AIG may join bailout lawsuit against U.S. government

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Nurgle wrote:

Appalling. I will be certain never to entertain any product from AIG companies. Though they did do a great job repaying the funds, the company continues to enjoy the corporate largesse that the US government provides most industries, and the terms were by no means onerous. A PR disaster if nothing else – biting the hand and whatnot…

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palama wrote:

These people making billions are worse than trained monkeys. For, during Financial crisis all of them got wrong whereas only 50% of monkey would have been wrong in making wrong investments when they make random decisions!

This proposed law suit further prove that these greedy people, who are a drag in our economy, are worse than monkeys who are not greedy!

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MEB2005 wrote:

Hard to believe the absolutely overwhelming arrogance Greenberg is displaying. I am going to find out what products AIG sells to the US consumers, publish them on Facebook and never buy another one.

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greybees wrote:

If AIG does go ahead and sue its name will forever be mud in this country and it will have numerous enemies in Washington. One must know when to fold up the tent and go home.

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McBob08 wrote:

Bailout successful; back to greed as usual. They and their stockholders should be kissing the arse of the government for unnecessarily saving the business. They’ll forget this lawsuit business if they know what’s good for them.

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psittacid wrote:


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psittacid wrote:


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justinolcb wrote:

wait a minute!! you mean free Obama money aint free after all??!!??

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libertyville wrote:

Too big to fail sounded ridiculous then and makes less sense now.

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Abulafiah wrote:

justinolcb wrote:
“wait a minute!! you mean free Obama money aint free after all??!!??”

‘The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) is a program of the United States government to purchase assets and equity from financial institutions to strengthen its financial sector that was signed into law by U.S. President George W. Bush on October 3, 2008.’


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waggdogg wrote:

It is not the loan they are upset with it’s the interest!

He has also called the NY Fed a “loan shark” for charging the “exorbitant” interest of 14.5 PERCENT on its initial loan to AIG.

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explorer08 wrote:

Perhaps it is time to nationalize these banking scumbags. And then……hang their CEOs from the nearest lightpost.

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jbrest wrote:

THis is why you do not bailout anyone. Let them fall and the chips fall where they may. I am sure there are enough people out there with money to buy bankrupt compainies and re open them if there is a market for their products. If not let them fall! That is the risk of business! The American taxpayer should not have to carry anyones debt on their back that is not their own!

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Xray wrote:

Is it time to discuss tort reform now?? Lawsuits are well beyond out of control. As sleazy as this act is, the politicians who gave out money with no strings attached are just as much to blame.

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AlfredReaud wrote:

When you look at the graphic in the following link, you see why ideas of boycotting, etc., don’t work. We are relatively like the bacteria on the skin. Do you listen to your skin bacteria’s complaints?

The graphic is great, because it gives a human scale to the trillions involved. How big is AIG’s stack? And where do they get the chutzpah to think they got a raw deal after the fact? We should have let these types go under. Lesson learned for the next financial bailout crisis…

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MEB2005 wrote:
“Hard to believe the absolutely overwhelming arrogance Greenberg is displaying. I am going to find out what products AIG sells to the US consumers, publish them on Facebook and never buy another one.”

Please do that is a great idea a little public humiliation and a concerted boycott is exactly what AIG needs

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Doc62 wrote:

Maybe Senator Warren can charge Greenburg of “SEDITION”.
“Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that is deemed by the legal authority to tend toward insurrection against the established order.”-Wikipedia.
Come on America! Let’s go viral and throw this crook in jail with Madoff!

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and this is how they thank the U.S. government for bailing their arrogant asses out, we should have let them go nder, these guys feel 14.5 percent interest is exorbitant and meanwhile their banker buddies are writing loans with 30 percent interest or more, but because that involves the general public, that’s o.k., on the truly sad side it is very likely AIG has already bought and paid for the judges they want to hear their sad sad story about the mean, tyrant tax payers are picking on them, any judge allowing this case to see the light of day needs to be put under the microscope, seriously…

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isn’t this the very same company that came grovelling at the end of 2008, that if the U.S. government did not help them they would surely COLLAPSE? and aren’t they the very same company that used that very same bailout money to give their executives bonuses so large the average person could actually live on that bonus check for several years??? Any judge who does not have his hands in AIG’s pocket should throw this case out immediately

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tlynette wrote:

So, let me get this straight: it’s okay for AIG to rip off their customers, but if the government does it (even if it’s to help AIG), then AIG has the hubris to sue them for reducing payouts to AIG customers? Is that what I’m hearing? They’re kidding, right?

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Whittier5 wrote:

Realizing that the AIG Board, as representatives of the shareholders, has to at least consider joining in the lawsuit, the clown who brought the suit should be given a lifetime vacation to tropical, fashionable Gitmo.

Contrary to a lot of Blathering Heads’ mis-analysis, AIG was about as much a Victim of the real Perps of this Great Depression as the Homeowners. They, too, were lied to and defrauded by the Rating Agencies, Goldman, etc. et al, ad naseum.

Yet, none of the Humans within the Living, Breathing Corporations have seen so much as an Interrogation, let alone Courtroom or Jail Time.

So much for the “Rule of Law” pablum …

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