Church of England ends ban on gay bishops

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1942.bill wrote:

“The Church of England, struggling to remain relevant in modern Britain”. Balderdash! When the church, any church, is willing to compromise it’s beliefs and principles, it has foregone any hope of fulfilling it’s appointed mission on Earth. No compromises will be offered at Final Judgement.

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elpea123 wrote:

I find this interesting. How extremely hard it will be for a person
who is living with a partner, to remain with that partner, repentfully conform both of their lives, and also pledge celibacy…just to become a bishop.

What is a bishop? It isn’t just a job. He’s more of a shepherd and servant than a priest or a deacon. He just doesn’t suffer for a smallish congregation….he suffers for a whole huge area of congregants. He emulates Christ in that Christ is faithful groom to His Church. Jesus was not married or civil unioning with any other man before He became groom of the Church.

Actually, to remain in the civil union and then become a bishop is not
following the example of Christ… married to church. This whole thing isn’t based on proper thinking, in my opinion. These people goofed big-time and may be held for false teaching when they come up before God.

I think about people who are male on the outside but on the inside have
hormones which contradict their outside. If I were in such a situation, I would have conflict, for sure, until I could understand from God why the situation was such for me.

God doesn’t leave people standed— searching for answers that never come.
He’s sent the Holy spirit…AND YES the Holy Spirit DOES assist. I know this for a fact. The situation of conflict between outside and inside has a purpose that God has designed and that the Holy Spirit will assist with helping to uncover how all can be molded into work and witness to further Christ’s presence on the earth.

If a person with a conflict between outside and inside overcomes
that conflict and focuses on God….just think…how God will Himself
rejoice at such fidelity! How dear will you become to God!
A person who does not possess a conflict…never has the opportunity
outside of marriage to prove themselves to God. They need to
seek other ways of praise. But what? Their opportunities are
not as overt and many, many times never can be found.

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