Japan sees opportunity in Myanmar's emerging economy

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Janeallen wrote:

Human Rights Watch estimated that 75,000 Kachin were displaced from their homes in the fighting, recording the razing of homes, stealing of property, torture of Kachin civilians, use of civilians as slave labor, and the rape of Kachin women, all by Myanmar soldiers.

That’s why the 2 are smiling.

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Free_Pacific wrote:

Yes Janeallen, many rights abuses. With Chinese weapons to make room for Chinese construction companies.

You are just upset that China might lose some influence and have a harder time working out one sided bsuiness deals. So transparent.

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Janeallen wrote:

@fr, the paid Japanese neo-Nazi spy, is out defaming human rights defender again.

I have absolutely nothing to do with the PRC.

Abe’s tail stuck out when he declared the real Japanese intention of everything about his foreign policy — follow the footsteps of the mass murderers he worship, and whitewash Japanese war crimes so that Japan can execute their predatory agenda diplomatically, economically, militarily, and spread the over a century old, highly developed, culture of Japanese defamation.

Yawn. Go tell the Japan spy agency that the world is going to find out about the Japanese mental boot-camp that indoctrinates young Japanese as accessories-after-the-fact for Class I Japanese Nazi-teacher-war- criminals — your deception is busted.

Soon and very soon, our American Government, under Obama, will start chastising Japan for its continual harassment of, and death threats to the Asian Wiesenthals, for documenting history facts of Japanese war crimes for the pure purpose of stopping the continual molestation Japanese propaganda, self-serving fear-mongering, warmongering, does to mislead the conscience of the United States.

I know that the international victims of the Hitler-Japanese axis, numbering hundreds of millions of lost souls, in heaven, are watching you as your practice your malicious defamation culture on Reuters.

Jan 07, 2013 8:53am EST  --  Report as abuse
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