Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy leads campaign against legal pot

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patrick! cant believe it! couldnt agree with you more! now the federal government needs to step in!

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mochadog2 wrote:

Oh good lord, I can’t believe Patrick Kennedy found a way to become even more annoying

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ccharles wrote:

This is going in the same direction. To say one drug is ok and another isnt is like your telling me whats good for me and whats not. Those that take the drugs, what ever there prefrence may be, do so with little or no regard for the law. This is the failure of the drug war. They should legalize it and be done with it. Tax it and let the people do what they will with there personal lives. They are doing it anyways. Of course put limits on what dangers they can inflict on the public, but that should be the only concern.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

“In 2006, he crashed his car into a security barrier in Washington, D.C., and soon after sought treatment for drug dependency. He said he was addicted to the pain reliever Oxycontin at that time and suffered from alcoholism. He added that he has been continuously sober for nearly two years.”

Why isn’t he calling for prohibition on alcohol? It looks like Pot wasn’t his problem but the legal substance alcohol was. He had admitted to smoking pot before, but that wasn’t what destroyed his career. It was a controlled pill and alcohol. He has learned to be sober proving that laws are not needed, self discipline is.

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ChicagoFats wrote:

Mr. Kennedy’s campaign strikes me as akin to a recovering alcoholic campaigning for more governmental control of liquor. He knows what he has to do and what he has to stay away from; he also knows what to look for in his son as the kid grows up. But it ain’t his job to tell the rest of us what we can drink, smoke, snort, or shoot. Too bad about his alcoholism/drug addiction. But just because I can’t drink – and I can’t – doesn’t mean my wife and friends can’t.

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Speaker2 wrote:

Nothing like a recovering drug addict (on legal drugs no less) to get holy than thou on drug use. Pot is not addictive, no one has died smoking pot. The Feds waste 40-billion a year on the so called “War on Drugs” and it has been a complete failure.

Back in the day, in the 1970′s Texas could give you up to life for simple procession of pot and people still smoked.

Make drugs legal, generate tax revenue, use some of it to treat guys like Patrick, the rest for paying for education and infrastructure. Oh, this destroys the drug cartels in Mexico and South America. Its also reduces the prison population. Think of this, California spends more on Prisons than education. What’s wrong with that picture?

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upstater wrote:

This article does not mention a single word about the growing scientifically documented links between the THC in cannabis and psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia.

I believe that Kennedy’s advocacy work for mental illness is likely the reason he is supporting “Smart Approaches to Marijuana”. Maybe the reporter should call Mr. Kennedy back for a clarification.

The problem is pot is completely unregulated and much of the so-called “medical marijuana” has THC content as high as 15-20%, not the 3% that was common on the 1970s. Such high concentrations of THC are dangerous to people with genetic susceptibility to mental illness.

Marijuana should be strictly regulated for THC content and taxed very heavily. The current “anything goes” approach to “medical marijuana” is dangerous and is harmful.

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victor672 wrote:

I agree with a Kennedy? Who’d a thought!

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Pseudonymous wrote:

I don’t which is worse, the “Reefer Madness” idiots or the stoners. I’m going with the “Reefer Madness” idiots, at least stoners shutup if you toss them a twinkie.

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jeff81201 wrote:

sounds like we need to ban alcohol, too. all the same arguments apply!

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Zzardozz wrote:

Booze and synthetic opiates are what hurt him. Why isn’t he trying to outlaw alcohol, or prescription pain medication? And he has the nerve to look down on cannabis users?

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Paulpot wrote:

He’s really not the cleverest Kennedy in the clan, he’s chosen the losing team right at the moment when it’s obvious they’re going down.
We now have what we have long fought for.
Not just one but two states where cannabis is legal and by the time twelve months has passed it’s going to be painfully obvious to everyone, if it wasn’t already, just what a dismal failure the war on marijuana has been.
By the end of this year, marijuana will be proven to be safe, normal and ordinary and just another commodity in the shops.
And other states and nations will be tripping over themselves to legalize drugs and collect taxes that they have for so long handed to the most ruthless people on the planet.
War is Over!

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amasiam wrote:

Mr. Kennedy, you have transformed from addict to crusader (extreme to extreme), please seek professional help.

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karojen wrote:

I am bipolar and after 11+ years of taking many meds, I am off the meds and smoking pot at night to relax me so that I can sleep. I feel better than I have for years-losing the 100+ lbs I gained on the meds, don’t have the really bad side effects to deal with and my moods are more easily controled-when I need it-and not by weighting me down 24/7 with as many as 8 meds at once.

I’ve always said that pot should be legal-monitored and taxed with regulation of sales for those that are old enough just like alcohol. It’s not for everyone, but for some, it might be a good thing. There is a lot of anxiety, stress and depression and it’s growing. I feel like an expert on the meds and the pot and for me, I’ll take the pot.

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JohnnyRacer wrote:

It’s a plant people, not a drug. I liked Patrick better when he was crashing into those barriers in D.C. We can’t AFFORD to keep people from smoking pot if they want – decriminalize/legalize, tax it and move on !

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david7134 wrote:

As a physician, I have investigated the drug control by the US. What people don’t seem to understand is that this control is almost unique to our country. Many countries are much freer than us and the state does not see fit to interfere in their citizens lives. These countries have much less problem with drugs and alcohol than we do. Portugal just legalized drugs and found that use of drugs decreased, violence decreased and cartels and terrorist were put out of business. In 1961, the US saw fit to try and enforce our brand of restriction and so called “freedom” on the rest of the world, so as a result, you see a conglomeration of laws that restrict drug usage. These are being hotly debated around the world as the economic power of the US is lessening.

Actually, drug to not cause you to be addicted. You may have some physical dependence to a drug that is overcome by withdrawal, but drugs don’t make you into a useless human by simply taking them. They only facilitate your mental decline if you are predisposed to be psychologically impaired to begin with. The fact is that over 90% of people in the US could use drugs without difficulty, thus saving us having to go to a doctor, being involved in the medical world we might not agree with, not having the government overseeing our actions, not funding gangs and terrorist, having a sense of control of our own health and destiny, getting immediate relief from pain and discomfort, avoiding harmful surgery, getting a pure product, in short there is a considerable up side to the government being out of the regulatory business, much less money saved on law enforcement and incarceration.

As in all else, we need the government out of our lives.

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RSteeb wrote:

Cannabis prohibition is a doomed anachronism. Get over it, Mr Kennedy. We have cast off the chains.

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flashrooster wrote:

Hey, just because HE has problems with drug abuse doesn’t mean we should all be forced by law to endure the same restraints he apparently needs. I took a few hits with my sis, my 40 year old nephew and his gal friend over the Christmas holidays, along with a few drinks. We were all sleeping there that night. Except for when we ran next door with kitchen knives and butchered my sister’s neighbors, we had a perfectly pleasant evening. I don’t smoke often–maybe a couple of hits every few months–but I like to have the option open to me, and I shouldn’t have to worry about being arrested for that option. Amazing that we live in a society that promotes gun ownership but outlaws pot.

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chizzlinsam wrote:

if he had any yarbles he would demand the immediate release of the
JFK and RFK files unredacted. Maybe even go down to Texas and
ask ex-cia director GHW Bush some pointed questions.

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actnow wrote:

Not a big fan of Mr. Kennedy, but on this one, he is right, and I admire him for it. I’ve see too many people who used marijuana and how they were effected. It is far more serious than many on the left will acknowledge, and it’s mass legalization will have consequences far worse than can be imagined.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


You should do a study and see if any of the mass shooters where under the effects of marijuana when they did their killing sprees. My guess is no. Those are the actions of people on various pills from big pharma. Marijuana probably would have chilled them out to where they could laugh at their own problems.

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david7134 wrote:

What you don’t understand is that the progressives are against drug freedom. We have progressives on both the right and the left. Then you have to understand that what people do with their lives is none of your business. You will then argue that the children will be effected and there will be more car accidents. Both are not credible arguments.

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Muttt wrote:

Born Again Addict ….. what a loser. Marijuana is harmless, NON additive and benificial to the human body. Now just this guy can’t control his own urges, it must mean the rest of us aren’t responsible citizens.

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