Abbas sees Palestinian unity as Fatah rallies in Gaza

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Jossef wrote:

In the imaginary planet Reuter lives Hamas which
is listed as a terrorist organization by both the
US and EU is referred to as the “hardline
Hamas movement” while the Israeli government is
often referred to as hardeline-right. It is time
for Reuter to stop making Hamas a legitimate
political party. It is a terrorist organization
that is not only committed to Israel’s destruction
but one that took control of Gaza through violence
and runs Gaza by fear.

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reality-again wrote:

“The Palestinian rivals have drawn closer since Israel’s assault on Gaza assault in November, in which Hamas, though battered, claimed victory.”

Forget about the poor editing quality – What’s Reuters talking about??
Israel didn’t assault Gaza in the first place. On the contrary, Israel limited its response to Hamas’ harassment of Israeli civilians to air strikes and artillery.
Israel amassed a considerable military force on its border with Gaza, but opted not to invade and crush Hamas, following a request from the US secretary of state.

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americanguy wrote:

Wow, that’s a lot of people in the photo.
Palestine should dump all terrorists, then Israel would not have an excuse to steal their land and kill them.

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Animated wrote:

So, for the record, Hamas & Israel fight…Israel leaves THAT land to Hamas. Israel & Fatah “negotiate” and Israel continues to expand into Fatah-land.
What does this teach the Palestinians?

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MhmdAbed wrote:

Fatah has a popular base in Gaza Strip, but these images do you watch does not negate the fact that Hamas also has a popular base similar,,
And this leads us that the people of Gaza Strip in particular is partisan ,so that Israel must understand the fact that the Palestinian people stand behind the armed resistance, as people came out today on the 48th anniversary of the Palestinian revolution, has come out yesterday to celebrate the legendary steadfastness of the people during the recent war on Gaza.

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Brazilian1 wrote:

Last time Hamas and Fatah said they were friends again, the alliance lasted less than 1 month…

Jan 04, 2013 9:23pm EST  --  Report as abuse

Wow so now according to Israel and USA we have a huge crowd of terrorist, prisons will be overflowing or will they be just anhilated
like in the final solution?

Jan 04, 2013 11:52pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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