Handset makers scurry to join Year of the Phablet

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Overcast451 wrote:

I must agree Americanguy:

You know what’s so funny about this?

Years ago – in the late 80′s – Early 90′s; I was a big ‘nerd’. Was hard to get me away from video games/computing and such.

Now, after 15 or so years in the industry – I’m MORE than happy to walk away from my PC totally and do ‘other things’ in life.

But the ironic part is that all these supposedly “normal” people, who would pick on us Nerds back then – walk around with these little electro-gadgets attached to them at the hip like a little web-enabled tumor – can’t get away from them for a second! ALWAYS HAVE to have the internet right there at their sides…. LOL!

Funny the irony of the situation. But personally, I’m glad now to be able to get up, walk away and be “techno-less” for a while. It’s refreshing. I don’t want a smartphone and don’t really need a tablet. I suspect if I bought one, it would gather dust quickly.

I’m not so obsessed with the internet and facebook that I need those things. Plus… I save a TON of money avoiding these trendy gadgets.

And maybe they’ll stay around, but they are awful ‘trendy’ – and trendy things, more so than others, seem to fade away after a while.

Remember Swatch Watches, Parachute Pants, and Pagers? LOL

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Eric93 wrote:

The last thing I want to do is hold one of these big ‘klunkers’ against my head to make a phone call, and get ‘ear-prints’ all over the screen. And not one of these manufacturers seems to have heard of ‘blue light hazard’ so they keep making these Blue-whaite LED backlit screens which will eat away at our retina’s and eventually cause visual impairments in users. I would prefer a simple basic cell phone with a decent sized keypad and a reflective LCD (with incandescent side lighting), but you can’t find them anymore. I just bought a simple Alcatel phone for ATT and the display is absurdly bright with poor contrast and inapropriately sized indicators of battery and signal strength, in addition to poorly designed typefonts versus background lighting for the ‘setups’ menues. One would think none of the designers and or marketing types had ever seen a phone before. I really miss my old Nokia ‘shorty’ but its a mono-band CDMA phone and I need a quad GSM for world travel flexibility. What a drag.

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