"Nobody helped us for an hour": Indian rape witness

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deeleigh wrote:

It’s a classic case of bystander effect.

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JamVee wrote:

This case presents the entire Indian culture (both government, and individual citizens) in an extremely bad light . . . And, maybe that is exactly what they deserve! Excepting of course those that are actually protesting. But, I suspect many of them, are doing it to salve their own pangs of conscience.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

Looks like the British Raj left India too early; not enough time to “make India England”.

Of course, Africa was colonized much later than India was, and the resulting post-independence mayhem there is proportional to the short time Britain had to make its colonial possessions in Africa “English”.

Now back to India. The reason no one assisted the victims is because the gangs in India are paid by the government to harass females who leave the house. Notice, these violent thugs NEVER attack foreign females. That fact should tell you all you need to know about the true identity of these “gangs”. These gangs are thugs hired by the traditionalists that still control India from behind the curtains: The

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adjinn wrote:

@JamVee you have no idea how this country works, or should i say “doesnt work”. If anyone in India helps a victim of crime, he/she is treated as a witness by the cops which means endless rounds of police stations, courts, threats by the accused and harassment by the media at the end of which there is no guarantee that the guilty will be punished. No commoner has the time or energy to get entangled in the legal system.
@DeanMJackson you may be right about the British Raj part, but are definitely wrong when you say that foreign females are never attacked in India. Go do a google search on Swiss Diplomat Rape case, Dawn Emilly Griggs (Australian) rape case and numerous other Japanese female pilgrims who are stupid enough to come to India thinking it be as safe as Japan.

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