Newsmaker: Republican maverick Hagel forged bond with Obama over Iraq

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Jim1648 wrote:

The term “independent” is redundant. The Republicans wouldn’t know though, since they view their job as memorizing what Rush tells them.

It would be better for the country if they sold shoes.

Jan 06, 2013 5:08pm EST  --  Report as abuse
elsewhere wrote:

Hagle isn’t a Republican. That party has strict principls to follow and Hagle has never followed them. He has followed the democrat principals and now it may come home to roost as it will soon with other democrats.

Jan 07, 2013 11:25am EST  --  Report as abuse
nossnevs wrote:

That shoe comment really struck me. There is no job more secure than being a senator or representative in DC. Once they are in, they are almost sure to get reelected again and again due to the gerrymandering, fundraising, connections, etc.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Hagel was an early critic of Bush’s trillion-dollar turd-circus in Iraq. Said it was costing too much money, too many service U.S. lives (over 4,000 in the end), and for no clear gain to the U.S. Like lawyers in a pro-longed divorce, Halliburton was about the only party to gain at all from the Iraq adventure. 100 billion dollars in fees. It’s likely just a coincidence that their CEO was in the White House, and they were the biggest recipient of federal dollars in the war.

Hagel is one of the few republicans who was willing to see this scam for what it was, and is therefore one of the few republicans with any common sense or credibility remaining on matters of national defense. Hagel is a good pick.

Jan 07, 2013 4:53pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Bagehot wrote:

Frustration with AIPAC doesn”t make you anti-Israel and it certainly doesn’t make you anti-Semitic. If it did, people like Tzipi Livni would get no support in Israel. Granted a Kerry-Brennan-Hagel team looks drably familiar, but after all, they only advise and and enact policy. Obama is still responsible for making it.

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