Flood program to run dry without congressional action: FEMA

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Ayuh wrote:

60 Billion Dollars…let’s see: If we stack $1000 bills on top of each other, 60 billion would make a wall of bills 30 feet long, and the wall would reach 50 feet higher than the Washington Monument. Yes, I said $1000 bills. My God, that’s a lot of money!

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sandman839 wrote:

This is what happens when you are more concerned about your wealthy donors and not your constituents. There is no reason that the people affected by Sand should still be waiting for the help.

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seren37 wrote:

I liked Ike. The GOP used to be the sensible and admirable party of Eisenhower, who won WWII, helped build the Interstate, Industry, and the Middle Class, warned us about the military-industrial complex (which eats Most of our tax), and championed a compassionate safety net. I’d vote for Ike again in a minute.

But the GOP welcomed the “nutters” and “haters” into their bosom. Alas, the GOP didn’t seem to grasp that although our Constitution is built on fair play and compromise, nutters and haters don’t understand either. All they know is holding their breath until they turn blue. Boehner should lock Cantor and his Teepers in a room while the adults debate and vote. Preferably a room deprived of oxygen.

Funny, when Bush gave huge tax breaks to the rich, started an unfunded war based on lies, in Iraq, and along with the Banksters wrecked the economy, the GOP didn’t complain. All they do is hate on the poor, who Jesus loved, because Rush Pigbaugh says to. Most people who are out of work Want Jobs, not rightwing hooey and hate. And the small aid those who have lost their jobs get, is Not the major cause of our deficit.

The GOP also wouldn’t complain if the South had a disaster and needed aid. You have to realize the Teepers Want the “gummint” to fail. They hate that “Muslim Kenyan Socialist Nonwhite Traitor” President. Most of them are Southern or Midwest transplants who want a do-over of the Civil War by destroying the “gummint” so the South can rise again in all its minimum-wage glory. Many of them are survivalists who are literally praying for the nation to collapse so they can sit on their pile of stored food and shoot their neighbors.

And it really is true that the NE Gives more than it gets from the Federal Government, while the red states that pretend to hate the government, take more than they give. If they hate our government (which is us since it was a democracy last I looked) let them stop TAKING.

Democrats,unfortunately, are mealymouthed about these scuzzballs. It took Republicans from Joisey and the Big Apple to tell it like it is ;’)

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Doc62 wrote:

sandman839 “hit the nail on the head”. Cantor, Ryan and Boehner must have hated voting for another entitlement. I’m sure they feel that Sandy’s victims are a bunch of low culture moochers. Lordy, lardy, lardy, Christie is a republican.

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americanguy wrote:

It’s fun watching the Republican party self destruct.

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jaroca wrote:


Thumbs UP and 5 Stars and +++ and BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!!

Very well put and oh, so sad for OUR country.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

Idiot liberals. You eat everything that the media feeds you.

The bill is pork-filled with earmarks that have little to do with helping New Jersey Sandy victims.

Among those earmarks: $23 million for tree plantings to help reduce flood effects, protect water sources, decrease soil erosion and improve wildlife habitat in forested areas touched by Sandy; $2 million to repair roof damage at Smithsonian buildings in Washington — the damage predates the storm; $4 million to repair sand berms and dunes at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida; and $41 million for cleanup and repairs at eight military bases along the storm’s path, including Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The FBI is seeking $4 million to replace vehicles, laboratory and office equipment and furniture, and Customs and Border Protection wants $2.4 million to replace destroyed or damaged vehicles, including mobile X-ray machines.

We have a spending problem and you demonize the only people who want it addressed.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Does it not upset you that the majority of this money is not going to go to Sandy victims, or are you just a hypocrite?

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Mott wrote:

I wish this was in the form of loans that pass some responsibiloity int he spend instead of outright handouts.

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r1ghtm1nd wrote:

I don’t think boehner grasps what “An inconvenient time” is.
To vote, rich fat GOPs, just sit in their comfy chairs in a nicely lit heated room, and press a button.

If Boehner wants to learn what “inconvenient” is, he can try living in his car, or on the street, because the storm took his home, and insurance won’t cover “an act of God.”

The people were elected to serve the people, not themselves.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Your bigoted post said nothing other than your hatred and prejudice against those living in the south.

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fromthecenter wrote:

I’m all for getting the aid needed to rebuild any part of America that suffers natural disasters. But, why must it all be sent in one big chunk right away without some review to eliminate waste? Lets do a phased approach.. Address the obvious and most needed areas first, then there will be time to sift through all the areas that are obviously just people trying to exploit the situation for personal/monetary gain.

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Saywhaaaaa wrote:

The fact that it took the Republicans a mere ten days after Katrina to approve 62.3 million dollars immediately no questions asked is astonishing by the mere fact that we are over two months after Sandy and still can’t get through disaster relief funds for those affected. I know Louisiana is a safe Republican state but is there no limits to what the Republicans are willing to turn into a partisan fight?

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TheNewWorld wrote:


We weren’t running a 1.4 trillion deficit with 16 trillion of debt back then. But those are just numbers, no one cares if the dollar becomes worthless and our economy collapses.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


FEMA still has $4 billion in relief funds available to those in need. This is just additional spending for everyone other than those who need it. If I was a Senator I would create a pregnant unwed starving teen bill with billions in spending that goes to my buddies. Then if someone has the nerve to vote against it I will get you uninformed liberals to spread lies that the opposition hates unwed pregnant starving teens. You fall for it every time.

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Saywhaaaaa wrote:

@TheNewWorld. For one we were on the way to trillion dollar deficits and trillions more of debt when we entered into two wars and for the first time in history went to war and didn’t raise revenue to pay for it. Bush Jr projected 50-60 billion dollars for the war in Iraq and we are now over 3 trillion and still counting. That is Iraq alone. That is some very bad estimating. Very possible we wouldn’t be running trillion dollar deficits nor have an over trillion dollar deficit if we had actually paid for these wars. Against the war or for the war the fiscal responsible thing would be to pay for it. During this same time the Bush Jr administration lost 8-12 billion dollars in cash that the US shipped to Iraq on pallets. Lost, misplaced not spent. Representative Issa’s response to this was”to put that sum in context of the US economy 8-12 billion is not a lot of money. That kind of attitude toward expenses and Cheney’s statement that Reagan proved deficits don’t matter put us in to the hole we are now in. Better to have funds spent stateside and be accounted for with folks that need than simply having cash vanish and pretend it is nothing. I repeat there is no reason to have aid for Katrina in ten days no questions asked and yet not be able to come up with aid for Sandy in over two months if you put politics aside.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


FEMA has had aid available from day one after Sandy. Your political grandstanding ignores all the facts. Your ignorance of the situation is not an excuse to post lies. They have $4 billion more available and can cover 2 months more of funding. The sandy bill gives $600 million tothe EPA, over $100 million for Amtrak, among the other pork I listed. So are you for wasteful spending or not? If we renamed Iraq spending to Sandy spending would it be OK? That is what they do in DC all the time. Both parties.

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Saywhaaaaa wrote:

We go back to the original argument. What is the difference between Sandy and Katrina? Why ten days for billions for Katrina and still hesitating two months after Katrina? I think you are a little more ignorant of the facts, the history and the underlining elements of what is being political or not. You would be hard pressed to find a lie in any of my statements but your statements are simply rhetoric backed by the absence of facts.

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Fantasywriter wrote:

Yeah, right, let’s just send over a bill and not look at because everyone says the people need it. Of course the people need aid but how much of this bill is going to relief and how much is going to pet projects? It would appear that a considerable amount is going to pork and those who actually need the relief won’t get that part of it. I think the point that you all should be making is why, in this time of need, would our so-called representatives add in non-relief spending to a bill that is suppose to provide relief for victims and the areas most effected?

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TheNewWorld wrote:

Are you comparing Katrina, the second strongest hurricane in US recorded history to super storm Sandy? 1800 deaths in Katrina. 80% of New Orleans was underwater. The situation descended into anarchy afterwards and Democrats was screaming racism. Yeah super storm sandy was bad, but it was nothing like Katrina. On top of that because of what happened in Katrina FEMA handles their response much better and has the funding so we don’t special bills to help people. This bill is not for the victims. FEMA handles that. This bill is for rebuilding and is loaded with billions of pork. Those are all facts to answer your rhetorical question based on your feelings.

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Same old story. The Repubs split the dollars and I predict that the $9B will pass, the $27B will pass with Repub votes. The $33B will only pass with the Democrats required to carry the load. Games never quit. If congress ever gets it’s ass in gear maybe the USA will once again rule.

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tougar wrote:

This is a primary problem with our legislative process.”we need money to rebuild from the storm, so let’s pack in a bunch of pork projects that are unrelated” THIS HAS TO STOP!

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Harry079 wrote:

FEMA has told Congress that unless its borrowing ceiling was raised, “funds available to pay claims will be exhausted sometime around the week of January 7, 2013,” the agency said in a one-sentence statement.

It has a $20.8 billion ceiling for borrowing authority.

How and where did FEMA get ANY authority to borrow money?

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Did I miss something in the article? Where exactly would the additional monies be borrowed from?

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