tax cuts that ONLY Democrats are responsible for spending our money. Totally over looking who was incharge when the Department of Homeland Security ($60B annual budget) was created, a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (that cost billions more than touted and helped weaken Medicare), the Energy Policy Act (that gave billions to big oil in subsidies)and two ill-advised wars. If you look at the funding bills for those two wars (pre-2006), the pork loaded into the back of those bills is legendary. The famous “Bridge to Nowhere” was including in one of the bills funding the war. None of those activities were funded (costs offset by spending cuts somewhere else). The simple fact is that run away deficits today are the product of spending bills put into law (and many with automatic annual increases)over decades (not since 2009) and the largest economic collaspe since the great Depression that caused the loss of millions of jobs. Just 12 years ago, when Buch and the Democrats took office we had a $5T debt and an $18B annual deficit. In 2009 when Obama took office we had a debt of $11T and an annual defricit of more than $1T. Delusional fools like TheNewWorld would have you believe that ALL of these problems occurred in Bush’s last two yearsin office when Democrats had control of both Houses. He totally ignores the Republicans current 2013 budget proposal..which would increase Defense spending (when we already spend 46% of what the entire world spends on Defense).

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xyz2055 wrote:

typo correction ..just 12 years ago when BUSH and The REPUBLICANS took office (control of both Houses)we had a debt of $5T and an annual deficit of $18B.

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sylvan wrote:

Or the president could declare it is his Constitutionally based responsibility to pay the country’s bills as they are due, especially since Congress approved all the spending they are now refusing to pay for, like petulant spoiled teenagers. GOP is rife with irresponsible, self-important dictators strutting around naked, like Bob “Squeaky” Corker. Maybe the most famous Republican, Lincoln, besides being a war criminal who starved and shelled his own civilian populations in Atlanta and Vicksburg exactly like Assad is doing in Syria, was flat out wrong as well: give the entitlement sucking South the right to secede and be done with the inbred morons. Almost all of the states that pay their own way in revenue are blue states, with red states screaming for small government while they soak up our hard earned wages to support their meth, oxycontin and donut habits, riding the sofa and nodding along to Faux News. Any thinking sane people are welcome to join us up here while the rednecks destroy what’s left of the South.

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xyz2055 wrote:

sylvan..when the debt ceiling issue arises..Boehner, (Republican Party)..will try and sell that Obama is to blame for the run away deficits and he is responsible for chosing what bills will get paid.if the ceiling isn’t increased… both of which are a lie and Constitutionally inaccurate. Read page 4 of “Path to Prosperity” version 3.0 2013. Republican Paul Ryan lays out the Contituitonal and Legal facts that show the Congress alone is responsible. The President has absolutely zero constituional standing when it comes to paying the country’s bills.

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xyz2055 wrote:

While many have challenged Obama’s leadership..what he is doing right now is exactly what he should be doing. He’s using the “bully pulpit” and his influence over the Senate (because it is controlled by his politican party) to try and force Congress into reaching a compromise deal.

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flashrooster wrote:

xyz2055: You’re expressing yourself quiet well today. Keep up the fine work. It’s important that readers are reminded that there still are intelligent people in America. They just seem to be diminishing in number along with the American Middle Class.

I, too, made a typo in my earlier post. That should be “I know 4,500 American soldiers and their families would have been a lot better off”, not “2,500″.

You’re right about TheNewWorld. He’s really only interested in promoting his personal ideology and attacking everything else, with Obama representing everything that interferes with the fulfillment of his ideology. He is quick to blame all deficit spending on Obama, ignoring 2 crucial points: 1) It’s not the President who controls the purse strings, and 2) as mentioned above, when Obama took office we had more tax revenue going out than we had coming in, i.e., deficit spending was locked in place when Obama took office. Furthermore, Obama took office during a recession, which is not the time to make drastic spending cuts. These are the kinds of pertinent facts that TheNewWorld always ignores. His approach toward analyzing Obama’s performance is to start by assuming Obama has to power to make anything he wants happen, and so every problem we have in Washington can only be Obama’s fault, or else he’d be clicking his heels together and making all the bad just go away. He erroneously refers to this magical phenomenon as “leadership”. He often blames Congress’s inability to reach a budget agreement on Obama’s lack of leadership. I often have asked him what he would have Obama do, but he never answers. I know he wants to say that Obama’s failure comes from his refusal to wave his magic wand, but for some reason he hesitates.

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AtypicalMale wrote:

“Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee said he will not be satisfied until there are substantial cuts to federal retirement and healthcare benefits known as entitlements…”

- – -

Let’s see you get the ball rolling by demanding the dismantling of your numerous unwarranted and unearned Congressional perks, Corker.

I’m not planning on holding my breath waiting for that to occur.

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pavoter1946 wrote:

The Republicans may have failed to limit President Obama to just one term. They may have failed to destroy Obamacare.

But that isn’t going to stop them from trying to make sure that the second Obama term accomplishes nothing. And Republican governors are making sure elements of Obamacare that benefit poorer people do not get implemented.

And expect Democrats to look for every opportunity to load bills up with pork.

And both Republicans and Democrats will ignore the Constitution when it comes to the Constitutional rights of Americans, all in the name of fighting ‘terrorism’.

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