Exclusive: Property investors keen on U.S., Turkey; China stumbles: survey

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AdamSmith wrote:

Excellent article.

This has been happening in the America for quite some time, and on very large scale. There is great inequality of wealth in most of the world. There, outside America, the wealth is usually obtained by connections to corrupt goverment, often family connections.

Thus the richest man in the world is not American, but rather Mexican. Thus the wealthiest people are found in the most corrupt countries. Thus the highest number of billionaires occur in Russia, who grabbed the public wealth through corruption as communism fell.

And the middle east oil countries have vast family networks of corruption, and some of the wealthiest in the world.

All those wealthy people have been buying up American real estate, through anonymous shell companies, as quickly as they can.

They are now landlords to many, many Americans.

In the United States wealthy Americans easily hide the trail of their black, ill-gotten money by using anonymous shell companies, managed by the most well known law firms on Wall Street or Main Street. Legal? Well, everybody does it.

The entire organized wealthy class, criminal and not criminal, hide their large-scale continuing operations with anonymous shell companies, usually LLCs (limited liability companies), or corporations. It’s amazingly easy.

The stakes are not millions of dollars, but rather trillions of dollars.

And it’s not just corrupt foreign families. It’s also large criminal organizations from Russia, China, Sicily, the Philippines, Brazil, Venezuela — you name it.

American law firms of even the largest size cater to anybody and everybody that has money, so you can be sure that any law requiring transparency of these anonymous companies will be fought tooth and nail by law firms. This is black money in America. The scale is huge. It is pervasive.

And, of course, it must be remembered that most members of congress are lawyers, and they can and do accept contributions from people acting through shell companies.

Excellent article. American real estate is truly the best investment for wealthy foreigners who want to hide their hot cash.

In the tax roll of every American city the evidence can be found. It is happening in all regions of America.

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