Obama to nominate Hagel for defense secretary: Democratic aide

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nativechicago wrote:

Media continues… gotta hand it to ‘em… to successfully cherry-pick the self-destruction of the Republican party. POTUS goes and gets a Republican to be next SecDef, succeeding a current true Dem, and the Repubs STILL ain’t happy. As a Republican, all I can say is, “Good grief!” Four years ago? Last November? Now this? Do you have any idea how much you elected Repubs have all succeeded in making the party “hopelessly irrelevant”? Two words: Train wreck. Thanks, fellas, nice work.

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marinevet69 wrote:

I am also a Viet Nam vet and that by no means qualifies anyone for such an important position. I am also a Republican and this is not what I would call a bipartisan appointment. I consider Hagel an independent just like the two independent Senators that BTW caucus with the Dems. If confirmed and he succeeds in getting massive cuts to the pentagon’s budget Obama can use that to argue against cuts to his party’s entitlement program. This is a political move that would aid the administration.

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usagadfly wrote:

Israel is hardly a “key” US ally, or indeed, even an ally at all. It is merely a country that maintains strong ties with a significant related ethnic group in the USA, much like China. Is China a “key” US ally? Hardly. Both simply want to use the USA for their own purposes.

The US Defense Secretary needs to have primary loyalty to the American people as a whole, not to some foreign country. It is time to put an end to foreign meddling in internal US politics.

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americanguy wrote:

So if he says he puts Israel’s interests ahead of the US, he will get the job? Looking out for the US is a bad thing to Congress? He must pledge allegiance to the Israeli flag?
Nuff said.

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