Analysis: Young, urban Indians find political voice after student's gang rape

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Reuters1945 wrote:

It was chiefly the millions of young college students in America who rose up and forced the United States government to bring the horrific Vietnam war to a close.

And if there is any hope for change in India, it will likewise be the millions of young university students who bring/force change to India.

The older generation is not only quite useless in this respect, but is in fact, part of the problem, more is the pity.

It has always been thus, in every nation, throughout history.

God Bless and God Speed to the young people of India.

It was the young students, four decades ago, who ended the war in South East Asia.

And once again, it will surely be the young people of India who end the War on Women in their own country.

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totherepublic wrote:

Yeah, watergate, the fall of Nixon (trying to save his political butt), the economy in the toilet (that sounds familar), the oil embargo, cold war preassures, ending the draft (enlistment down), military cuts by congress…none of those had anything to do with it. It was all a bunch of freaked out, pot smoking, hippy college kids on welfare. Some of us that were there are still around stupid. But hey as long as you empower the freaked out, pot smoking , college kids on welfare today to contiune the liberal agenda who cares about the lies, right.

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