Rwanda opposes use of drones by the UN in eastern Congo

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oxen wrote:

The choice is easy, either disband the UN or make is useful. You cannot deny the UN modern technology and then expect it to be active and effective. Yes what happened in 1994 Genocide was a shame and more recently what happened in Goma-DRC was equally a shame. So with or without the support of Rwanda, drones should be approved for specific tasks involving these rebel groups and governments arming them across the borders. It will be useful for DRC, the peacekeepers and the region. Sending peacekeepers without intelligence support is like sending a blindfolded person to hunt for these rogue groups.
Rwanda will also benefit because any armed groups planning to infiltrate their side will be detected too! The drones are needed urgently to check these stubborn backward groups. Africa needs development too. US/ Russia and West Europe should support UN and approve the drones for intelligence to help Africa programs too Because it is a third world and need help to stem out these bad elements wrecking havoc for decades now.The first world too will benefit and can after that do business without war,many armed thugs and thieves in the great lakes zone!

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