U.S. ends long Google probe with only mild reprimand

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DeSwiss wrote:


”There! Now go stand in the corner for 15 minutes and think about what you’ve done, mister.

And stop laughing……”

Jan 04, 2013 2:10am EST  --  Report as abuse
americanguy wrote:

What google does do is put paid headings first so you have to dig way down into the pages to find the real information you are searching for. It is getting worse and worse to the point that if you search for something like ” WW2 Normandy Invasion” you get ” Find the best deals on WW2 Normandy invasion at Wal Mart” then about 20 more lines from every other major corporation that pays google. You search for “brake pads 1920 Ford” you get a big company saying ” We have brake pads for 1920 Ford” then when you go to the site they have no listings for a 1920 Ford. Google starts with a “g” and so does “garbage”. I switched to Bing, not perfect, but at least I feel like I am fighting back against being scammed.

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SeaWa wrote:

Well, the EU isn’t dropping their probe. Somehow the EU will find Google guilty and fine them billions of euros. Don’t get me wrong. I’m anti-Google most of the time, but mark my words, the EU is going to impose a huge fine. It’s about the money, not the fairness.

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