India rape victim's ashes scattered, more attacks stoke debate

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Anthonykovic wrote:

Indian women will have to fight long and hard for basic quality and dignity – just like Western women did a long time ago.

And even in the West the battle is not fully won. The challenge for India is truly daunting.

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Foxdrake_360 wrote:

Even in the West the battle is not fully won? I disagree. In fact, the pendulum has swung TOO FAR in favor of women. Case in point,

- Unemployed more in Great Recession? Men.
- Fewer in College in the United States? Men.
- In prison based solely on the word of a woman with out any other supporting evidence? Men.
- In prison more, period? Men.

(In fact, if a Woman in the United States claims “rape” or “sexual assault” or “sexual discrimination” the BURDEN is now – defacto – on the MAN to prove it false. That is NOT progress. That is merely replacing one kind of abusive system with another).

- Shorter life spans? Men.
- High cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other illness? Men.

Men still make a dollar to every 85 cents made by a woman but that’s changing fast; and still women get: maternity leave, more sick days, more vacation time, more personal time and are allowed to generally be less productive then men in order to keep their jobs.

Now some may say we get the same number of sick days male or female. Sure, but men don’t take them, the women take them all – over all (specific instance may vary).

The BIAS is in FAVOR of women, everywhere and in some respects the society is WORSE off for it.

- More single women raising a child without a father.
- More women claiming they can’t find a man to marry.
- More women “unhappier” then before when they were supposedly “LESS” free. (I guess this has to do with now needing to work now, as that used to be the primary role of the man).

In the near future, the American “nuclear” family (man, wife 2.3 kids) will be replaced an ocean of single men (neither interested or inclined to marry some broad to help her raise the kid she made with some other dude) and the basic “family” unit will be these “unmarried” women with their kid.

But hey, at least they’ll be equal.

Equally dissatisfied.

But I can’t say that, I’m 35 single, no attachments or responsibilities and happy that my paycheck goes all to me.

Hey, maybe this feminism ain’t so bad.

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