HBO's Liberace film aims to humanize through love story

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GuytanoParks wrote:

Liberace was a PIANIST, not a singer. Although he sometimes sang (usually the closing number of his show, I’ll Be Seeing You), calling him a singer in the article’s opening sentence seems to be a very obvious/ignorant typo.

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newyorkartist wrote:

When the director uses the word “respectful” does that equate to “accurate” ? Or is the image that Liberace had in his head of himself what is being “respected” ? Do tell.

Is “outsized personality” reporter coded language for flamboyant ?

“It’s unfortunate to see the movie through a contemporary lens and know they were not allowed to be as open back then as people are today,” Soderbergh said.

Did either man: Liberace or Scott Thorson really believe that they were being perceived as not-gay by an intelligent public.

“Not allowed” by whom ? The government, their family, their Hollywood manager or publicist ?

Mr. Soderberg please read “In the Flesh: Undressing for Success” by Gavin Geoffrey Dillard or read Dominick Dunne’s “letter” or google that other billionaire’s yacht trips: people have always been open about their homosexuality, except those who remain in the closet for their own reasons. The time has nothing to do with coming out as gay: only a person’s integrity and being honest with him/her-self and others.

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boredalways wrote:

Maybe you should just watch the film and judge for yourself. Does the overreaction of Spike Lee to “Django Unchained” or the Catholic church to “The Last Temptation of Christ” ring a bell?

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