Insight: Aleppo misery eats at Syrian rebel support

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TruthMonitor wrote:

Finally, something resembling a factual article from Reuters on Syria. If the rebel commander in Aleppo puts the city’s support of Assad at 70 percent, it’s a safe bet that the actual level of support is higher. The rebels were never welcome in Aleppo or in any of the flashpoint cities they attacked earlier.

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Brazilian1 wrote:

Dear Yara
Thank you for not portraying the Syrian rebels as angels of light.

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Khantona wrote:

It is about time to report a reality from inside Syria, thank you.
Please do not remove this article, many other readers need to read it.

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Fromkin wrote:

It’s obvious that Erica Salomon and Oliver Holmes did not contribute to this article. That’s why it’s propaganda free.

Some observers of this conflict rightly said that using Al Nostra and other terror groups was a big mistake made by the “friends of Syria” and the armed opposition. Syria is a secular state. Sunnis in Syria are not like the ones in Saudi Arabia for instance. So at this point the rebels are fighting a lost cause where the Syrian people are concerned. The sooner a nogotiated settlement, the better for everyone involved in this madness.

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Free_Pacific wrote:

That the FSA allows reporters to make critical articles like this, that the FSA actually aknowledges it’s failing, stands in stark contrast to the Assad camp. Where killing reporters, torturing children and shooting peaceful protesters is the norm.

Good to see at least one side in this war is not above self criticism.

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andre24211 wrote:

The so called ‘rebels’ are terrorists who wear thongs, carry weapons, are trained by Al Qeuda and have no interest in the Syrian peoples future except to create another state such as the anti-democracy countries that fund them. Majority are from outside funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar where women aren;t even allowed to walk the streets alone. Think! about what these terrorists have in mind (if they have one), they know nothing about democracy. These scums of the earth are causing more haffic in Syira, a country that majority of Syrians support the government, which is why the government still holds power.

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Azulinhas wrote:

Things must be turning for the worst for for Al Qaeda (FSA) when this article, a first in terms of Reuters’s reporting in Syria, actually contains some truth.

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