Office demand slackens with slow job growth

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MikeBarnett wrote:

This report is not a surprise because workers use their pay checks to buy things. If unemployment remains high, companies don’t need office space because they don’t have enough customers. Shifting all of the money to the 1% will turn America into a third world country. The 1% won’t eat more eggs for breakfast and won’t drive several cars to the office each day. The 1% won’t spend enough in enough locations to keep the US economy running.

Warren Buffet didn’t want the $2 billion tax cut that Republicans gave him because he wanted it to go to the Small Business Administration to set up 8,000 small businesses with 40,000 workers. 8,000 entrepreneurs would have 8,000 times as many new ideas as Mr. Buffet for driving the US economy. 40,000 new workers would have 40,000 times as many new thoughts for improving productivity in their 8,000 work places as Mr. Buffet. I’m not criticizing Mr. Buffet because he was wise enough to know that he could not be everywhere and do everything to drive the US economy. 8,000 is a bigger number than 1, and 40,000 is a bigger number than 1. Republicans are simply too stupid to understand this.

The Chinese understand Mr. Buffet’s ideas, and they are lending more money to small businesses in China. They are putting more people to work who will earn money to spend and drive China’s economy. Their five year plan from 2011 to 2015 is shifting economic activity from the east coast to the central and western provinces. This is giving more Chinese people bigger pieces of China’s economic pie. They have more shoulders to the wheel driving their economy than the US. Their government participates like any other part of their economy, and they have state-owned companies, state-private partnerships, and private enterprises that are the vast majority. The state and private sectors are not always fighting each other, so they have more efficiency and cooperation to make more profits for everybody. America could consider doing the same, but it appears to be too heavily controlled by the 1% at this time, so China will continue to race past the US.

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