Swiss bank Wegelin to close after guilty plea

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americanguy wrote:

This must be a class warfare liberal lie. Wealthy people would NEVER evade taxes. Wealthy people are not greedy pigs.

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Insider7 wrote:

There’s something that the authors of this article and one of their sources (Neiman) conveniently fail to mention: that all of this stems from the UBS case and, thus, from the UBS Whistleblower, Bradley Birkenfeld.

When it comes to Swiss banks, Neiman and the Justice Department admittedly could not find their own backside with their own hands without the whistleblower, Birkenfeld, showing them the way. Birkenfeld started their investigation for them. They had no clue what was going on before Birkenfeld advised them.

If they were really getting serious about this offshore banking problem, as Neiman claims, then they would have indicted UBS instead of giving the bank cover with a deferred prosecution agreement. Neiman and his cohorts at DOJ also secretly gave immunity to the UBS kingpin, Martin Liechti. Why don’t you ask Neiman why they gave Liechti immunity and concealed this from the American people?

And Ms. Browning is still stewing because Birkenfeld has refused to give her an interview, despite her repeated requests over several years.

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r.felder wrote:

I wonder why this took so long? The bank is centuries old.

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reality-again wrote:

How about indicting some Swiss bankers, for a change?
It would be nice to see some bankers pay a personal price for breaking the law.

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Castlecrag wrote:

What about the US citizens who were clients of the bank, were they persecuted and fined? It would be interesting to see what the Israeli lobby will do for those Israeli banks under investigation. Most of the settlements in the occupied territories are financed from America, there must be a few secret accounts here and there.

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jcfl wrote:

so can we assume the govt will also go after these “certain” guilty wealthy parties that requested the swiss bank and others to lie for them and consequently filed false fed taxes? does anyone think jail time is even a remote possibility? am i afraid they will leave the usa and take their money elsewhere? good riddance

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AlkalineState wrote:

Another Nazi / Al Qaeda money-laundering racket bites the dust. Good.

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KyuuAL wrote:

Now for the Cayman Islands…

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seagreen wrote:

I thought that since the wealthy were so busy creating jobs they couldn’t possibly find the time to defraud the government.

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Neurochuck wrote:

The quickest and most cost effective way for the USA to reduce its deficit (by trillions ?) would be to send a few hundred marines and some well supervised teams of “untouchable” accountants to seize the financial and corporate assets in the British Virgin Islands. Exemptions for local tourist etc businesses.
Everything else is only there to off-shore away from national regulatory and taxation jurisdictions. Proceeds of criminal conspiracy.
Haven for pirates who attacked the US east coast a few centuries ago, still is.

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