Pennsylvania suit against NCAA a long shot: experts

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Penn State got what they deserved!!! With NOT taking the steps to protect the children and covering this up for the greater good of football, now the Governor is taking steps to try and strip the punishment Penn State received.
Just tells me he is siding with the monsters that hurt these children and relieve the consequences Penn State deserves!!!!

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JohnMcClane wrote:

Wow, how soon they forget. Not ONE WORD about the victims that were preyed upon, with free reign, by the SECOND IN CHARGE of this “once great football program”.

Here’s yet another ahole politician, more than willing to make a fool of himself for the sake of the publicity. Where are all of the affected “businesses”? Why aren’t they filing suit against the NCAA? The NCAA should have KILLED their football program. They should not be allowed to participate in ANY sports as a school. I, for one, can’t wait for the upcoming trials in this case, the AD and the head of the school. I can’t wait for them to try to explain away the content of the myriad of emails contained in the Freeh report. This is gonna be some good stuff!

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xyzx wrote:

How tone deaf is this governor? Absolutely unbelievable. The NCAA should ban Penn State from all sports for twenty years for this. That’s what they REALLY deserve for what they did to these children. Truly disgusting that this governor doesn’t get it.

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Col_G wrote:

For starters, it was never “the Penn State Scandal”. It was the “Jerry Sandusky Scandal”. May your headline writers someday have the intellectual honesty to say it correctly.

This is the beginning of the end for Mark Emmert. He has been jetting around the country trying to justify his actions, and to garner support, for the last six months. He has failed miserably. Soon the BOD of NCAA will ask him for his resignation. He will announce his “retirement” (or be fired). Sort of the same choice he gave the PSU president prior to the extorted agreement to the sanctions.

NCAA is out of control with their money grabbing (one of the biggest monopolies ever in this country), and unreasoned power plays. They call themselves a non-profit organization, yet they hold $500M in “reserves” and pay their executives outrageously high salaries.

Time for another organization to enter the picture. Mark Emmert has killed his golden goose. (We used to call it scr_ _ing the pooch!)

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SmartyRR wrote:

How about instead of a fine the NCAA just no longer recognizes Penn State as part of their organization.

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RandomMoto wrote:

The governor could get Penn State kicked out of NCAA altogether. He should let sleeping dogs lie.

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Yowser wrote:

There is an interesting thing about the Governor’s suit. Given the damages to the state that the governor alleges, doesn’t that go to show how strong the urge to cover up Sandusky’s actions must have been at the very highest levels of power and governance at the University and the state?

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AnotherTexan wrote:

I get the objection to the monetary fine. No problem. But, the NCAA is the authority over intercollegiate athletics. How about the NCAA ban Penn State from all intercollegiate sports and prohibit any member institution from playing the Nittany Lions for, say, 15 years? The 15 years is the same length of time this institution thought it was ok to allow a sexual predator to do unconscionable damage to defenseless boys. How’s that sound governor and Nittany Lion apologists?

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Wizscott wrote:

Just one question? Doesn’t the article say something about the Governor not doing anything or rather taking his time in the original criminal case? Do we think this might be smoke and mirrors to hide complicity on his part?

Secondly, the NCAA has a rule that states that all institutions must keep control of their programs and are responsible for their programs. When they don’t it is called a “Lack of institutional Control”. This rule has been used a few times over the years to punish an institution instead of just a program. I would think this kind of Cover up would fall under those rules.

Just my two Cents.

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xyzx wrote:

Corbett’s a Republican…so it’s understandable. Republicans ALWAYS get testy when you question their God-given right to molest boys.

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goody2shoes wrote:

Wow! I’m so glad this governor is supporting the college instead of the victims this college created. They withheld vital information that literally could have saved peoples lives. This is a wake up call to all the universities and colleges out there that they need to take sex abuse and sexual misconduct more seriously. These people’s lives are more important than freakin FOOTBALL! Our country is sick.

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SNAPJudyJones wrote:

quoted by Gov. Tom Corbett : “Do sanctions alter history books on Penn State?”

YES. It helps to deter other institutions from enabling, empowering, and covering up sex crimes against innocent children. Corbett’s action is very hurtful to the victims of Sandusky and all sex abuse victims, They do not deserve to be dismissed and harmed anymore.

Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511.,
“SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) is the world’s oldest and largest support group for clergy abuse victims. SNAP was founded in 1988 and has more than 12,000 members. Despite the word priest in our title, we have members who were molested by religious figures of all denominations, including nuns, rabbis, bishops, teachers, Protestant ministers and increasingly, victims who were assaulted in a wide range of institutional settings like orphanages, summer camps, athletic programs, Boy Scouts, etc.”

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justice92 wrote:

You people are part of the problem not looking at the facts regarding the Jerry Sandusky case. If anyone of you can dispute these facts I am listening. First, Jerry Sandusky was already retired from the football staff for 3 years before Mcqueary saw the incident(BTW, Mcqueary changed his description 3 times in what he saw and one description was that he saw nothing). Second, Paterno did not witness the crime and since Sandusky was not on his staff forwarded to Curley/Schultz( Do you think if he was gonna cover it up he would have done that?). Third, out of the 48 charges Sandusky was charged with 45 accounts. The three charges where he was cleared were regarding the mcqueary/Paterno event. Fourth, the freeh report called out curley and schultz without interviewing them or letting them have there day in court. The NCAA as well as the media rushed to judgement and should have let due process run its course. This whole chain of events had nothing to do with the football program. What would be the motive. Jerry Sandusky was not on the staff and it would have been easy for penn state distance themselves from sandusky in 2001. This is simply lack of evidence regarding the event in 2001 and Penn State administrators struggling what to do. To think that PSU knew how deep Sandusky’s pervesion was is ridiculous. Ask yourself this question? Do you know what you former co-workers are doing right now in there homes?

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notamoron wrote:

Please, people. Learn to think. On the statements re: cover-up, nobody referenced in the lawsuit stood to gain by a cover (by the way, what kind of cover-up involves multiple people at multiple organizations like this?). So, you’re incorrect, Yowser.

AnotherTexan – NCAA has limited power (under Federal law) to contribute to competition in the market of college sports. They have no power to jump into the criminal regime. Note, for example, in Baylor – the only way the NCAA acted was through finding actual violations of its pro-competitive rules DESPITE A COVER-UP OF A MURDER. The NCAA doesn’t have purview over something just because it happened in an athletic facility. You can keep spitting your mindless bile, but it just makes you look like a fool. If you want to give Penn State reasonable AND LEGAL sanctions, then you’ll look a lot more persuasive.

SNAPJudy and everyone else biting on the NCAA’s worm-for-morons, did the NCAA ask the victims what they thought about sanctioning Penn State? No. Meanwhile, at least one (Victim 4) has come out and said that he didn’t think Penn State would be sanctioned, nor did he want it to be. So, why don’t you stop guessing and get your facts straight.

That is all. Sorry, I’m just exhausted reading the posts from the American idiocracy.

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Yowser wrote:

Notamoron: I’m not one either. My point was simply that the state as a whole, as now alleged by the Governor, may have realized it stood to be substantially harmed by the revelations of what Sandusky was up to all those years. Since that is just what has happened, I stand by my observation. Often, corruption is simply an affair of individuals, but at other times it can extend through an organization. I was not referring to how individuals stood to gain from the coverup.

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