Combative Obama knocks Republicans, says fiscal deal in sight

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We are all waiting for your positive spin on how the lack of action and accountability in Washington got us a good last second deal?

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americanguy wrote:

Looks like President Obama made the Republicans his “B”.
Aside from that obvious accomplishment, all I can picture about this is the movie the “Wedding Singer”, where Adam Sandler is totally depressed and wasted while performing at a function and screams “whoopty do!” while twirling his finger (during the song love stinks). If you saw the scene, you know what I am talking about.
I have the same reaction to this whole Congress caused fiasco.
Whoopty Do! I wish it were 5:00 so I could celebrate. Sure.

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Buelligan wrote:

Is it just me, or does it seem like any ‘deal’ to avoid a fiscal cliff will really just be Dems and Reps negotiating less tax increases and spending cuts to appease each other…while doing less to solve the real problem of our budget and debt.

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jaham wrote:

@Beulligan said: “Is it just me, or does it seem like any ‘deal’ to avoid a fiscal cliff will really just be Dems and Reps negotiating less tax increases and spending cuts to appease each other…while doing less to solve the real problem of our budget and debt.”

No, it’s not just you; you’re spot on.

If Obama had just proposed spending cuts at a 2:1 ratio like his own deficit commission recommended, he likely would have gotten his $250k “rich” threshold in return and we’d be much better off.

Instead he refuses to cut spending in earnest, thus we get a watered down deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff” that would have done better for our fiscal issues than a last second turd with a bow on it….some “leader” we re-elected…

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Wassup wrote:

Obama is the charlatan extraordinaire of the blame game along with a Congress of idiots and elite who all fail to do their job responsibilities on fiscal responsibility and budgetary requirements as demanded by this nation. As it stands it is the electorate who will pay, yes even the phone recipients and the “takers” along with the women he has somehow impressed. The 48% who see through this charade get to go along for the bumpy ride. How can America be so blind to this smoke and mirrors stupidity? Congress and its leaders are unfit to hold office.

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StigTW wrote:

bit early for a victory lap anyone fixed the pile of debt yet?

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Crash866 wrote:

Same to you in 4 years…just wait and see what your savior does to this country by then…those who love him will deny him…you will be one of them…

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foiegras wrote:

Let’s get right down to it. Let’s “cut spending in earnest.” Get rid of Social Security. Get rid of Medicare. And get rid of unemployment insurance and unions while we’re at it.

Have we really gone so far down the Voodoo economics, Fox News, Pillsbury-dough-boy “conservative” bought-and-sold politician, post-feudal road that we’re seriously contemplating dismantling 100 years of social and economic policy? The answer is yes, emphatically. Let’s drive the pickup into the ditch!

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flashrooster wrote:

Crash866: By any reasonable measure, Obama has been a rational leader and has proposed only practical approaches to our mounting problems. He’s done nothing past American Presidents haven’t done, tried to do, or considered trying. There’s just something about this particular President that has rightwing extremists frothing at the mouth. So the problem mustn’t be with our President. The problem is with certain Americans who have allowed their brains to be hijacked by extremists with an agenda.

The tax rates Obama is proposing are far lower than the rates we had under Eisenhower and Kennedy, so it’s not his stand on taxes. Many US Presidents, including George W. Bush, have proposed stimulus spending to spur the economy. It’s become a reasonably standard response to a sluggish economy. His healthcare plan is a market-based, Republican plan, not unlike a plan that Nixon proposed, not to mention Romney, so it’s not his healthcare plan. He got us out of Iraq and is in the process of getting us out of Afghanistan, and there’s certainly nothing radical about that. Past American Presidents always raised taxes to pay for our wars. Bush and the Republicans, instead, cut taxes. So now Obama wants to raise them just a little to help pay for Bush’s unfunded wars, so there’s nothing radical in that. The only radical thing was what Bush and the GOP did, cut taxes while taking us to war. Obama has actually increased spending less than any President since Eisenhower. So what is it about this President that makes you hate him? He’s a likable guy, a good family man who obviously loves his family very much. He seems to be a caring guy, trying to help those less fortunate than him. He’s intelligent and certainly not lazy. So what is it with you people?

I can see people disagreeing with him on policies. That comes with all Presidents. But my point is that he’s done nothing that should cause anyone to hate him like many on the right seem to do. There’s only one thing that stands out about Obama that is different from all past US Presidents and that’s his race. The rest just seems to be petty crap that the right has blown out of proportion. Because there’s nothing radical about our President. Nothing.

The only other explanation as to why there is this animosity directed from the right toward Obama is that it’s actually the right that has become extreme, so policy positions that once would have been considered moderate to people on both the left and the right, whether you agree with those postions or disagree, now appear extreme to you because you’re viewing them from the extreme right. So now any moderate position appears extreme to people like yourself. In fact, your party has even gone after other fellow party members that were considered moderate because they, well, because they were moderate and many on the right now see everything as extremely liberal if it’s not endorsed by the TeaParty Republicans.

So which is it, are you a racist (which I certainly wouldn’t expect you to admit if you are) or have you drifted so far to the right that everything else looks like a move toward socialism? I don’t see what else it could be. If Obama was the mad radical you seem to think he is, then he certainly wouldn’t have been reelected, no?

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xyz2055 wrote:

jaham… A repackaged version of Simpson-Bowles with SLIGHTLY less in tax increases went for a vote in the House in March of 2012. It failed miserably. Only 28 members voted in favor of it. Simpson-Bowles IS the sensible way out of this mess..but there’s nothing Obama can do to get Congress to act responsibly. The President does not have the Constitutional authority to cut spending on his own…Congress must first write and pass the legislation. NOW, if they do that and Obama vetoes it, then maybe you have an argument.

foigras…do you actually have a job? If so, have you ever ACTUALLY looked at the deductions on your paycheck stub? People like me have been putting my hard earned money into Medicare for 40 years. Your solution is to simply GET rid of it? How about we clean up the program. No insurance company on the planet could survive with as much fraud and waste as there is in Medicare. If nothing else, privatize it and put it into the hands of people who ACTUALLY know how to run a business.

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xyz2055 wrote:

flashrooster…not only was Obama re-elected…Romney/Ryan couldn’t even carry their own home states. Massachusetts – Romney/Ryan lose by 23 percentage points. Michigan – Romney/Ryan lost by 9.5 percentage points and in Wisconsin – Romney/Ryan lost by 7 percentage points. Romney/Ryan ran on the same old politics of the Republican Party. Cut taxes even further (that disproportionately favor the richest), INCREASE Defense spending (with $1T deficits AND the fact that we already spend 46% of what the entire world spends on Defense) and cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Obama won his two home states (Illinois and Hawaii) by a landslide! U.S. voters soundly rejected the Republican plan in the last election. Last job approval ratings I saw….Obama – 54%, Congress 12%. Obama did his job today. He used the “Bully Pulpit” to get at least some action out of Congress. AND if you heard his address, he is concerned about spending. But he wants a balanced approach. Not just gutting entitlement programs to solve all the problems. IMHO, Obama looked VERY Presidential today! I saw a statistic today. Federal government spending has increased (New Spending) by 1.4% in the past 4 years. No other president over the past 40 years is even close that that number. Under Bush, Federal spending increased by 8% in each of his terms. Only Clinton at around 3% is closest. Based on the mess he inherited and what he has accomplished thus far…history is going to look very favorably on the Obama years.

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flashrooster wrote:

xyz2055: Thanks for another great post. Have a Happy New Year and let’s hope that somehow something positive evolves with our government so that they can start governing again. These games that the Republicans are playing are getting dangerous. There’s so much that could be done that would benefit our country but just can’t get done with the government the way it currently is. Somehow we’ve got to put an end to the influence of big monied special interests. You know something is seriously wrong when a single person like Grover Norquist can have such a frightening amount of influence over our government and its budget-making process or when our own Congress passes a law that forces tax payers to pay more for Medicare drugs than we have to, just so the pharmaceutical companies can increase their profits on our backs. Something’s got to give.

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