French actor Depardieu in Russia to meet Putin

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So in the end Nikita Khrushchev was right – they will overtake the US without firing a shot. Them embracing free market capitalism and the US Stateist redistribution.

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Miguel526 wrote:

Depardieu is merely responding to Hollande’s plunder of the creators of enterprise, jobs, work and human creation in France. Hollande is one of the rich elite class whose main enterprise has been, and is, to plunder the working class: those Frenchmen & women who would have been employed, but for the plunder of Hollande and his buildings full of bureaucrats, his universities full of Marxist priests (whose salaries drain far more than their “educational efforts” are worth to the People of France).

Hollande’s elites believe that their academic “credentials” entitle them to their upper class status, thus allowing them to plunder everyone below their “social status”, just like the elites of the Monarchies of Old Europe did to their people. None of Hollande’s elites (who hide behind their deceptive socialist ideology) can sand a floor, install a window, drive a taxi, be a dental assistant, harvest a grape, cook a pizza, or wait tables. They are a useless, but well-dressed, elite useful only to gossip columnists and newsreaders.

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MrM2 wrote:

I suppose that this is an indicator of the demise of our once great country. The Frenchie chooses to live in Russia where he won’t get taxed as much.

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55mhb55 wrote:

It looks like the start of the Great Russian Empire can you image if Putin’s Russia gave citizenship to the top two per cent in the United States

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NinaDug wrote:

Depardieu leaving France for Russia? Leaving a Socialist country for a Communist one sounds like he is jumping from the frying pan into the fire to me.

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NeilMcGowan wrote:


Be careful, your ignorance is showing. “Communist”?? Bwaaaaaaaahahahahaha!!!

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mardec09 wrote:

Miguel526 says, ” None of Hollande’s elites (who hide behind their deceptive socialist ideology) can sand a floor, install a window, drive a taxi, be a dental assistant, harvest a grape, cook a pizza, or wait tables. ” That may or may not be true. Unless France’s economy is still based on the old European class structure of the 19th and earlier 20th centuries, many of those so-called elite did in their younger days perform some of those very tasks Miguel assumes they cannot, nor ever did, perform.

Socialist/Communists are the true plunders of “creators of enterprise, jobs, work and human creation in France” or any other country. They are the bloodsuckers of creative and enterprising people, willing to steal the fruits of someone else’s labor, risks or creativity.

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Panchito42 wrote:

You ain’t seen nothing yet; wait for the flee that Obama will create here in the good ole USA. And it won’t be any happenstance or just the materialization of Khrushchev’s pronostication: In 1944, the Socialist Party candidate for President of the US, Norman Mattoon Thomas, said in a public speech: “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism’, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened… I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.”

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Panchito42 wrote:

NinaDug says:”Depardieu leaving France for Russia? Leaving a Socialist country for a Communist one sounds like he is jumping from the frying pan into the fire to me.”


Russia never was communist; at a member (the leading one, for that matter)of the defunct Soviet Union, Russia was “…a socialist society on the path toward glorious communism…”. But it collapsed royally before reaching “glorious communism”. And no nation has ever reached the chimera of communism.

That said, Russia back-pedaled from full fledged socialism to half-baked socialism, that is, fascism.

In fascism, the government co-owns or controls or cozies up to select ways and select means of select production and select distribution of select goods and select services in society, thus becoming the most prominent proprietor and employer in society, as well as the kingmaker and Grim Reaper of private enterprise.

In full fledged socialism, change “select” to “all”, government becoming the only proprietor and employer in society, which was the case of full-fledged socialist (now, fascist) Russia.

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gavinwca wrote:

Strange a French actor has to leave France , go to the former Soviet Union to prevent Wealth confiscation from his Fascist Goverment . What a role reversal.

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Miguel526 wrote:

mardec09 appeared to write that Hollande’s socialist elites did, at one time, do some of those workman tasks I mention. In the real world of the old elites of European Monarchies, very few of them actually worked at those tasks, though some certainly may have. The elites who did, indeed, work at those tasks in their youth are much more likely to be those elites who earned their money by working their way up through the ranks in the creation of wealth, usually over a couple generations, like Mitt Romney did under his immigrant father.

Hollande, by contrast, claims his & his academic brethren their academic elitism, which by definition is an elite that bluntly feels entitled to their privileged status over the rest of society, more like the kings and queens of Old Europe, . . part of the reason the weak and effete of US liberalism so admire Old Europe so sub-consciously. Europe continues it’s long-held caste system through Hollande’s plunder of the lower classes, just calling things by different names.

The modern-day socialist/liberal elitists share their plunder of wealth amongst themselves after they have jointly worked to rob the public treasuries of their various governments, by using their allies in crony government, and their giant crony capitalist MSM corporations such as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and in Britain, BBC, et al to sufficiently influence their corrupted “public discussions” such to get the sheeple to allow their corruption at high levels, . . a la Obama rising out of the mass-murder of Chicago’s bloody, drugger, crime/poverty-ridden streets talking like he actually cares of about the people.

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meleze wrote:

According to the standards of the cutural policy of Russia since 1917 to now Depardiau is going to become a spy.

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JL4 wrote:

I don’t get why he didn’t come to the US. Even with our “evil, socialist President” taxes are a lot lower here, and we buy more movie tickets. Depardieu may find his income decrease dramatically when his next movie comes out. Be careful what you wish for, and who you insult.

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