Wealth gap, debt top risks ahead of Davos

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jrj906202 wrote:

The wealth of the rich isn’t the problem.The problem is that big govt has caused too many people to coast.The reason the rich can do so well,is because they have less competition from all the people who prefer to not compete.We need to encourage average Americans to get ahead.That best would be accomplished by LESS govt handouts.Here in So California,you see most of the dental offices having Asian dentists.How is it that most dentists are from foreign countries and not native Americans.It’s because too many Americans are fine with just getting by.Not really motivated to achieve.Vouchers for education would be a positive.Would get kids and parents involved.Online education should have limitless possibilities,allowing kids to progress at any speed.Seems like the Democrats want to protect their empire,at the expense of the country’s prosperity.

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tmc wrote:

That’s what the press releases say anyway….

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mfm9800 wrote:

Wealth gap and debt……#1 and #2 issues. While flying on your private jet to Davos (the playground of wealth) how do you suppose the conversations go concerning the wealth gap issue? Perhaps something like this…….

“Well Ralph, you know I just keep accumulating more and more wealth and I just don’t know how to let any of it trickle down to the little people. It really makes me quite sad. I mean what do they want me to do? Buy more jets so I can employ more pilots and crew? Don’t they know there is a limit to my wealth?”

Plutocracy is the new world phenomenon. Learn to live with it. If you’re old enough to read this know that it will not be changed in your lifetime.

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krimsonpage wrote:

@jrj906202 Yawn. Did you actually read the article? I did not see anything in this fine article about SoCal Asian dentists. You cast stones at others for their lack of motivation…..whereas you are not motivated enough to read the article!

As for Davos…..who cares? They have been wasting their time for too long. Toothless bureaucrats with ideals.

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