German and Spanish jobs: To have and have-not

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Anthonykovic wrote:

Spain and Germany are on the same continent, use the same money and are in the same free trade zone, the EU. Spain has not had Germany’s enormous burden of reunification-related costs.

So, why is Spain in such a bloody mess while Germany is #1 ?
Could it be a question of culture, attitude and work ethic ?

Jan 04, 2013 10:29pm EST  --  Report as abuse
TexTide wrote:

I agree with you, it has much to do with culture, attitude and work ethic. Wonder how much longer Northern Europe is going to finance the EU

Jan 06, 2013 2:51pm EST  --  Report as abuse
scythe wrote:

(quote) threatening to tear apart
… yawn …
someone has taken an overdose of statistics

your journalists have no understanding of the EU single market
apply some common sense

unemployed spaniards, as EU citizens, are free to apply for work in 26 other countries, including Germany

the same in the usa
stay at home and apply for welfare, or shift for better employment

Jan 07, 2013 4:35am EST  --  Report as abuse
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