"Nobody helped us for an hour:" Indian rape witness

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RadhaVyas wrote:

It pains me each time I read this …, how callous we Indians are towards crime and the victims …, I had been aware of the crimes perpetrated against girls and women since my childhood. In fact in a small town Visakhapatnam, when I look back I was subject to eve teasing when I was 12 to 19 years. I am glad I am a middle aged woman, but each time I visit India, I observed that the parents are more protective of their children especially daughters, they never let them out of their sight, even walking or riding them to schools and colleges. And way back in 1970s I used to read about the girls being kidnapped from Nepal and sold to brothels in Mumbai, then Bombay. Now that the youth has awakened, hopefully the girls and the women in the whole of India will be safe, Kashmir, Haryana, Northwest, New Delhi …, and everywhere …,

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julri wrote:

I just don’t know which is the worse part of this whole horrible and disgusting act.
the fact of the vile rape since “she was out after dark and deserved it”. The inhuman impalement of her privates with a steel bar after the fact or the fact that no one on the street offered any help. Just tragic and horrible. Makes me sick to think of the things we humans can do.

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mike_weston wrote:

@julri Sadly thats not even the worst of it. There are now reports that the most violent member of the rapists was also the youngest and ripped the intestines of the victim out with his hands. Just the sheer brutality of the whole thing is enough to make me sick. How could any human being do something this vicious to another is beyond me.

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