Nine killed, more than 25 hurt in Oregon bus crash: state police

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americanguy wrote:

We need bus control to stop these accidents.

Dec 30, 2012 8:55pm EST  --  Report as abuse
lolol wrote:

Time to ban buses or at least limit them to 10 passengers to prevent these mass deaths

Dec 30, 2012 9:03pm EST  --  Report as abuse
DrChaos wrote:

We need to get outlaw these killing machines. Ban all buses now!

Dec 30, 2012 9:07pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Alex_Kyle wrote:

Time to ban buses!

Dec 30, 2012 9:10pm EST  --  Report as abuse
chicadee wrote:

Ban Buses Now….

Dec 30, 2012 9:11pm EST  --  Report as abuse
robertlaurel wrote:

We need better bus control. People don’t kill people, buses kill people.

Dec 30, 2012 9:12pm EST  --  Report as abuse
ike4nsync wrote:

This is so sad. My thoughts and prayers to the families.
I wonder now if the media and congress will try and legislate a ban on charter buses. Or make there be a limit to how many people can be on a bus.

Dec 30, 2012 9:22pm EST  --  Report as abuse

I guess we’ll need Congress to ban high capacity buses , now!

Dec 30, 2012 9:24pm EST  --  Report as abuse

We know it won’t make a difference but we gotta do something to limit the number of people kill in these mass accidents.

Dec 30, 2012 9:26pm EST  --  Report as abuse
PA_Voter wrote:

It’s the fault of Snow and Ice. Need a new Obama Czar to eliminate Snow and Ice with a Faster Advancement of Global Warming to eliminate Snow and Ice. (we’ll also have more water to go around and less droughts)

Let’s get this Started !

Dec 30, 2012 9:27pm EST  --  Report as abuse
ESAU wrote:

High capacity vehicles are a danger to us all and we should consider a ban on them all. Perhaps the constitutional right to high capacity should be revoked by presidential fiat. Lets not forget, its his right to take your rights away. He has said it so it must be true.

Dec 30, 2012 9:27pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Phil12345 wrote:

I guess we will need to have a discussion about banning these high capacity people-moving devices. Or perhaps, if all Americans were fingerprinted, with DNA on file, that would make identifying the deceased easier.

Dec 30, 2012 9:34pm EST  --  Report as abuse
SeanofVA wrote:

When oh when will we ban buses, Mr Speaker?!?! Think of the children. Oh the humanity. Get these urban assault vehicles off our streets.

Dec 30, 2012 9:39pm EST  --  Report as abuse
RTC wrote:

We definitely need to pass more laws to regulate these killing machines! Perhaps a Whitehouse petition would help call attention to this.

Dec 30, 2012 9:41pm EST  --  Report as abuse
goofy2013 wrote:

This is getting ridiculous. Years of year of bus crashes and this has got to stop! We need a ban on buses, or at least buses that carry more than say, 7 or 8 people. our school system has some 15 passenger buses. that’s more than enough. Also, we need to limit how fast buses can go. There is no reason one needs to go more than 35 mph. And can’t they do some kind of background check on these drivers? I don’t know about others, but my school system has had 100 times more deaths on buses than guns. Actually, we’ve never had a gun death.

Dec 30, 2012 9:42pm EST  --  Report as abuse
SeanofVA wrote:

What is the legitimate purpose of a bus that has a capacity of 40. If it were limited to 5 then many lives would have been saved.

Dec 30, 2012 9:43pm EST  --  Report as abuse
REDSKY wrote:

Ban city busses!!!! Remove all funding from public transportation and demand that bus manufacturers suspend operations until Congress enacts bus control legislation. Demand a plan!!! For the children!!!

Dec 30, 2012 9:50pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Crop wrote:

How many bodys? we need car control.

Dec 30, 2012 9:51pm EST  --  Report as abuse
rodlbrum wrote:

All these bus accidents. Maybe now we can come together to do something meaningful to protect our citizens. We really need to take a hard look at how many seats each bus should have. Excessive numbers of seats just guarantee that when there is an accident, more people will get injured or killed. Maybe we should limit bus size to 10 seats. Surely that is something we can all agree on.

Dec 30, 2012 9:53pm EST  --  Report as abuse

Planes, trains, and buses oh my! When are we going to regulate them? Oh wait we do. We must need stronger legislation. Limit the capacity to 10 so as to stop these mass killings.

Dec 30, 2012 9:53pm EST  --  Report as abuse
BigGuy666 wrote:

We need to put a STOP to these high capacity buses NOW! Any that are painted in red must be stopped as well since they look like they’re going too fast. Buses made from Advanced Bus Industries (ABI), Blue Bird Corporation, Collins Bus Corporation, DINA/MCI, Electric Transit Incorporated, Ford, Goshen Coach, International, King International Group, Mack, MCI, Mid Bus, NABI, Newell Coach, Orion home of The Blue Sky Bus, Starcraft, StarTrans Bus, Thomas Built Buses and Trolley Enterprises must be stopped NOW!

Dec 30, 2012 10:03pm EST  --  Report as abuse
RangerDave wrote:

Clearly it’s time for a national discussion on high-capacity vehicle control. Will there be resistence, of course there will. But it’s in the best interests of the country. We don’t want drivers getting their hands on these high-capacity vehicles. It’s not enough to say “this is too hard and we’re not going to try.” I think there are a vast majority of responsible vehicle owners out there who recognize that we can’t have a situation in which somebody is able to get the kind of high capacity vehicles that were involved in this incident.


Dec 30, 2012 10:06pm EST  --  Report as abuse wrote:

Seriously, how long are we going to let buses filled with people travel on city streets across the nation! Limit passengers as well to limit injury and death.

Dec 30, 2012 10:08pm EST  --  Report as abuse
MelAnosis wrote:

Let’s ban the bus! Or limit the number of people to 10 riders.

Dec 30, 2012 10:21pm EST  --  Report as abuse
umcpa63 wrote:

We need airbags for every seat an drivers need to go through federal training and background checks with at least a 30 day waiting period

Dec 30, 2012 10:30pm EST  --  Report as abuse
rmschau wrote:

Riders need to be background checked and register with the government.

An immediate violence tax on ridership is necessary to pay for the carnage of mass transportation.

People should not have access to these tools of mass transportation. The founding fathers never envisioned these high capacity killing machines.

Dec 30, 2012 10:37pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Missgidget wrote:

I’m sure someone will sue for 100 million dollars for the duress of watching the bus go off the road, but not for being on the bus.

Dec 30, 2012 10:42pm EST  --  Report as abuse
joyauto wrote:

They are not morons. They are making a valid point through sarcasm which you are incapable of understanding. Gun control talk is demagoguery. It’s really an attempt to control people!

Dec 30, 2012 10:53pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Missgidget wrote:

Lighten up DavidinWY…everyone is truly devastated by both senseless tragedies. The words aren’t intended to be cruel, but are making clear the reality of these types is situations. The posters are fed up with the blaming of guns for the Sandy Hook tragedy. Mental illness should be in the limelight, but we are too politically correct to even consider that notion. Everyone Agrees the teachers were heroic.

Dec 30, 2012 10:55pm EST  --  Report as abuse
MeMadMax wrote:

We need to congress and the president to draw up a plan for the immediate control and/or banning of these assault buses, immediately!

Dec 30, 2012 11:24pm EST  --  Report as abuse
ESAU wrote:


No one had made fun of any death. The fact that you cannot see this tells us all we need to know.

The clear and evident intent to mock the gun control efforts to blame the deaths of the children, indeed anyone at all, on a gun, and not on the person pulling the trigger, makes a mockery of all such deaths, including my grandfather, who was killed by a nutty drunk with revolver in 1968. Three people were shot that day by the nutty drunk. My grandfather, my grandmother, and my uncle. It is unfortunate that no one else there had a gun. If so, my grandfather would have lived past my 7th birthday. I loved him very much, but I do not blame the gun. I blame the nutty drunk.

Dec 30, 2012 11:25pm EST  --  Report as abuse
jguthrie wrote:

What’s funny is everyone is joking about “We need bus control to stop these deaths!” when in reality there are very strict regulations and quality standards for different types of buses. It is one of the reasons why these tragic accidents (which everyone ought feel bad for joking about) are so infrequent here in the US compared to the rest of the world.

So continue to joke around about the deaths of these people and their grieving families. Just know that you are exactly right when you claim that by having controls makes these accidents very infrequent.

Dec 31, 2012 12:24am EST  --  Report as abuse
RoyCarver wrote:

No one is joking about the deaths. I’m sure everyone here feels bad about people dying, regardless of the way they die. The problem everyone here, myself included, has with today’s government and people who think they have more of a say (celebrities) than the rest of us, is that guns are not the problem with public shootings just like buses are not with vehicular deaths. Guns don’t get up from the table a start shooting people. Just like a bus doesn’t go off the road on it’s own.

Dec 31, 2012 2:28am EST  --  Report as abuse
DeMouk wrote:

@ jguthrie: “So continue to joke around about the deaths of these people and their grieving families. Just know that you are exactly right when you claim that by having controls makes these accidents very infrequent.”

Are they about as infrequent as mass shootings? How many buses in the U.S.? 300mil guns and, as tragic as it may be, only a handful of lunatics shooting up soft targets. Look up the number of people killed or injured in bus accidents.

Dec 31, 2012 2:57am EST  --  Report as abuse
grandmajake wrote:

Being very familiar with that stretch of road I wonder why on earth a tour bus chose that route home in the first place,particularly in winter. There are so many better ways to get from Vegas back to Vancover and on much safer, wider and less steep and curvy roads. I hate to travel that route even on a balmy, summer day.

Dec 31, 2012 8:31am EST  --  Report as abuse

Was this bus registered legally? When will we do something about these buses? When will the bus death lists end? Busses should only allow 10 people or less.

Dec 31, 2012 9:28am EST  --  Report as abuse


“We need bus control to stop these accidents.”

Right you are. This type of accident occurs all the time on our roadways and virtually every time, after the accident investigation has been concluded, the accidents were caused by the drivers of the bus who were breaking laws concerning the maintenance and safe operation of the buses. It is self evident, buy the number of innocent lives lost, usually the elderly on their way to play KENO and the slots in the casinos, that we need more stringent bus control laws and start limiting their operation by highly trained government employees. From a Homeland Security standpoint the driver of the bus could also be the TSA agent that searches for the random Depends diaper that might explode and kill everyone on the bus. That way we can keep costs down and still maintain the ruse of public safety for the public’s benefit.

Dec 31, 2012 10:11am EST  --  Report as abuse
Overcast451 wrote:


Dec 31, 2012 10:34am EST  --  Report as abuse
Overcast451 wrote:

“this event and the deliberate act of violence and the heroic actions those teachers who died trying to protect those poor kids ”

Here’s the difference.

HAD ONE of those teachers that tried to protect the kids – been armed, and was able to ‘even the bar’ against psycho boy – I bet less than half who died – would have.

But it makes as much sense to ban buses due to an accident (or even a psycho taking control of one) as it does to ban guns.

What if the reverse would have been true? What if that kid decided to use a bus instead of a gun to kill kids?

Would simply be a matter of overpowering an old lady bus driver and running it off a cliff.

You can’t ban tools because humans are stupid. Because you may need those SAME tools to protect yourself from those stupid people.

Intelligent law-abiding citizens won’t use a bus, gun, or car to kill people – a psycho will use anything.

Dec 31, 2012 10:39am EST  --  Report as abuse
LesLegato wrote:

Time to ban buses.

Dec 31, 2012 11:52am EST  --  Report as abuse
AlkalineState wrote:

The NRA is apparently now sicking its sad followers on bus accidents. There’s a winning movement.

Dec 31, 2012 12:26pm EST  --  Report as abuse
USAPragmatist wrote:

You gun nuts posting here are really a despicable bunch, nine people are killed in a BUS ACCIDENT, and you use this as an excuse to promote your, moronic by the way, agenda that ‘guns don’t kill people, people do’. Here is an FYI for you dirtbags, and I only use this term because you are using the deaths of NINE people to promote your agenda, buses are designed to transport people as safely as possible while guns are designed to KILL people, no safety involved. In fact I bet in most states it is harder to get a commercial drivers license then an assault weapon/handgun.

Dec 31, 2012 1:23pm EST  --  Report as abuse
JCLyerly wrote:

Obviously the bus control laws already on the books are not sufficient to prevent tragedies like this. All bus users must be finger-printed and registered with local bus-control authorities, and busses with more than 30 passengers should not be allowed on the road.

Dec 31, 2012 1:23pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Bib_Bear wrote:

Bloomturd, Feinstink, Ovomit, and the rest of the control freaks need to parade like peacocks in front of their media, telling us all they will make buses safer, or ban them outright.

Dec 31, 2012 1:46pm EST  --  Report as abuse
txguy2112 wrote:


And exactly how is this different from you and your ilk using the deaths of 20 children to promote your agenda?

Dec 31, 2012 2:27pm EST  --  Report as abuse
USAPragmatist wrote:

@txguy, because that event is directly related to the issue of why we need better gun control. While this event has NOTHING to do with the gun control debate. Pretty simple.

Dec 31, 2012 2:32pm EST  --  Report as abuse
frodobaggins wrote:

Why do we continue to tolerate this?

We need to enact bus control immediately. Ban hi-capacity buses altogether. They have no legitimate educational purpose and are one of the top bullying venues in our nation.

Mrs. Feinstein, stop this carnage!!

Dec 31, 2012 2:44pm EST  --  Report as abuse
frodobaggins wrote:

Why do we continue to tolerate this?

We need to enact bus control immediately. Ban hi-capacity buses altogether. They have no legitimate educational purpose and are one of the top bullying venues in our nation.

Mrs. Feinstein, stop this carnage!!

Dec 31, 2012 2:44pm EST  --  Report as abuse
frodobaggins wrote:

Why do we continue to tolerate this?

We need to enact bus control immediately. Ban hi-capacity buses altogether. They have no legitimate educational purpose and are one of the top bullying venues in our nation.

Mrs. Feinstein, stop this carnage!!

Dec 31, 2012 2:44pm EST  --  Report as abuse
ESAU wrote:


The key word is control. If you think that more control would decrease violent crime, you are wrong. In the same light, more control would not decrease the number of deaths caused by transportation.

People used to die all the time in wagon accidents. Now almost none do. I say almost none because it does still happen. But the number of deaths went down because we quit using wagons, not because we have more rules. In fact, people used to argue against cars in the same way you are arguing against guns.

Cop a clue why don’t you, and think about it for a bit.

Dec 31, 2012 3:42pm EST  --  Report as abuse
WillWx wrote:

we should immediately remove ALL high occupancy vehicles from the roadways. These vehicles are obviously a risk to those who ride in them and around them. We need to make sure a tragedy of this nature never happens again. Outlaw buses now, there is no time to wait.

Dec 31, 2012 4:53pm EST  --  Report as abuse
RacerX69 wrote:

Cut bus capacity down to 10 passengers? What are you, nuts? Mass transit is all about moving more people with less fuel.

Only allow buses to travel at 35mph max? Are you freakin’ brain dead? Do you know what a hazard split speed limits cause? Anyone who travels in a state where the trucks have a lower speed limit than the cars knows what I am talking about. And how about this Einstein? Do you know how long it will take a bus to cross the country at 35? About two weeks. Bad enough that it takes a week at the current speed limits.

Regulate buses and the drivers? Wake up Chuck. The fed already regulates buses, just like truck drivers. To drive a bus a driver must pass a test more stringent than what a truck driver has to. And they have to submit to random drug and alcohol testing too.

And just like heavy trucks, buses are required to undergo annual inspections to ensure they are safe to operate.

You people are something else.

Dec 31, 2012 5:44pm EST  --  Report as abuse
AlkalineState wrote:

A lot of newbie usernames and high volume on here for this story. That smacks of NGO with volunteer posters. A gun-nut NGO looking for bus accidents to make jokes about. What a proud bunch.

Dec 31, 2012 6:27pm EST  --  Report as abuse
ESAU wrote:


NGO’s with volunteer posters?

You mean the public? Just regular people? You know, people that came here from a link found on Drudge? Like that?

Here to make fun of Nazi’s that want to take guns away from the public, just like the Nazis did? You know. You. You are a Nazi. Perhaps you want to take guns away from the public, just like the british did to the population of India. Perhaps you’d like to put us in concentration camps, like the British did to the Boers and the Nazis did to, well, everyone.

Is that what you mean?

Dec 31, 2012 7:55pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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