Top Afghan negotiator optimistic over peace prospects

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hbb_2012 wrote:

Its very simple. The occupation needs to end and all foreign forces need to leave. As with the Iraq war, Afghanistan was invaded on a false pretext. Osama Bin Laden did not live there; nor did most of the terror suspects. They were all living in Pakistan. The 9/11 bombers were not Afghans but middle easterns (egyptians and Saudis).

Afghanistan being one of the poorest countries in the world and having been afflicted by over 30 years of war (causedby another so-called civilized power – the soviet union) was an easy target to vent the frustration Americans felt over 9/11. It’s like some white guy robs so you go take your frustration on a homeless guy.

The solution is to leave. The Afghanis dont want your money, your “help”, your “civilized” ways. They will be fine without the so-called “civilized” world whose solution to any problem is war.

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