Democrats, Republicans apart on key "fiscal cliff" issues: Reid

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TheNewWorld wrote:

Maybe you need to start on common ground. Both parties should be able to agree that we can not continue the deficit spending. We do not want to have $1,000,000,000,000 (One Trillion Dollars), being eaten up out of the budget in 2020 for interest on the debt. Start there, and then work on how we are going to balance the budget. The Fiscal Cliff is a good start.

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flashrooster wrote:

TheNewWorld: That sounds good, but you know the problem. Taxes have to be raised and the Republicans will not raise taxes. We can’t just do it by cutting spending, as the Republicans want to do. Nor is balancing the budget on the backs of working Americans the moral or logical thing to do. Furthermore, if we do what the Republicans want and balance the budget soley by cutting government programs, it will throw us back into a recession. It will be taking too much money out of the economy too quickly. Then we actually accomplish the opposite of what we are trying to do. We’ll end up in another recession and actually decrease our tax revenues.

The reason Obama is targeting the wealthy for a tax increase is because that’s where all the money is. Obviously the poor don’t have it and now the Middle Class no longer have money to spare. The cost of living has been steadily rising while wages have remained stagnant. The Middle Class is stretched to the breaking point. And I could write volumes on how the wealthy have utilized their wealth to gain tremendous advantage by infiltrating our government with their campaign cash to the point where we have come to accept the most ridiculous economic terms that are all to their advantage and to the detriment of the rest of us.

Healthcare is a prime example. There’s nothing rational about our healthcare system. It’s the most inefficient system in the world. We pay far more per person for our healthcare than the country with the next most expensive system, and still there are millions who go uncovered. Yet not only do we accept it, but the Republicans have gotten away with insisting that it’s the only system appropriate for America, which is insane. Anything else is evil. But it’s all about the profits and the campaign cash that is funneled to our elected lawmakers.

With all of our focus on the government, we’ve taken our eyes off of the other sources of authority in our nation: industry. There is a collection of individuals, titans of industry, who hold the real power in this country. Ironically, and very frustratingly, while the right, driven primarily by the TeaParty, are insisting on a smaller, weaker government, the real sources of power only grow stronger and will be the ultimate beneficiaries of a government small enough to drown in a bathtub, as Grover Norquist puts it. If we could put an end to lobbying and adopt public financing of elections, then we would regain our influence on our government and govern ourselves as we were meant to by our Founders. But if we go the route that the rightwingers are insisting, reducing the federal government to a weak, feckless entity, the leaders of industry will fill the leadership vacuum and we won’t have ANY influence over them. It’s almost like a trap, and the rightwing masses, not smart enough to see the trap, are doing everything in their power to drag this nation into that trap. If they succeed, it’s game over for our representative democracy. We will be the blueprint for the modern day feudal system.

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Abulafiah wrote:

TheNewWorld wrote:
“Both parties should be able to agree that we can not continue the deficit spending.”

Why? Tell us why. Don’t just parrot something you heard on Fox as though it is biblical truth. Explain, with specifics, why deficit spending that has worked without problem for the entire history of the USA, cannot continue.

“Cox Fox sez so” is not a good enough reason.

TheNewWorld wrote:
“We do not want to have $1,000,000,000,000 (One Trillion Dollars), being eaten up out of the budget in 2020 for interest on the debt.”

Whose crystal ball did you pull that one from? I think I can guess…

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